He’ll ask for you to give three Wallpaper Samples to Martha, Paulie and Dr. Xu. You can often find Arlo sparring in the Civil Corps building, wandering around the town and near the Abandoned Ruins. At the bottom is a group of gifts that will be blocked out, these are the special gifts (obviously they won’t be blocked out if you meet the requirements to gift them). It's also not surprising that he has a distaste for sweet foods since they are the polar opposite of spicy. Rewards: 1000 Exp, 200 Gols, +20 Relationship with Phyllis. Arlo is one of the most popular bachelors in all of Portia. Gives -2, except for Aadit, Alice, Paulie, Qiwa, Tody and Papa Bear, who give +1. Multi-purpose Tea Table (+15) – make on a Worktable. It's nice to see that Arlo has a more laid back approach to life in Portia instead of keeping a distance from his crew members.

Restore your Pa’s neglected workshop to its former glory by fulfilling commissions, growing crops, raising… CRACKED – FREE DOWNLOAD – TORRENT Wedding Ring.

You must have completed the Portia Bridge Mission to access the Ruins you need to. To level up Arlo quickly. One of the things that you will always find Arlo talking about is his teammates Sam and Remington. If you choose to go along with the story, you will learn that the two have gone on a date and that Arlo is quite interested in being with Nora.

Otherwise you can sell the Broken Mirror for 12500 Gols. Broken Mirror. Once you’ve done that, go back and speak to Albert.

When you get to Friend status with her, you’ll have the secondary mission Sunset in the Fields with Phyllis. You’ll find her near the Portia Bridge Dee-Dee Stop, so approach her for a cutscene. If you or Portia is ever in trouble, you can be assured that Arlo will soon save up to save the day or to get you to safety. After 6 days. RELATED: Stardew Valley: 10 Reasons Why Shane Is The Best Bachelor. If you invest in The Giver skill in the Social Tree, you will be able to increase the chance of gaining an extra relationship point (levelling from 20% to 40% to 60% to 80% and finally 100% chance.). Jealousy – How it works.

The higher your relationship, the higher the chance of accepting. Yellow Leaf (+6) – Purchase from Alice’s Flower Shop for 160 Gols. While the two do technically get together, you sadly don't see them get married. Special Salmon Fried Rice (+10) – need a Cooking Set. Aroma Apple (+6). Rewards: 1200 Exp, 500 Gols, +100 Workshop Rep, +40 Relationship with Phyllis.

You need to a Girlfriend/Boyfriend (4 Hearts or higher to give), you cannot already be married, and you can’t give it on a play date. If an NPC who likes that relic sees said relic, you will gain between 20-40 relationship points with that NPC. Completing Secondary Missions given by the NPC. Investing skill points into this skill will award you with better relationship points upon giving an NPC a gift.

Help us fix it by posting in its. So when you reach Buddy status with one NPC, for example, there could be another one, or even more NPCs, whose relationship with you will also increase. This will unlock. Gives -2, except for Aadit, Alice, Oakes, Tody and Papa Bear, who give +1. Arlo Relationship +10, EXP +500, Gols +500. Even when Arlo isn't with the rest of his team, he loves to train on his own. You buy these from Alice’s Flower Shop. And for Pinky, if you give her a gift she doesn’t love or like, she’ll give you -2 Relationship Points.

Good Friend – 5 extra Workshop Reputation for completing a commission. Buddy – 2 extra Workshop Reputation for completing a commission. Then reload the day, so you don't suffer the consequences of missing a date with Phyllis. ... Head over to Gust at Portia Harbor. If you do either of these, you will miss out on the achievement. When not fighting Reaverbots she can be found gushing over the newest JRPGs or watching seasonal anime with her furless cat Noko. And don’t be in a relationship, or engaged, to another NPC. Vegetable Salad (+10) – Need a Cooking Set, Small Planter Box (to grow Lettuce) and a Blender (if Salad Sauce is not in inventory). Structural Dimension Theory (+15). Arlo is a man who never sees himself as the top priority, and this is what makes him such a great leader for the civil corps. Wasted Food. He’ll propose to you, so accept it. Wildflowers. You get these from kicking Apple Trees. When you’re on the See-Saw, you’ll be given the chance to hold down .

Given when you want to end a romantic relationship. Once you reach Familiar and Pinky comes to live with you, you’ll unlock. You’ll need to gift food that is either loved or liked by QQ. Brings back more loot when commissioned at the Civil Corps. Purchase one from Alice’s Flower Shop, and then you need to give it to Phyllis as a gift. Pot of Asteria (+15) - Craft from Level 2 Worktable, need access to the Eufaula Desert, Asteria (Bouquet) does not work. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.com. Phyllis will then go flying into the air, and hopefully catch a bird. Mars, Papa Bear and QQ give +1, Pinky gives -2. If you love exploring the dungeons then these bumps are a must-have. Arlo is one of the most mysterious and beloved characters on My Time At Portia. Nova Sword (+20) – Purchase from Total Tools for 3600 Gols after completing the mission in Ingall’s Mine. You may not get this from Arlo himself, but if you talk to Sam, you will learn that Arlo got on her for being too formal. Here are 10 things you might not know about the Civil Corps leader. When you get the conversation options, you need to pick either “Okay, I’ll do it” or “Sure, but why didn’t you ask one of your family members?” to proceed in the mission. You are then in a good position to give Phyllis the Heart Knot. Ores (Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead, Magnesium, Manganese, Aluminum and Titanium). It may take a while, but this is the easiest relationship achievement to get. Confess feelings by giving a Heart Knot.

This mission can be repeated twice. He waits here until Nora arrives and stays talking to her.

So make sure you feed QQ at least five times to complete the mission. Will reset relationship to three hearts. You sometimes get this from boxes in Abandoned Ruins #1. Yellow Bow Tie (+6) – Kill Slurpees in the Collapsed Wasteland. Arlo is one of the most popular bachelors in all of Portia.

The start of this missions will see that Sam has a mission for you to open a Clinic in South Block. 1 Hospital Bed – purchase the book from Paulie’s Shop, Best Brother. NEXT: 5 Indie Games That Exploded This Past Decade (& 5 We're Still Waiting On Sequels For). On his days off, he even spends most of his time dreaming of joining the Flying Pigs, who are one of the top defense groups.

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