Spider jockeys are dangerous because of combining the climbing and tracking abilities of Spiders with the ranged attacks of Skeletons. Elevate your base and use ladders to reach the entrance. They tend to get in a shot or two before deciding to go passive, even when they weren't shaded. Mobs (except spiders) cannot climb ladders.

Fences can also work as a wall-top and have the advantage of being able to easily look down to see the wall itself—handy for making sure nothing is at the door before leaving. I thought they couldn't climb sandstone..... :|. Spiders can jump 3 blocks, therefore 4 block wide ditches with over hangs won't protect you against spiders/spider jockeys. You might even be able to open your door and kill the creeper with a bow and arrows, as long as you keep your distance! Start by walling in any entrances to the cavern so that ghasts can't wander in. That'll creeperproof and spiderproof your walls, even better if between the log or stone walls(for looks ofc) you have a layer of obsidian. Make sure you can walk through it. Obsidian is very hard to retrieve, so build a shell out of stone or cobblestone and cover it steadily with obsidian. If you must use it, build three block thick walls, with a cobblestone core, and a wood facade as the outer two. It's just that everyone only every puts a ladder every other space which is an accidental anti-spider devise. You can easily create nether bricks by smelting netherrack and then using the nether brick in a 2×2 square to make the block.

Use stairs instead of fences or glass! However, zombies can break down wooden doors to reach you if you're in Hard difficulty. Ja!

Torches should also be placed at four block intervals.

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. If you wish to be extra careful, you can place slabs around any redstone circuits you do not want to be accidentally flooded, as slabs block the flow of water. Build a lipped wall (a wall with overhang, mostly at the top. Make roofs, catwalks, and even floors out of these to prevent mobs from spawning there. Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput! Spiders CANNOT climb ladders(actually, only. Zombies very strongly prefer to smash the top half of a door, but can't jump and smash a door at the same time (jumping resets their progress smashing the door), so putting a 1-deep hole in front of your door should prevent zombies from breaking down the door while still allowing mobs (such as yourself) to enter when the door is open. Even if you've attacked the creeper, it will run away as long as there is a cat nearby, so it is a good idea to put cats around your base.

I have large walls for my fort. When you extend your base, be sure that nothing fragile like torches or redstone circuits are on the floor in the area. Another harsh rule to follow is not to leave ANY gaps near the bottom of your house, or else fire will be able to come in if ghasts attack the ground around your house. The simplest solution is to build a roof over your entire living area, preferably fairly big, in case you feel like expanding your house later, and start building a house in it. This will not work on Nether mobs. The best speed is every 6th block iirc. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Also, Stanley is addicted to drugs and hookers. (, a roof with a overhang will prevent any spider attacks. Widely considered to be the most dangerous mob in Minecraft is the creeper, because of the damage it causes to buildings (they can effectively blow large holes in your structures). Once you have protected a cavern like this, you can terraform it, and it is actually safer than anything you can build in the Overworld since the only mobs that can spawn are magma cubes and piglins. It's strange, but ghasts seem to not be able to see through glass. Mines and underground passageways should be no wider than two blocks, to discourage mob spawning. Zombies can break down wooden doors and not iron doors. After 10:30 PST, my IQ drops to around that of a shovel, please disregard anything I say after aforementioned time, it will likely not make any sense, and is best ignored. To effectively spider-proof your buildings, you’ll have to do one of these things: Skeletons are dangerous because they can fire arrows through gaps in your defenses. They're relatively rare, so it is unlikely, but not impossible, to encounter more than one Spider Jockey on the same night.

Spiders can also climb walls and fences, so you won’t be safe in your walled garden anymore. (Note: The cactus has to be on sand. Build a ditch deep enough that the mobs who fall in can’t get out anymore, which is either filled with lava or streaming water leading to a, Keep your home area well lit. Zombies will not jump over gaps, so you can use lava trenches. Don't use a nether portal for your door, because if you have nothing to reset it, you can be permanently trapped in the nether and can't come home! Build a tower/battlements on the top, 3 block thick walls as high as you can make them! A way to prevent zombies from breaking your doors is to put the doors in sideways, rendering them "open" when you close them. The entrance is actually underwater so it also can't be reached by mobs (as far as I know, haven't seen any mobs go underwater before). The simplest method would be 1×1 pillars of any material, placed in a grid across the entire cavern, with 4 clear squares in each direction between each pillar. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I have the ultimate spider proof home (see design below:). Finally, where the pistons would stick out on the sides make a tunnel to your base. Another way to keep mobs out of your house is a staircase that has an overhang. A top view example: You can keep spiders from climbing walls using glass panes/iron bars to create an edge.

Since I have 1x5 firing holes, it was seriously at risk.

Also, be aware that creepers can detect you and start their fuse from one block away, even if there is a low wall or fence keeping them away.

If you are indeed going to use a large amount of obsidian, you may wish to see Tutorials/Obsidian farming. Unfortunately, there are many dangerous and scary things out there in the Minecraft world that would like to kill you. If you strike a water source, it can wash such things away. If you have a floor of sand or gravel, be careful when mining — digging near sand that isn't supported from below WILL cause it to collapse.

Ways to avoid this are: build a wall at least two full blocks tall (even if it is made of certain translucent blocks such as slabs, fence or glass); or build your home with all spawning surfaces on all traversable paths sufficiently lit.

If you get lost in the Nether and have no choice but to start a new shelter there, or even if you just wish to try out Nether survival, your biggest problem is ghasts. Yes, it looks nice, but it is fragile to explosions, flammable, and vastly more labor-intensive to produce as a building material, than other blocks.

But you can even prevent these two mobs from spawning in your cavern by covering the entire floor with a material that mobs aren't able to spawn on, such as glass.

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