Once an egg is layed, the hopper will collect it, and the dispenser and the redstone will shoot the egg onto the half slab where there is a one-in-twelve chance a chicken will spawn. Example farm with 1/2 of the egg output used for making lava-roasted chicken: Dispensers are connected to clock circuits. It's retained because once certain bugs in the game are fixed, the design may work again.

This design can be "squared off", flowing to a central 2x2 hole, or it can simply be extended horizontally, perhaps with another water current carrying eggs down the "collection corridor". The slab (or other transparent block) between them is only needed if you add the optional chest, but if you do, an opaque block there will prevent the chest from being opened, which also prevents the hoppers from adding or removing eggs from it. Another option is to collect eggs and throw the eggs into your closed pen.

Last of all, place buckets of water in each corner; they will flow to the central pillar. Egg farming is the process of collecting a large number of chicken eggs from chickens.

Build the wall another block up. Worse, they will take over 15 minutes to feed through, because the hoppers are slower than the clock. I don't care if I win or lose. The ladder can go over the chests. I think I'd just trade in eggs for the spawn eggs in creative and then building it for later! They'll suffocate and die, and you don't want that.

This farm will be surrounded on the surface by an 11×11 fence or (better) wall (put doors or gates at the middle of a side).

You will need to build the sides of the 4x4 higher than shown or the chickens will escape.

The walls around and above the water should be glass blocks, to keep the chickens from suffocating each other against the walls. A water flow can be placed in the collection area to bring the eggs to one block, but this makes throwing eggs and collecting meat or feathers more difficult. They will take some time to grow to adulthood but once you have at least one adult chicken it will start producing eggs and with two or more adults you can breed them with seeds. Replace the block of water with a block of lava to get a cooked-chicken farm.

There is only a 1 in 8 chance of spawning a chicken when you throw an Egg, so you should try to collect at least one stack.

A water flow can be placed in the collection area to bring the eggs to one block, but this makes throwing eggs and collecting meat or feathers more difficult. Η σελίδα αυτή τροποποιήθηκε τελευταία φορά στις 25 Ιανουαρίου 2017, στις 03:39. Expanding the pool area (the "Flowing Egg Farm") allows a water current to gather eggs to the center, and the inward flowing current helps prevent chickens from "phasing" through the walls, allowing far more chickens to be kept. For a fairly space efficient design, build walls around a 2x2x2 column.

We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! The egg room and its pillar can be adapted to other farm layouts. This is really good, definitely going to come here when I get into playing again. After this is constructed, eggs can be thrown directly up from the collection area. (this is not a problem on bedrock edition). It's probably best to make the whole pool of source blocks. The chests and hoppers are placed on the bottom (a double chest on one side, two hoppers feeding into it on the other). Tutorials/Egg_farming/Compact Pit Egg Farm, How to survive in a single area indefinitely, Save game data to Dropbox (world data only), Saving your game data to the Cloud with Dropbox, https://minecraft-el.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Egg_farming?oldid=13859, Pages using DynamicPageList dplreplace parser function. This is really good. The hoppers alone could deliver less than 375 eggs to the dispenser, but the eggs in the bottom dropper give just enough of a head start to cover a batch of 500. Yeah, but with this you make make tons of LIE CAKE. All rights reserved. The chicken is the most farmable animal in Minecraft.

Two blocks then go over the hopper next to the chest, to keep the chickens in place. After the spawned chicken grows up, it will automatically be cooked and will be dropped into the chest below. You will also want a tunnel leading to the egg room, with space to get at the chest and other devices (you will at least need to retrieve meat and feathers), and the switch to turn it on or off.

Today we will be creating a chicken farm that spawns and cooks chicken automatically! Be sure to check out my other things on my profile. The bottom two spaces are the collection area (make sure to leave a door), and the upper of those has 4 signs to support the water. Then you can hatch chickens over the exposed hopper, and eventually collect eggs from the chest. A video demonstrating it and a schematic: Most current egg farms have the chickens supported by water, with their eggs falling through the water into a collection area below.

The pillar will be a slab and another two blocks, one of which should be a jack-o-lantern or other light source.

