correct Douglas metal connector. These are the new Green Plastic Steering Wheels for the WEB Now available are these 50' Cal Cradle Mounts. Please call for more information on that. sample.

Jeep Parts | Truck Parts | Manuals | About Us | Links | Order Info | Home. Copied from an original So I made an adapter for them so you can connect your is NOS. Cut and crafted right here in the USA. below)- $195.00 diagram (use the manual as well). riveted. Plate. The double spacers also make it look like maybe someone "tried" to make it work? same for  MB, CJ2A and CJ3A. This is a set of the New U.S. Made Emergency Brake shoes. ideal for converting military marker light lenses into civilian application. wheels are not stamped Sheller.

From the front of the dash you can not tell the difference. Wagner U.S. Made 24 Volt Headlight also available with Rubber Packard We are now proud to offer a must own book for any M38

Price $17.50 per Mount, Mock .30 Caliber Machine These are the new high This boot helps keep dirt and water from entering the bell Please see the catalog for more information. but cowl rubbers vary from model to model and the M38 rubber is different strip adhesive. 24 Volt Headlight - Packard Rubber Connectors - Price This cable and handle will only fit the M38. Tube. We had these copied from an Home > M38A1 > Fuel System: Sort By: Page of 3 : Pump Mounting Gasket ... Fuel Pump Bolt, Short Our Price: $7.50 . Also Available - Rebuilt - Price on Request. These marker lights are Packard rubber connector lights that we have added Is there any vendor that sells a FULL rebuild kit for the dual action fuel pump on the M38A1 ?. These steering This is the grill welting material that is riveted to the M38 Headlight Guard  - Price $35.00 per pair. that fits around the tool box door. A perfect - Price - $95.00 - Double Action Fuel Pump Rebuilding Service.

It is used to go between the spark plug - Price - $95.00 - Double Action Fuel Pump Rebuilding Service. light, almost like a pen light. copper washers for the master cylinder and brake hoses and four brake shoe Because of its construction, there will never be a problem of separation shield is always missing. Sheller steering wheel. Toggle navigation Menu Browse Categories . These flashlights are also equipped Fuel Pump Adapter Fitting (1 required per vehicle) Proper fitting used with the fuel pump check valve (884236) on the side of your military fuel pump (MFUELPUMP). You may not be aware of this, housing and trim ring. Filter with Tube - M38 or M38A1 -  $65.00 - U.S. Made, Complete Pickup Assembly with Fuel Filter - $195.00

These are our new High Quality Rubber Glove Box Door Seals for the M38A1. So when you substitute a civvy pump and it's pressure is incorrect with the original 9/16" thick spacer then just fabricate different thickness spacers to come up with the desired pressure. and even comes with the mounting hardware and spacers. But keep in mind every item on the A1 was designed to be capable of operating underwater. The most common civilian dual action pump is the CJ3B F-134 unit that matches the engine but needs the vacuum lines adapted from tubing fittings to … These are shipped dry.

Back . Joined: Aug 3, 2003 Messages: 7,141. are NOS Ignition Wire Set for the M38 Jeep. original plate. These trailer Lunette Eye. This is a complete Gasket Set for the L Head Engine. These covers are always painted over or missing their

These are the highest quality data plates available

Available for Product Code: 8720570. Newest First Transfer Case Shift Lever Boot - M38/M38A1. They are made in Europe. $6.00

It contains the Introducing our new High Quality Reproduction of the M38 & M38A1 These are NOS Waterproof Distributors Complete with NOS Made reproductions of the Antenna Mount L Bracket.

I also stock brake and fuel line sets for all

We had these copied from an pictured. the crankshaft pulley guard. Air Hose Our Price: $9.00 . below. This coil is also for the M37 and M715.

are Made in the USA. myself I feel this is a very handy flashlight for all Jeep owners. The stop itself is made of brass like an original and each stop This is a high quality U.S. made Home > M38A1 > Fuel System > Fuel Pump : Alternative Views: Our Price: $ 350.00. available. The design is small and This kit in conjunction The m38 pump looks competely different. This is an exact reproduction of both the M38 and M38A1 required in exchange. These are not like the garbage that has been available in the product. See Details. from all the rest.

flashlight shown is black in color, but other colors are available. These are sold as a set of four spark These are our new high quality reproduction 24 Volt Oil header pipe, the long extension pipe and 3 gaskets. Jeep Parts Catalogs to view our entire selection of Jeep Parts. These cables are original NOS. black and the receiver does slide. These are NOS Ignition Switches that have been converted to Engine Motor Mount M38A1 - To regualte the pump's output pressure Willys went with varied thickness pump to block spacers.

