Buttons are fewer than on MMO-focused devices such as the Logitech G600 or the Razer Naga, but this is intended to be more of an all-rounder mouse.SEE ALSO: Best Games 2015Logitech’s button placement is well thought out. Using the Customize On-Board Pointer Settings View, To set your on-board profile (function assignment) settings, To remove or reassign a G-key/button assignment, Tutorial 3: Assign a command to a G-key/button and test it, Using the Customize Pointer Settings View, Using the Customize On-Board Profile Settings View, To change your backlight colors and lighting effects. The downside is that it’s not as luxurious as Razer’s Chrome devices, nor is it as quirky as a Mad Catz mouse.

See, Some devices have G-Shift functionality, enabling you to create a full set of alternative commands to be available when you press, and hold the G-Shift key/button.

Where the G602 wasn’t so great was with first-person shooters, and this is due to the low native sensitivity. The Logitech G602 is a trusty wireless gaming mouse that doesn’t reinvent the genre, but gets almost everything right for a reasonable price.

assigning_commands_gkeys.htm[9/10/2014 11:03:35 AM], Customizable G-keys/buttons are your gateway to performance gaming. Page 1: IntroductionPage 2: Technical SpecificationsPage 3: Packaging & BundlePage 4: Closer LookPage 5: Software & PerformancePage 6: Conclusion. Compared to the 19-button Razer Naga Epic Chroma, the G602’s button spread seems paltry. The G602 is a right-handed mouse, and is most comfortable when used with a palm-grip.

Logitech Gaming Software blocked in Windows Firewall – LGS wants to connect to the Internet when it’s launched and … In general, we found the G602 performed well across a variety of games. Once the receiver is plugged in, the driver will install automatically. Thus, this is an all-rounder offering for casual players who’ll be gaming across a wide-range of genres.

See, Gives access to a range of standard editing, screen capture, and system commands. Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Standard functions are available to be selected, each of which opens the relevant application on your computer: My G-keys/buttons aren't working properly, I'm having problems with my device's USB ports. See. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly. We’ll always tell you what we find. Unlike normal mice, a gaming mouse needs to have a good DPI range. SEE ALSO: 10 craziest game controllers ever.

The buttons on the G502 are in a better orientation as opposed to the G602 which has a cluster of six narrow, low-profile buttons all under the right thumb which are very close together and increase the chance of clicking the wrong one. The Logitech G604 LIGHTSPEED is a better mouse than its previous version, the Logitech G602.

Copyright © Vortez LTD. 2008-2018 All Rights Reserved. What’s great about the G602 is that the side buttons can be easily differentiated, despite being small and close together. See, You can also record a macro on-the-fly, assigning it to a G-key in the process. But what exactly makes the Logitech G602 good, and where could the mouse-maker learn from its mistakes? However, this does reduce response accuracy and sensitivity, so you’ll want to use this only when you’re not actually gaming.SEE ALSO: Xbox One backwards compatibility. What’s more, Logitech has also bound a mode switcher to the G602’s central button. Moreover, you can even assign profiles to games – these are saved in the mouse’s on-board memory. There are 11 buttons on the G602, including left and righter clickers, a performance mode switcher, up and down DPI toggles, six re-programmable side buttons and, of course, the scroll wheel. This enables you to keep down the weight of the mouse, if you want to maximise your performance. Obviously, the lack of wires results in a mouse that’s easy to slide around, but its smooth bottom also helps it to glide across most flat surfaces. We never, ever accept money to review a product. You simply can’t whip a cursor across a screen as quickly as someone running a mouse with 6,000-plus DPI, so it makes it tough to compete in games such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty. Even those new to gaming will feel right at home with this mouse. The Logitech G602 is a formidable wireless gaming mouse from a company known for making considered, reliable peripherals. As such, serious gamers might want to look elsewhere; casual players that aren’t concerned about hyper-twitch gameplay will be fine with the G602. Logitech G602 – Performance. For details, see, If a certain keystroke combination (such as, ) is useful in a particular game, you can assign it to a, for details. Anything above 500Hz really isn’t necessary, and will just put strain on your computer’s processor. See, Lets you define some text, for example a message communication, which gets converted to a sequence of, keystrokes when the G-key/button is pressed. That said, the max DPI isn’t spectacular, and there are really only six free buttons to mix up, which puts it out of the running for hardcore shooter/MMO gamers. Logitech hasn’t rocked the boat when it comes to mouse design, peddling a familiar shape and button configuration. Once the software is booted up, you’ll have access to a host of features. Logitech claims a “lag-free” 2ms response rate, which we can vouch for as being almost impossible to notice. However, most MMO gamers will find 6 side buttons more than plenty to play competently. Unlike some of its rivals, Logitech’s software suite lacks a snazzy name – however, this doesn’t mean it’s not a great program, and it includes a number of useful features. Logitech G602 Review ... so things can be completely swapped up to your own style and all of these settings can be stored to profiles and even specific games can be given a profile so that when you load up a title, your favourite settings can be loaded up too. While this model is more than a year old now, you can buy it new on Amazon for £60, which means it’s definitely still a worthwhile consideration. Their main purpose is for you to assign quick-access, commands to them to suit the games you play. It’s not a cumbersome beast either; it weighs 107g, which is around the sum of two Dairy Milk bars. See, Web Browser, Calculator, iTunes, Finder, FaceTime, Launchpad, Mission Control, QuickTime Player, and, Applications.