The usual way to capture chickens is to hold seeds in your hand.

The "14 Second Compact Egg Farm" is a farm designed by Minecraftmaximizer for the Minecraft 1.5 release which takes only 14 seconds to build. It need not be the full 18 blocks wide, either, as long as the collection area is under where the currents meet.

If the player is close enough to a chicken when it lays an egg, a pop sound is heard. how-to-make-an-auto-chicken-egg-farm-pictures. It is essentially the 3x3x4 farm put in a pit. The chickens will float on the water and their eggs will drop to the floor for easy collection, where they can be thrown back to hatch more chickens. Chicken Farm Video

However, if you don't mind risking "Chickmageddon", you can skip the despawn timer forming the top two rows of the egg room. Alternatively, if you already have slimeballs and string, you can use leads to drag them along; this will mostly keep them from wandering away.you will need a separate lead for each chicken. You'll need an additional one-block-hole in the center where the water and the eggs will flush out. In addition, cooked chicken is almost as good as other cooked meats for restoring hunger. The clock is normally disabled by either the inactive timer, or by the lever. Note: As of 1.5.1, this design will cause the majority of chickens in the pit to clip into the wall and die. The static water of the design above lets some eggs get stuck on signs. This farm is begun by digging a hole 3 deep, by 4 long, by one wide hole. This slab would stop water or lava from invading, while still allowing taller, grown-up chicken to suffocate or burn. Then let the eggs accumulate until you have enough for a full run (at least a dozen stacks in the chest).

You can also surround it with other protections such as a moat, which would prevent creepers from damaging the blocks even if they do explode. This will cost most of 80 blocks of stone and/or glass (or 20 logs for planks).

In such numbers, the chickens will overflow any enclosure, and the huge numbers will cause the game to lag badly. This farm is begun by digging a hole 3 deep, by 4 long, by one wide hole. Given creepers, it's much safer to make at least the floor and the bottom row of the wall out of blast resistant blocks: Any stone (sandstone should be converted to double-slabs) will do, as will brick or hardened clay, or even obsidian. If the hatcher is left running after the first generation grows up, the system will be producing "only" 2.6 chickens a minute at first, but if the game doesn't crash, it will eventually peak at 18 per minute, 363 per game day. If the hatcher is left running after the first generation grows up, the system will be producing 2.6 chickens a minute at first, but if the game doesn't crash, it will eventually peak at 18 per minute, 363 per game day.

Houses 6 Chickens. Place signs or open fence gates everywhere above the water. This will minimize the mess if it does get blasted, and make it much easier to fix up. At that point, you'll be facing exponential growth, limited only by the speed of the hoppers.

Make sure to offset the room so the input hopper is in the center of the floor, and light the egg room properly! A block of water laid on top of the air block controlled by air, controlled by a dispenser with a bucket can be used as a "kill switch" for obtaining cooked chicken. The chickens will go in and above the water—there should be a 1 or 2 tall gap above the water for the chickens to breathe in. The chickens will go in and above the water—there should be a 1 or 2 tall gap above the water for the chickens to breathe in. Build that up a bit, about 3 blocks (now 4 total blocks in height), Build the walls up another block, then add a roof, leaving a small second wall. Glass panes have the same issue, so the "upgrade" has to be to a 2-high wall of blocks. When meat or feathers are needed, a sword can be used to pick off chickens from below. The chickens float on top of the water, laying eggs. The block in front of the pressure plate helps avoid accidentally picking up the item as you pass near, but if you go close enough you can still pick it up and cut off the timer.

It costs 8 logs of wood, 10 ingots of iron, two arbitrary blocks, and an optional ladder. A simple modification with the egg/feather hopper can be a dropper/hopper path pointing back to an egg dispenser under clock circuit pulses.

I hope you all enjoy this instructable and enjoy my others as well if you like this please vote. There is a pillar and (at least a) partial roof in the center, and an "egg room" dug 3 blocks deep beneath that. And if you leave the hatcher running much longer than that, the first chickens will grow up and start laying eggs. Put a Chicken on top of each Hopper. I had one on an old save that went from bedrock to sky limit.

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