Anya Hepburn | Convinced by the girl of her worthlessness, Maka breaks down in tears. Occupation They are both defeated, and Maka then discovers her soul being out of wavelength with Soul when she tries to wield him to continue fighting.

However, despite her initial negative outlook on men because of her father's actions, she still seems to respect Stein and care for Soul and her other male friends, although she does have her differences with them at times. Maka partnered up with the "Demon Scythe" Soul Eater, in an attempt to create a Death Scythe more powerful then her father. Residence [10] Black☆Star onced commented on her Soul Perception abilities being like that of a "walk in' radar". Daisy Johnson (Marvel Cinematic Universe), LOTM: Darkness Incarnate: Liberation of Mobius Part 21: Cosmo's Dilemma, Into the World of Dreams, Characters that debutted in To Crossover Flee Project Darkness, The V Nightosphere Crusaders of the Empire, Main Characters in The Lone Ranger of M.O.D.A.B Storyline, Main Characters of The Multi-Universal War of Destiny, Main Characters of The Rise of Mechuckles: Beware of the Sith Stalker, Main Heroes in The Multi-Universal War of Destiny, Main Heroes in The Rise of Mechuckles: Beware of the Sith Stalker, Characters in The Multi-Universal War of Destiny, Characters in The Rise of Mechuckles: Beware of the Sith Stalker, Main Protagonists in The Multi-Universal War of Destiny, Main Characters of the first half of The P Team Storyline, Main Characters of the second half of The P Team Storyline, Returning Characters that appeared in The Rise of Mechuckles: Beware of the Sith Stalker, Returning Characters that appeared in The Wrath of God of War, Returning Characters that appeared in Meister of War, Returning Characters that appeared in The Multi-Universal War of Destiny, Main Protagonists in The Rise of Mechuckles: Beware of the Sith Stalker, Major Characters of the second half of M.O.D.A.B and B Team Storyline, Main Characters in LOTM: Darkness Incarnate, Main Members of The Remade P Team Members, Main Characters in The Wrath of God of War, Characters on board for Lizbeth and Boomer to form a relationship, Characters voiced and/or played by Laura Bailey, Major Characters of The V Crusaders Storyline, Main Characters of The Helper Squad Storyline, Main Characters in The Legend of Maka Albarn, Returning Characters in The Legend of Maka Albarn, Heroes in The Multi-Universal War of Destiny, Returning Heroes in The Multi-Universal War of Destiny, Heroes in The Rise of Mechuckles: Beware of The Sith Stalker, Returning Heroes in The Rise of Mechuckles: Beware of The Sith Stalker, Returning Heroes in The Wrath of God War Rises, Returning Heroes of The Legend of Maka Albarn, Main Characters of The Final Half of The4everreival and daveg502 Storyline, The P Team Members Appears in The Legend of Maka Albarn, Characters favorite by 22kingdomheartsfan, Characters who have Brother-Sister Relationship, Major Characters of LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour, Main Characters of The P Team Trilogy Adventures, Enemies of The Children of BlackGarurumon, Characters BridalSpirit007 is Neutral towards, Characters liked by DestroyerSybjugator90, Character in Legends of the Multi-Universe: Armageddon, Enemies of Palpatine's New Galactic Empire, She replies that she can feel the madness flowing through the room.

If it was to save those she care about she did. She reveals that the DWMA has a plethora of uniforms that one can mismatch or just simply wear their normal clothes to school. Tsubaki ends up dragging her, saying that she does not need to think about it since she will probably end up fighting with Black☆Star again. Soul grumpily replies that it's only because he has become a Death Scythe.

