If your heart isn’t getting enough oxygen over time, you can develop heart disease. However, find out what they thought of your chest X-ray. Tell your boyfriend that he should get you to a hospital immediately if you faint again. That’s why the Dr on here didn’t answer any questions. Franklin.

I will be in the hospital for a couple of days at the very least. Will keep you in my prayers. I’m not sure why you are having problems. Thank you for your question, Joseph. Second, they will monitor you on the way in. Breathing is getting more and more difficult.

I had to sit n just take a bath. We cannot consult with her pcp as u know they are closed due to the covid19. Sun: 8am - 7pm All times are Mountain Time, 7032 S Revere Parkway, Suite 320 I'm guessing that is somewhat due to the lack of oxygen. Sats at 78% unually result in unconsiousness. Am always surprised what one can get through. Note: P4 is used up in times of stress if that helps put things in perspective. I am curious as to what could have caused it to drop this low and if i should be worried about it. She has the symptoms but they will not test her, just because she has not been to China or wherever that’s not fair. Chemo is intense. But for some reason I'm really scared. The only thing I could keep down was ramen. If you are going to a physician please ask them about a 24 hour pulse-oximeter test. My mother has copd & her oxygen level is 87 right now. I'm home alone for today and that scares me because something could happen and no one would know. We are happy to hear your oxygen saturation is at normal levels. If you have swelling of legs/ankles and it indents when you put your fingers pressing down, best to go right to the hospital.

So what is the normal oxygen level? The oxygen you breathed in gets delivered to every part of your body, as part of the fuel you need to keep your body working properly. The doctors are not sure what caused it to drop this low. I am a pretty thin person anyways, so losing this weight makes me look sick. Does this just happen sometimes? I work in a hospital, and due vital on patents daily and it is normal. Waiting to hear how you are doing. I’d like to see them try to live an active life on 86 o2 saturation for any length of time.

I also look at her. Best wishes for you. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is just one example, but it means that your lungs’ ability to bring in enough oxygen is compromised. Padezco de apnea del sueño. I would recommend talking with your doctor to find out what is best for you and your situation.

Do not stop the oxygen for any reason. Doctor, I have just recently gotten off of oxygen. Because hospitals often don't like to admit on weekends, don't worry about it. A disruption in oxygen metabolism can cause saturation levels to drop below 95 percent, at which point a physician might order intervention. A fever or chills?

100% It is affected by the breathing rate, air quality, activity one is doing, and change in altitude, etc. Good luck to all of you out there who have my condition. First I will say that all of the tests were done at the hospital and not at home. Continuous flow. Don't panic, there are alot of things to treat problems with the heart. like a terrible case of the flu has suddenly wore you out. I don't know why I was not admitted. We cannot give any medical advice; please consult with your physician or health care provider. BTW his BP was fine and pulse rate was around 84. Centennial, CO 80112, What is the Normal Oxygen Level?

And yes, unable to breathe well fatigues the body tremendously.

They should precede with legal action and sue them even if I am dead . Make a list of all of the things you are experiencing. I and others will be here for you, should you need an ear. We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information -, Oxygen Information for Healthcare Professionals.

O2 levels will change with activity. Usually i dont jump to conclusions. Every time your oxygen level falls below 92% saturation the cells of your body are oxygen starved. confidence - ER I get the cat scan.I almost want to tell my kids if something happens like respiratory arrest or a stroke. When I got home the oxygen company came over and set me up with everything I needed. Call an ambulance. Just call them.

I am a couple of hours away from a big city hospital. He writes weekly columns and is passionate about educating the community on oxygen therapy and respiratory issues. I get numbers around 99 on the right handadda while I get high 80’s on my left hand. Now it is back up to 95%. It can be difficult to eat when not breathing well. He had very good insurance and a check book made of paper. You can do this. When you are taking a lot of pills prednisone , water , doxyccline , furosemide does that hurt your breathing? I have had this experience over and over with my husband who had tumors in his lungs and suffers greatly. No diagnosis? With a cold and being on oxygen isn’t fun but before you adjust his oxygen, let the doctor know and provide some guidance. But anything below 96 and I get very tired. I have a doctors appointment but it’s a week away.

When you fail to meet your oxygen needs, every organ in your body suffers the consequences. Just standing up for too long and I’m in the high 70% range. Juices, milk. He died in 6 weeks. Serving More than 100,000 Oxygen Users Since 2001. Most importantly is that you see someone right away so they know it is still happening. Neurologists or rheumatologist treat this disease. What medicine did they send home with you? Shaking?

Remind them how fast you are becoming ill. Low oxygen levels may be present only at certain times.

I have lived with a person on oxygen for a few years. I have the same story as you. My oxygen goes down when I walk it comes back up when I sit, I love at the 5000 ft level and my pulse ox reading is 94 64 is that ok. 94% SpO2 is considered below the normal range. Since her level is at 87 it might be time to consult with her doctor to see what the next steps are in her oxygen therapy. So sorry this is going to be tough. That was even before having 2 exacerbation that required hospitalization in April & again in June. i been docs today my oxygen level is 95, is that good, i havnt been very well of late back pain, swollen left calf, which he says is ok, my wife noticed my bottom lip was going a bit blue, so doc did oxygen check. We recommend contacting your doctor and discussing the issues you are having with them. Once I feel like I can drive up there I will. Many people who have dangerously low oxygen levels report “feeling just fine” despite their pale color and confusion. Your brain alone uses over 20% of the oxygen you breathe in. Me quedo dormida durante el día y despierto buscando aire porque me quedo sin aire, por la noche es lo mismo. Now just comes the fight. I had 52 grand mal in 2.5 years. They’ve had him on oxygen but currently took him off to see how he does. It can come on swiftly along with breathing problems, swelling of legs, ankles, etc.

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