Tekashi 69 girlfriend “jade” claims Offset dm her “miss u”. First question, easy. It’s 2019 and you’re telling me Offset got hacked because he has the same passwords for all his accounts? MTO News spoke with people close to both Cardi and Offset, and they tell us that the couple's marriage has been strained, especially during the COVID quarantine. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. Brooke Smith Answers Every Question We Have About, “I know I’ll forever be the girl in the pit. Just kidding, it’s clownery. If you ask Offset, he did not slip n’ slide into her DMs late Monday night. Now they were together for months, and it's tough.

Rounding up our favorite comedy-podcast episodes of the week. ), Do we think it’s because Cardi B thought Offset was cheating with Jade?Well, Nicki Minaj thinks so. We see the video! iMarkkeyz and DJ Suede are back at it with an election-themed remix. We asked around, and the reasoning seems to be a LOT less scandalous.

Immediately after the news hit social media, fans of the two artists took to social media and began speculating on WHY Cardi wants to end their marriage. If you have the Receive messages from anyone setting enabled, incoming messages from people you don’t follow will appear as Requests in the Messages tab. Do you think this explains the strange nature of Offset's direct message to 6ix9ine's girlfriend or is he not yet off the hook for that? Twelve hours ago, the Migos star was exposed for sending a thirty message to Jade, one of the women that Cardi B allegedly ordered a strip club beatdown on last year. Twitter enables read receipts (the feature that tells you whether someone has seen your messages) by default, … Two Angels bartenders, the aforementioned Jade and her co-worker Baddie Gi, accused Cardi B of throwing a bottle at them and getting her entourage to attack them in August 2018. But things between Jade, Offset, and Cardi B are just too complicated to let this alleged hack slide. Alright, well, that’s for the courts to decide. They both love a subtle tattoo. Now he let off a bunch of tweets acting like he got hacked lol. Adam Schiff even read one from Donald Trump himself. (This web gets all the more tangled when you remember that Cardi B was one of the many, many, many people that Tekashi 6ix9ine snitched on in court.

“I’ve been having a good weekend. While there's a chance that Set was actually behind the initial message to Jade, this is too coincidental to not investigate. The Migo claims those DMs are the result of a hack and he has his own video of a phone screen to prove it. The email in the video, however, is an email from Instagram replying to Offset’s report that his account has been hacked. Does this have anything to do with Offset’s recent tweets?Oh, baby, it has everything to do with Offset’s recent tweets. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. Simple as that.”. Minaj, who has openly feuded with Cardi B in the past and is not what we would call a reliable source, claimed on Queen Radio that Cardi B incited fights because of Offset’s infidelity. I ain’t on no stupid sh*t.”. 17 Migos rapper Offset was hacked on social media. Jade, also known as “__ohsoyoujade” on Instagram is Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend, if you couldn’t tell from her massive tattoo of his face. TMZ reported that Jade also sustained injuries in a separate attack from Cardi B at the same strip club. By using this site, you agree to our: Rihanna Feels "Attacked" By Van Lathan's "Ridiculously Fun Game" For Black People, Kyrie Irving ‘Didn’t Have The Cojones’ To Play In Boston, Says Kevin Garnett, Twelve hours ago, the Migos star was exposed for sending a thirty message to Jade, one of the women that Cardi B allegedly ordered a strip club beatdown on last year. If you chose C, you may be the hacker Cardi B and Offset are looking for.

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