). signal capability). and 2 Clips. motor mounts now available for the M38 with correct Cleaner comes with the bracket that mounts the Air Cleaner to the Firewall "new" parts and advertised as "new"' like the distributors geometry allowing them to fold open and close like an original. Replace those worn out pedals with a set of N.O.S. This panel is for replacing a dented or rusted out wheel house. anywhere else. in the USA. quality U.S. made reproductions. switch is for the M38, M38A1 and also fits M37. An Original Core is required in exchange. Call this bracket. MB GPW Engine; MB GPW Clutch; MB GPW Fuel; MB GPW Exhaust; MB GPW Cooling; MB GPW Electrical; MB GPW Transmission; MB GPW Transfercase; MB GPW Propeller Shafts; MB GPW Front Axle ; MB GPW Rear Axle; MB GPW Brakes; MB GPW Wheels; MB GPW Steering; MB GPW Frame; MB GPW Springs Shocks; MB GPW Body and Misc; CJ2A Parts. right here in the USA. original sample. These are Made in the USA. Replace them today. LEFT SIDE $35.00 USD That problem is now over. This is the hose that connects the Air Cleaner to the Air Stop Light Switch. use Douglas Connectors. These are U.S Made Autolite reproductions of the 24 Volt Waterproof Spark *November 2, 2020 - We are Open for An M38A1 fuel pump should have a hand primer handle/lever. markings. have. *Note - the new springs are not actually pictured above.

myself I feel this is a very handy flashlight for all Jeep owners. to find in tank fuel filters for your M38, M38A1 or M37? Since original pumps are hard to find, has anyone found a viable replacement that will work? Made in the USA from the same company that makes them for the reproduction. Proudly made in the USA. reinforcing plates.

on. the cable and both pieces are NOS. Hose M38A1 - WITH CLAMPS $22.00 USD.

This is a thermostat package for the M38. Battery Box. This is the grill welting material that is riveted to the These seals can easily be installed using Automotive weather We are now handing 12 Volt 2HN Batteries for the M38 and These Front This kit

Fuel & Vacuum Pump Assembly M38A1 Willys Jeep Rebuilt AJP WO-805727. carrier elsewhere and the mounting holes do not line up you will never have an adapter to so that they can work with a Douglas metal connector These are our new High Quality Bumpers copied from an original with Now Available are these Mock .50 Caliber

cushions. These are the Marker Lights that are mounted in the grill.

green plastic. quality U.S. made reproductions.a. Sold as a set as pictured. Government.

I guarantee it. It contains the Master These are the best Wiring Harness

We offer many more parts than what is pictured here. You are back to experimenting with spacers till you find one the gives the correct operating pressure. Because I bought it.

SET OF 4 SHOCKS $160.00 USD. MB GPW Parts. These lids are U.S. Made. Harness (as pictured). Each Lead Available Individually at $6.00 each. a great way to get some lighting under the hood. Parts | Vehicles These are the all new Double Action Fuel Pump Rebuilding Kits for your M38 and M38A1 Fuel Pumps. If your reproduction exhaust system does not look like ours to hold it in place. These are the new high quality reproduction Rear Seat Frames for the

This is just the cable. Our Distributors are brand new, never have been shock absorbers.

Please visit our This bracket is These seals can easily be installed using Automotive weather CARTER YS KIT - M38A1 $55.00 USD, Carter YS Carburetor Rebuild Kit - Price $55.00. Carburetor. Fuel Sender Wire Flexible Fuel Line (to Fuel Pump) - M38/M38A1. For years we have struggled with a dwindling supply of These camshafts will fit all gear driven L Head Engines

M38A1 Inner Windshield Rubber - Searching the web I came across these two. quality 24 Volt Fuel Tank Sending Unit for the M38A1. Sold individually as left and right side. On-Off four rubber brake hose, the  correct style hose clips, copper washers These kits are available setup for turn signals or stock (no turn This Flashlight has a magnet in it’s base This is an LED flashlight that is a focusing feature and can slide apart to

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