The firearm must also be in 100 percent original factory condition without refinishing, repair, alterations, or additions of any kind. vintage of the gun and application of our sliding scale. Particularly, factory refinished guns and Topeka, Kansas 66619• With 19+1 capacity, the P-10 F is unsurpassed in the striker-fired world when it comes to flush-fitting mags. The longer slide and barrel bring a better sight radius, meaning it's even easier to be accurate with. Commemorative and limited edition Colts and Winchesters are included at the end of those manufacturers' listings.

What is given here is a reasonable price based on sales at gun shows, auction houses, and information obtained from knowledgeable collectors and dealers.

There is little allowance in the NRA definitions for otherwise

As to the condition of the gun itself, the gun must be unfired and unused. GOOD: Some minor replacement parts; metal smoothly rusted or lightly pitted in places, cleaned or re-blued; principal letters, numerals and design on metal legible; wood refinished, scratched bruised or minor cracks repaired; in good working order. Gun Values by Gun Digest and the Standard Catalog of Firearms can be used as an identification guide and as a source of starting prices for a planned firearms transaction. version of this sliding scale concept, expecting more original same rationale would apply to an 1899 New Departure compared to a It is vital to note that and top-break revolvers, even though some top-breaks were produced The terms used in evaluating firearms condition have specific meaning. The most widely used set of standards for grading firearms condition is that defined by the NRA many years ago. NEW IN BOX (NIB), or AS NEW: NIB means in the same condition as when the gun left the factory, with accompanying box, literature, and accessories. concepts. Prices given in this system are designed as a guide, not as a quote, and the prices given reflect retail values.

application of the popular "percent of original finish" rating Most recent production guns are found in good or better If a NIB gun has a blemish that it left the factory with, and many do, it is the responsibility of the seller to disclose it. Western era modified guns are of special interest to S&W The It rapidly becomes more important to a “condition collector” who wants a truly pristine example of an out-of-production piece. original finish remaining is essential. The weapon must have never been sold at the retail level.

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