Comment below and tell us! White Claw is bubbling refreshment with a hint of natural fruit. You'll like it. To start off, Crook & Marker misses the mark when it comes to fresh flavor.

Thankfully, that is nowhere near the case. That said, if you want something to enjoy by the pool all day, Wild Basin melon basil is it. If Smirnoff is your only option for hard seltzer, give it a hard pass and get vodka and soda instead.

Use coupon code LEAP to get the deal. Cherry and lime typically mesh well together as long as there is a nice balance — and in this case, there is.
AsylumConnect Launches First Tech Resource Platform For LGBTQ+ Asylum Seekers in Mexico, Citi Launches “True Name” Feature with Mastercard Across the US, Texas gives preliminary approval for revised school sex ed policy that excludes LGBTQ issues, Texas to revise its sex education standards, but they’ll likely remain silent on LGBTQ issues, Orbitz Now Offers Filters for LGBTQ Hotels with ‘Higher Standard”, 5 Destinations You Should Visit After COVID-19, Norwegian to Add Nonstop Service from Austin to Paris, StartOut and Socos Labs Launch StartOut Pride Economic Impact Index, How to Successfully Grow Your Small Business, 3 Ways to Reach LGBTQ Consumers in the New Normal, 5 Digital Marketing Tips For LGBT-Owned Businesses. You'll like it. It’s a closer relative to a sugarless, cherry-infused Sprite with a lime wedge squeezed into it than a homespun cherry limeade. Smirnoff jumped into the hard seltzer game back in 2016 and has yet to make a real splash in terms of market share or fans.

Wild berry is a favorite with its sweet goodness, but most of their flavors are quite tasty. Almost as good as the black cherry is White Claw mango — it's the perfect summertime choice. The black cherry flavor is just meh, and the watermelon tastes like rind rather than actual watermelon.
The first craft brewery to step into the world of hard seltzer is Oskar Blues Brewery with their Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water. This brand only offers four flavors (grapefruit, lime, mango, and pineapple) but they are all worthwhile choices. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Do yourself a favor and skip this one. With Polar's experience in the seltzer market, don't be surprised if this brand of spiked seltzer improves dramatically over the next few years. It's not pungent. Their "BaseBrew" sounds like it's made at Whole Foods with ingredients like amaranth, cassava root, quinoa, and millet. The trouble with this crisp, spiked seltzer is it's more difficult to find than the other more popular brands. Others noted an interesting smell about the can that divided the group. Click here for our editorial policy. Also, all of our readers have an opportunity to be the first to enter our fun contests and win a prize from a Houston-area restaurant, festival tickets, and other fabulous goodies! Adventures in Homebrewing has a wide selection of recipe kits including Mighty Swell, Truly and White Claw Clones. Please verify to begin receiving our newsletter PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer has been around for a few years, and prides itself on having unique flavor combinations that are outside the norm.

If you love your seltzer extra bubbly, then Arctic Summer delivers the carbonation you crave. While definitely not one of the best selling brands, these crisp, cool drinks are truly what hard seltzer should be and is likely to become in the future. Who knows what happens in the fermenting process to yield these unpleasant results. Prices start at just $17.99. So, you love margaritas, but you don't like those margaritas in a can? Is White Claw the best spiked seltzer? White Claw fever has taken over the country, and as a result, it has become a victim of its own success with the popular hard seltzer brand confirming a nationwide shortage. Nauti was the mildest in terms of carbonation, scoring low on the bubble-strength scale; additionally, it left our mouths with what felt like a sugary film. Or, take a trip back to your college days and buy some Smirnoff Ice. Whether drank right out of the can or served over ice or as a base for your favorite signature cocktail, each 12-ounce can contains 5 percent ABV (cold-brewed sugar alcohol), 110 calories and 4 grams of sugar.

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