We found that the G602 was best suited to MOBAs. You can also unlock the scroll wheel on the G604 for infinite scrolling. See, Enables you to choose various common media control commands. The software then automatically detects when a particular game is booted up, and loads the relevant profile. For details, see, The button description of each G-key/button in the, As well as making the above assignments, you can choose to disable the assignments from individual G-keys/buttons or revert the, assignments to their default settings, or edit the commands. Quick macros are saved in the current profile and named 'Quick Macro, Provides fast access to an application or website of your choice. The G602 is a comfortable mouse, much more so than the Razer Naga, and one that you could quite easily use for work/leisure activities outside of gaming. SEE ALSO: PS4 vs PS3. The same can be said for real-time strategy games – the G602 will work just fine with StarCraft II. The mouse is powered by two AA batteries as standard, which amounts to around 250 hours of gameplay. Pro gamers typically use mice with DPI settings that are upwards of 4,500, or even up to 8,200 like the Turtle Beach Grip 500.

You can re-adjust the DPI toggle presets, program macro commands for various buttons, and set up game profiles. SEE ALSO: Best Gaming Headsets 2015Of course, this is a wireless mouse and as such, the elephant in the room will always be battery life. Logitech process is running – If Logitech Gaming Software starts up with Windows, the process which started up may be fooling Windows into thinking the program is open when it isn’t. The newest one. Like all gaming mice, the G602 … A row of blue LEDs on the side of the G602 are used to display which DPI level you’re at – more on that later. We used it for full work days without any issues with wrist fatigue, for instance. You can use this to switch from “performance” mode to “endurance”, which will give you 1,440 hours of battery life. This is largely down to there being enough re-programmable buttons on the mouse to be useful for games such as League of Legends and Dota 2. The software then automatically detects when a particular game is booted up, and loads the relevant profile.SEE ALSO: PS4 vs PS3. It has overall better performance and is slightly more comfortable to use. Learn More. Lots of customisation over G602 . That said, if you do want a wireless mouse, the G602 offers consistent performance for a great price – it’s £30 cheaper than the wireless Razer Mamba. The wireless Razer Mamba touts a maximum 5,400 DPI. Logitech’s wireless mouse has an otherwise respectable spec sheet, boasting a super-accurate Delta Zero sensor and a respectable 500Hz polling rate – that’s how many times per second the mouse pings your computer. The G602 doesn’t disappoint in this regard, with Logitech offering a low-lag, well-designed mouse that’s great for its price. DPI from 500-2500 can be selected and the increments move in values of 250. I have also been playing Dead by Daylight. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test every product we review. You also have to question whether you want a wireless mouse; the G602 is no better than wired alternatives. A thumb-rest juts out from the side for added support and ribbed rubber improves grip when your palms get sweaty. It only uses a single AA battery, while the G602 requires two. The maximum DPI is also more than enough to keep pace in battle-arena-style games. This is largely down to the consistently smooth tracking, which is a result of Logitech’s impressive Delta Zero sensor, as well as the great wireless connection. While it may lack the jazzy lighting, astronomical specs, and a greater number of buttons and wheels, for reliability, versatility, and value this is a brilliant wireless mouse that won’t let you down in the heat of battle.

Like all gaming mice, the G602 has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to various video-game genres. The G602 has a DPI range between 250 and 2,500. Fortunately, Logitech has got it spot on with the G602. The curvature of the mouse feels natural, and we’re happy to say this is one of the most comfortable designs we’ve ever used. To install the software, just plug in the wireless 2.4GHz USB receiver that’s supplied with the mouse. The former is too slow for anything but general browsing, while the latter is just about good enough for gaming. Of course, casual players won’t have an issue, and the tracking is more than reliable enough to aim accurately at a shooter. What are persistent and default profiles? In addition, you can choose one of your device's M-keys. We also tested the G602’s MMO credentials with World of Warcraft.

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