Ogg can be compared to the only other major open source container format, Matroska.

I ask this because recently I bought an LTD166s DVD and I put it to CD input and left my old burner (Sony crx100, 24-4-2 X)to the AUX input of my soundcard (TB montego II). wow sorry I was using some shat software when I tested it out. Even at a lower bit rate than other formats, Ogg renders superior quality files.

With my system (Audigy, Denon integrated amplifier, B&W loudspeakers) I can differentiate between 192kbit/s MP3s and their source CDs much of the time. A 128 kbps Ogg Vorbis file is anywhere from 5 to 15 percent smaller than a 128 kbps MP3 file. Some of the advantages of the ogg format with respect to mp3 are the following: Store more audio channels. You must log in or register to reply here.

Ogg vorbis format developed by Xiphophorus http://www.xiph.org/. Supports up to 255 channels. worthless. Not that 128kbit/s MP3s (especially those encoded with shitty encoders like Xing) are anything special.

a bit rate of 40kbps on ogg is comparable to a mp3 with a bit rate of 112kbps and they can be up to half the size. The sound quality is encoded in the Ogg format, is somewhere between MP3 and AAC.

Supports sample rates from 6 kHz to 192 kHz.

Pease read more about the Ogg Vorbis movement at http://www.vorbis.com/. It's amazing but my MP3/WMA CD player doesn't support it.

A 128kbit/s MP3 will have quite a bit higher detail and transparency, much more air and sense of soundstage. In many respects, this is closer to traditional publishing models associated with books and magazines (as opposed to radio, which uses a live stream).

Have you listened and compared these files with a good sound card+good speakers or (better) headphones?

Now this CD is a copy and sounds good, except it kind of has that sound... remember when you recorded tapes and you didn't turn off the equalizer from the source deck? those same files in mp3 on my 128mb mp3 player fill it up completly. Creative has gone down the toilet. OGG Vorbis a new open standard completely free of patents and royalties.

As much as I hate it wma9 is better than ogg but that is NOT open source so only windows media player 9 can use the files.

But if you absolutely MUST save some space, you could do like you said, transconding to a VBR Ogg Vorbis at around 80 or 96 kbps, shouldn't be that bad. I have a 128mb compact flash card installed on my pocket pc and the thing has 40 ogg files on it. the book Terry Pratchett, "Small Gods".

Advantages. or if the other systems are set up right. My speakers are logitech z-540s, no they aren't most peoples favorites but I really like the sound that comes from them. In addition, Ogg Vorbis files are capable of containing (but usually don't) surround sound channels in addition to the standard 2 stereo channels. I use OGG on my pocket pc at 60-80kbps the files are about half the size of my 112kbps mp3 files (LAME OWNZ) and they sound wonderful.

audigy sucks soooo much, I have tried an audigy in my system and then my old sblive and then both at the same time with a friends machine (same speakers) we both agreed that the sb live sounded MUCH better. I don't know what encoding engine AudioCatalyst uses but I've got experiences with Xing and it was AWFUL. Thanks a lot, you've been most helpful, as I write this I'm downloading CDex. God I want a klipsch setup.

Ogg Vorbis is the best lossy codec ever, and it's open source. Pros (Ogg) Vorbis specification is in the public domain; it is free for commercial or noncommercial use, under both (LGPL and BSD licenes) Easy to use high-level API (Application Programming Interface) Good all-round performance … What does this mean for the average user? While they share many similarities, they have different design philosophies. Definition of Ogg . What do you recommend for mp3 ripping/encoding? Ogg Vorbis is the best lossy codec ever, and it's open source.

This is not possible with MP3 files. OGG FORMAT TECHNICAL ADVANTAGES REGARDING MP3. Ogg Vorbis is a two-part definition consisting of Vorbis, an audio codec, and Ogg, a container format for many different types of media.

And a question, the DAE process happens through the IDE right? JavaScript is disabled.

I dunno, I didn't notice much diff between audigy plat and live plat, but I did notice a massive difference between both of those and the A2... shrug.

So I thought it was the Xing encoder everyone seems to despise, but then I did a test by just ripping a sample song (the most problematic one) to wav and it's there!

The mp3 audio files only allow 2 audio channels to be stored. Thanks again. They are a beautiful deal if you cant afford some klipsches. The MPEG 1, layer 3 encoding and decoding algorithms are pattented by Frauhaufer GmbH which charges royalties for each program capable of encoding MP3s. I've been looking more and more into converting all my MP3s into OGGs and I figure it'll use roughly half the space. Ogg vorbis is a completely open format, so its use is absolutely free. That same Ogg Vorbis file has better sound quality than its MP3 cousin of the same bit rate, especially with complex and high-frequency sounds.

It is part of the Ogg, providing a fully open The primary disadvantage is that there are only a few Ogg Vorbis encoders and decoders available.