As Maka introduces herself, she sees Tsugumi and remembers her, much to Tsugumi's pleasure. Spirit also comes along to watch their training. Later Mechuckles sends an army to attack the heroes base. Although she was always kind-hearted, mature and level-headed, Maka begins the series with noticeable temper problems. She is also not above breaking the rules, such as taking advantage of her father's status to check out a book beyond her rank though did so to try to help Crona, but ended up checking out the Book of Eibon's Manuscript and knew it was not only a bad idea but felt guilty about it so ended up leaving "M" as her signature. This dress still enables and allows her to fly and functions as some sort of protective armor. As they leave, a mysterious girl watches the two, and she deems Maka incompatible for Soul. Maka is frightened by Soul Eater's retelling of the stories but tries to write them off as meaningless rumors. Maka, personally, does not know a lot about music and has little appreciation of it and is envious of people that can talk to Soul (like Liz) on a close level for his love of music. Worst  Enemies: Medusa, Asura, Zeus, Majora Mask, Sith Stalker, Peter Pan (Once Upon A Time). Without the assistance of Soul, her capabilities diminish greatly and she's even aware of such a fact and have exaggeratedly stated that without Soul she can't do anything and both of them use each other to get stronger. This seems to also carry her Anti-Demon Wavelength in addition. Since the two have rather headstrong partners, they can both relate to each other quite well on the subject of their partners. Despite not being very strong in combat, Maka is still greatly admired and respected by most of her fellow meisters and professors at Shibusen for her polite, smart, kind, responsible, and humble personality, and her ability to recognize her faults but grow and learn from them. What is my life. Maka helps Lizbeth and Boomer investigate and that learn it was Crowley and then meet Pan who Maka takes revenge on for the hell she was put through because of his selfish actions.. Homer reveals that Springfield is underattack whih gets him up in arms until the whole group meets Jack Bauer who phones to assure Homer's family is fine and that they should find him. She then sees Blair trying to seduce and flirt with Soul, which annoys her further, but Blair really is just wanting to cheer Maka up and gives her a hug afterwards. Make Soul into a Death Scythe (succeeded)Defeat AsuraProtect her friends Coming to this realization, this drove a wedge between them.

Maka is returning like her friends and is to be a main character. She displayed this ability only once prior to her meeting Crona for the firs time, in which eventually led to her first defeat and was nearly killed. After a shaky start as Maka gives Crona a Maka Chop by accident after aiming for Ragnarok, who had flipped her skirt, she and Marie coax them out and show them around the Academy. Maka states that despite Soul's usual twisted and sarcastic demeanor, Soul always listens to her and is always there for her, a quality of Soul's that she greatly values. Maka visits Crona on the day of their first day at the DWMA after asking Sid for permission, as the zombie fails to coax Crona out of their room. Powers [48] Arachne Gorgon also considered her a threat with her Anti-Demon Wavelength and Soul Perception abilities. After witnessing her father cheating, she was inspired by her mother and she became determined to follow in her footsteps and became a Meister. since Maka sees Bigby as a sheriff and stopping crimes such as Bloody Mary and Crooked Man. [41], Due to her Anti-Demon Wavelength, she was regarded by Medusa as a dangerous element after the elimination of Joe Buttataki due to their similarly skilled power in soul perception. When Death comes to pick up his son, Kid, Maka takes the opportunity to see his soul. To prevent Medusa's group from awakening the Kishin, Asura, Sid is able to send Maka, Soul, Black☆Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Liz, Patti, Stein and Spirit, underground to defend the school. Suddenly, the darkness begins to spread and attack the three. Immediately, Maka's Soul Perception activates and she senses two people.

Formerly, the dress contained Black Blood but during her fight with Asura on the Moon and needing to exit his body, the Black Blood was completely removed from the dress and Soul. Arachne reveals that she had been surveying the world for hundreds of years through the eyes of many spiders.

Maka recovers from her condition and is seen in Stein's class as he is about to start a lesson. Similarily, Maka seems to admire and respect Black☆Star for the same reason but vice versa. Adept ScythemanHand-to-Hand CombatSoul PerceptionHigh IntelligenceWitch Hunt

One thing is for certain she will be separated from her friends expect for her partner and weapon Soul. Kim Diehl | When they arive at the moon, with Black☆Star now hanging off Maka's scythe, they look down to see a large amount of clowns. Maka is overwhelmed by an opponent who has a lot of "direct power", unlike those like Arachne. As Tsugumi appears and browses through the books, she picks out the Brave book. She began crying and ran away from the others temporarily when Black Star insulted her strength as being the reason he couldn't complete Soul Resonance with her. Maka is a total bookworm whose fondness of reading left her a bit socially stunted as a child. Sex Likes hugs. Her father goes on to tell the story of a Meister who once served under Death himself much like the DWMA and was afraid of death. Even though she does not know much about the events Angewomon's fight with Megatron Maka is glad ot work with her all the same. [83] She was also outclassed by Free in his werewolf form, with her citing his physical abilities were incredible even. [39] She was eventually able to ascend to two-star status and was among the only one of her peers to have created a death weapon. Ox replies that if they go in the field, the enemies will follow and the battle will get out-of-hand, leading to people being lost because of staying in the field for too long. Not too soon after, Gopher charges up a powerful attack in the center of his chest, aimed at Maka. She is rather petite for her current age, until The Legend of Maka Albarn where she becomes the tallest and biggest meister. Maka doesn't trust him but she will respect and keep an eye on Ares when they both will meet in Meister of War facing Zeus. Along with everyone else, Maka declines and prepares herself, changing from her dress to her usual uniform, donning her trench coat. He claimed that he was sorry and that he wanted to meet her no matter what.

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