There’s nothing more exciting than bringing home a new puppy! You’ll need everything on this list at some point in time so it doesn’t hurt to have them on hand when you need them most. Teaching a Frenchie to be home alone, questions! Talk about skin allergies, best dog foods, find French Bulldogs for adoption from Rescues.

Always remind your puppy where he should do his needs and reward him if he does well. As they are a brachycephalic breed, French Bulldogs are banned by several commercial airlines due to the numbers that have died while in the air. [14] This Francization of the English name is also a contraction of the words boule (ball) and dogue (mastiff or molosser). (Photos of How They See!).

Double check that you have all the necessary supplies and have made proper accommodations around your household. But there are many things that you will have to prepare and that you will have to take into account. Jason Schwartzman's French Bulldog, Arrow, made a cameo in his HBO detective comedy series Bored to Death in October 2010. [38], In 2013 a UK Medical Study reviewed the health of 2228 French Bulldogs under veterinary care in the UK. Glaucoma, retinal fold dysplasia, corneal ulcers and juvenile cataracts are also conditions which have been known to afflict French Bulldogs. Leave your email to be notified when your suggestion is used. New Era frenchies is a French bulldog breeder with a difference. If you are going to get the puppy by yourself, consider asking a friend to come and hold your new puppy as you drive. Here are some thing you may need for a new frenchie puppy: Your French bulldog needs shallow and narrow bowls so that he can easily reach his food and does not fall into the water when he drinks. [31] The breed is patient and affectionate with their owners and can live with other breeds. The European and UK French Bulldog fanciers and Kennel Clubs are moving away from the screw, cork-screw or 'tight' tail (which is an inbreed spinal defect),[49] and returning to the short drop tail which the breed originally had. [18] In 2013, the American Kennel Club (AKC) ranked the French Bulldog as the 10th most popular breed in the United States, enjoying a sharp rise in popularity from 54th place a decade before, in 2003. So it is never wise to send your puppy to his place because he is punished. [21] French bulldogs are also known as a flat faced breed. [34], French Bulldogs do have certain health issues that owners can help avoid with proper care. * if interested in adding a french bulldog to your family you can contact us by phone at . Their health issues can easily cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. Finally, you must clean them every day. So you have purchased a French bulldog puppy – or are in the process of getting one…a super decision! [13] Some other breed characteristics and standards follow in this section in the next paragraph. Make them feel comfortable! There are also waterproof rain jackets and boots for dogs that do not like to get wet when they have to do their needs outside. In addition, it must have a good length for the area where you and your French bulldog often walk. The New Complete Dog Book: Official Breed Standards and All-New Profiles for 200 Breeds, 21st Edition, is an official publication of the American Kennel Club and sets forth the Official Breed Standard for all breeds recognized by the AKC. As I said before, a little bit of preparation goes a long ways. [60] Actress and singer Hilary Duff owns a French bulldog named "Beau". So that’s it for PART 1 of the French bulldog puppy guide. Stainless steel is the best in that regard. This is because French Bulldogs have very slim hips, making the male unable to mount the female to reproduce naturally.

You have to be conscious of any dangling cords that your Frenchie could potentially trip over, knocking over a lamp or worse.

This is an affiliate advertising program that is designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees and revenue by advertising and linking to with recommendations. If your puppy has yet to be microchipped, you’ll want an identification tag with the following: French Bulldogs have surprisingly powerful jaws and will go through toys like nothing. Can be used to fall asleep or for crate training. I’ve blogged extensively about their health problems in the past, and that... Can French Bulldogs See in the Dark? Choose one that feels light and pleasant. Give your French Bulldog puppy time to get used to you, his new family, and his new environment. After they do their business, reward them immediately. [citation needed]. If your Frenchie accepts a collar and has no breathing problems, there is nothing wrong with a collar. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Choose one that feels light and pleasant. [21] This is because some colors come linked with genetic health problems not usually found in the breed. October 19, 2020 August 19, 2019 by Thierry. French Bulldogs can also be prone to an assortment of back, disk and spinal diseases and disorders, most of which are thought to be related to the fact that they were selectively chosen from the dwarf examples of the Bulldog. Why Does My French Bulldog Have Diarrhea? [60] Hugh Jackman, an Australian actor, is well known and often photographed running errands with his Frenchie. [35] For one, they have fairly minimal exercise needs,[13] but do require at least daily short walks. The splinters of bones can cause cuts in his mouth and puncture his intestines. link to Why French Bulldogs Get Zoomies & Run Around Like Crazy? [14] There is record of artists named Edgar Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec who have been thought to have French Bulldogs in their paintings. In October 2010, the UK French Bulldog Health Scheme was launched. British Molossian dogs were developed into the English Mastiff.

The breed is popular as a pet: in 2019, they were the second-most popular registered dog in the United Kingdom,[6] and the fourth-most popular AKC-registered dog breed in the United States. [12] Despite opposition from Miniature Bulldog (the new breed name for the Toy Bulldog) and Bulldog breeders,[20] in 1905, the Kennel Club changed its policy on the breed and recognized them separate from the English variety, initially as the Bouledogue Francais, then later in 1912 with the name changed to the French Bulldog.

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