However, both file formats have advantages and disadvantages that we will detail below. Commonly used audio file formats are Ogg Vorbis and MP3. What are the advantages of Ogg Vorgis files? I find I like the quality well enough and they are not too big.

Vorbis is a free and open-source software project headed by the Xiph.Org Foundation.The project produces an audio coding format and software reference encoder/decoder for lossy audio compression.Vorbis is most commonly used in conjunction with the Ogg container format and it is therefore often referred to as Ogg Vorbis.. Vorbis is a continuation of audio compression … Quality: It provides for very good compression while maintaining the quality of multimedia files.An Ogg file compared to an mp3 file (at the same bit rate) has a better sound quality.

Disdvantages. This number is rapidly growing however.

Requires more computing power than MP3. On this website you can

I say go with mp3's and find a bitrate that you like, I myself have all my mp3's encoded at 112bps. There are better but A2 is a mighty fine gaming/mp3 sound card imho. Needless to say, it's taking up quite a bit of space.

there you have it. This means that any programmer can make their own encoder (recorder) and decoder (player) free of royalties and without having to worry about paying anyone for the right to use that code. find the source code of the project. You are not going to find any portable players that plays it although some companies are working on it ('bout time), but if you only play on the computer you won't have a problem.

It is similar to MP3s in that encoded files are small and sound quality is high. what do you suggest? I'm getting me a nice revolution 7.1 as soon as I get the extra cash.

I'm not big on transcoding because of quality loss, but from what I've tried so far, converting a CBR 128kbps Mp3 to a VBR 80kbsp OGG saves a lot of space with little to no loss in audio. That same Ogg Vorbis file has better sound quality than its MP3 cousin of the same bit rate, especially with complex and high-frequency sounds. OGG seems like a good alternative if you only want to play it on your system. I use win98se.

Not all systems are set up to play them and well sound quality decreases with size, I dont care how good the compression is. A couple of reasons not to use Ogg, you may or may not care about these: yeah here is a disadvantage: You are using OGG! I'm using AudioCatalyst 2.0 and just yesterday I found a CD that I'm not really comfortable with. I believe the ONLY disadvantage is that is not popular enough.

OMG no, this is wrong! Advantages of Podcasting Convenience. you know, the result was a tape that was bit too loud, too crisp, distorted percussion, specially floor toms; well this copied CD has just a bit of that, but when I encode it, it gets much worse.


Now transcoding is ALWAYS a bad idea no matter what codec you are using, you are better off leaving your mp3s as they are and from now on encode songs in Ogg format (if you're ripping from a CD that is).

You are not going to find any portable players that plays it although some companies are working on it ('bout time), but … It is a fact. Ogg Vorbis files, on the other hand, have no such royalties the source code (programming code) for both encoding and decoding is freely available and distributable for anyone anywhere.

I mean, the analog cables from the drive to the sound card have nothing to do with ripping right? In fact, most main-stream MP3 players can at least play Ogg Vorbis files (files that end in .ogg). woah old thread! © 2001-2020 Abyss Media Company. A 128 kbps Ogg Vorbis file is anywhere from 5 to 15 percent smaller than a 128 kbps MP3 file. It's strange, I've always used 160kbit mp3's with the xing encoder and been pleased. multimedia systems.

With Audio Converter Plus you can: Convert OGG to MP3; Convert WAV to OGG; Convert FLAC to OGG; Convert OGG to M4A; Record audio to OGG Sure the audigy has better sounding SPECS but it sounds terrible IMHO.

A WMA9 file at 64kbps is sounds as good as a 128kbps mp3. I believe the ONLY disadvantage is that is not popular enough. All Rights Reserved. I mean, the sound was so thrashy, distorted and muffled I could never stand even those encoded at 256kbit/s. If you just want to store music on your computer the new WMA-super-compressed format is best. ... Advantages/Disadvantages . Ogg vorbis is a completely open format, so its use is absolutely free. Such popular programs as WinAMP and FreeAMP for Windows, and Audion 2 and MacAMP for Mac OS (as well as a number of MP3 players for UNIX systems) can play Ogg Vorbis files. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Over the years I've amassed a large collection of MP3s, averaging around 128kbps in quality. Supports sample rates from 6 kHz to 192 kHz. Graphics version: Main Page || Patches || MIDIs || Specs || Links.

sound quality is top notch and I am using it on my pocket pc to fit more songs on. The name of the format (Vorbis) comes from the name of the hero of Since iPods can play back Podcasts, files can be viewed or listened to anytime, anywhere. Lower cost, or free Ogg Vorbis encoders and players, and, potentially, a wider variety of encoders/decoders to choose from.

on the pocket pc I still have 80mb for programs, stand up commedy movies, family guy and south park ahhaaha use ogg if you need extra space. Advantages of Ogg File Format. You can find links to encoders (recorders) and decoders (players) at that site as well. wtf are you talking about?

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