Ive had my dog just under 2 years, i rescued her from a abusive situation, the person ruled her with fear and leaving her along for days in a travel trailer. If not, then you’re probably right about him being a long-haired chihuahua or papillon mixed with a terrier. Meet sir chevy studbucket. She was found wandering in New Mexico – brought to Wyoming by a rescue – and the rest is history. The picture is exactly like Puff except she doesn’t have a tail. I am unable to find a download link and the “leave a reply” box doesn’t offer a place to copy the image. We started feeding her separately and she started fitting in. A blog about San Francisco's canine inhabitants, with occasional digressions. and I included multiple pictures. I tried to post a picture but couldn’t find a way. OMG, this is exactly what my Puff looks like. Roy Tseng 14,779 views. I rescued Max December 21st 2014. by Romy She is from North Cali. My daughter is begging me to let her breed once before we spay her. Loading... Unsubscribe from Laura Martinez? I have a rescue dog, Bodhi, that looks just like this! Bernese Mountain Dog, Dog of the Day: Joey the Papillon Chihuahua Mix, Dog of the Day: Chauncey the Basset Hound. Is she very food-motivated? Double Dog Day: Pembroke Welsh Corgi and …? And you’re right, he looks an awful lot like Suka.

How? Well, that would be on the small side for a corgi/golden, but still quite possible. How big is Charlie? I got her from the Broward County Animal Shelter when she was 5. Your email address will not be published. He is getting more aggressive by the day. The problems began a few months ago when we rescued a 1 year oldTibetan Spaniel/Papillon mix. He will push anything aside I try to, Siberia Huskies are not aggressive! I have wondered for 6 years what kind of Papillon mix he is. Buddy is less than a year old papilloncorgi corillon mixture although some may see a little jack russell terrier in him that was found as a stray. And they are so unusual! The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and understand that you can get any combination of the characteristics found in either breed. We have 3 Weims.

His name is sunny So the easiest way to do it is to upload it to an image sharing site (I like imgur because it’s easy, you just go here: https://imgur.com/upload and then you can upload without even making an account) and then just copy the URL that the file was uploaded to and paste it into a reply here.

Any pics of her online?

Do you by any chance have any pictures of her online? I am so happy to find this site and the pic of Suka!

On the one hand, I’m mostly against backyard breeders, because, well, lots of problems, plenty of dogs in shelters already, etc. This is my first video so it isnt the best it was just a video i made for fun. I think this my be her family members. Neither corgis nor dalmatians have mustaches e.g, so this one, is either a (short legged) wire haired dog + dalmatian mix, or a mix between several breeds. He was normal hieght from what i remeber but he looked bout the same height as Suka. And if she looks like this pup she’s cute as a button. Got her in Minneapolis Minnesota. The dog is archie he is 2 years and 9 months old. as he grew, it has become very bad particually with our smaller dogs. (I think the guy in the pictures up top was probably closer to 10-15 lbs.). The quick blond fox snuck into the lazy dog show! But corgi/papillon is also a possibility, although in that case 25 lbs would be on the large side. Or you’ve cut a letter off the end or something like that. I believe he was possibly abused by a man. I got my dog at the shelter in San Jose they said shes about 2 years old. Leila is only about 9 1/2 pounds right now and stands about 14-15 inches tall, so she is tiny. Papillon/Corgi Mix. Check out the selection of (mostly) dog-related t-shirts, tote bags, and other fine products! My German Shepard is 10 months old I got her when she was 8 weeks old took her to obedience training she was a meek puppy than all of a sudden she became, as a puppy he had a little aggression around the grown dogs. Generally she is so active that it is difficult to get a good one, but she had just eaten her supper and was ready to settle down! That is one cute pup! But I notic that dog you posted looks to be the same breed as him, we thought Pluto was Chihuahua mixed with Terrier but I think he’s the same breed as that dog. We did have to have her tail cut off which was disappointing (vet recommended because not only was her tail infected from injury and dead most of the way when we adopted, so we don’t know exactly what happened, but also she apparently had a birth defect of the absence of Sacral spine). How do I get her to stop? I got her from the Broward County Animal Shelter when she was 5. ], [Edit x2: Suka’s owner found a picture of his pup and weighed in with his name and breed mix here. "Penny is a two year old Papillon-Miniature Pinscher mix. No tail, hmmmm? It should be on a dog to dog basis, not. Comments for papilloncorgi mix. Vet wouldn’t tell me her guess unless I did a DNA test. As I started researching, I realized that she HAD to have some Papillion in her with those butterfly ears! They are wonderful dogs!!!! And now finding this site and pic of Suka, I know that this is exactly what she is. His expressions remind me of Watson’s too. Yeah, I haven’t had an image uploader here since someone decided to upload their porn collection. If so, please post some links to them here! This breed is a hybrid dog breed, a cross between the Greyhound and the Corgi. I usually try to divert, My 9 week old morkie puppy is really mean. Do you have any other ideas? Suka had pretty short legs for his body length.

3yr old mother and her two 8 month old pups. I have a 7-year-old Papicorgi named Panda.

She will likely have to be on meds for the rest of her life to help her poop, but other than that, she is healthy and beautiful and we love her to death. It takes him some time to warm up to certain men that seem to have the same characteristics.

Required fields are marked *. Sounds like a great pup! Almost all half-corgis have really short legs. The shelter actually advertised her as a long haired Chihuahua but as soon as we went to see her the first time, I knew that she was NOT a chihuahua.

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