We would go behind what we called a double train, i.e. It was the first mainline Garratt to enter service

In February 1951 the U1 was again banking on the Worsborough Bank and continued doing so into 1952 then was briefly placed in store before being sent to Gorton locomotive works for work in preparation for a return to the Lickey Incline. Golden Age Models Limited, P.O. helped the corrosion problems. I fired it a few times it was harder work because of the six cylinders but it was a lot better to ride on than most engines. Site Map. about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.

The design proposed by Nigel Gresley for a locomotive to bank heavy coal trains up the Worsborough bank was for a 2-8-0+0-8-2 Garratt locomotive based on two GNR O2 2-8-0s, but with 3 cylinders and utilising Gresley's unique derived motion for the inside cylinder. 2395. In 1951 I was a fireman at Wath outstation having moved from Barnsley. 69999 was scrapped at Doncaster. we had Initially there were plans for two such engines, although [2] The locomotive was used to bank heavy trains up the Worsborough Bank, making up to 18 return trips each day;[1] a typical train consisted of an LNER Class O4 locomotive with 60+ loaded coal wagons then an assisting engine at the rear, usually another O4 or an Ex-GCR Class 1B, and finally the U1. The locomotive ran for some time as an oil burner, and was tried out on the Lickey Incline in 1949–1950 and again, after the electrification of its home line, in 1955.

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The London and North Eastern Railway Class U1 was a solitary 2-8-0+0-8-2 Beyer-Garratt locomotive designed for banking coal trains over the Worsborough Bank, a steeply graded line in South Yorkshire and part of the Woodhead Route. then come off its siding and push from behind the banker.

The U1 was attached at Wentworth Junction at the bottom of the bank, and pushed for the 3 1⁄2 miles (5.6 km) to West Silkstone Junction at the top where it would be detached, while the assisting engine would normally continue as far as Dunford Bridge. In 1927 the firebox was cracked. would then return to Wentworth Junction. It was renumbered 9999 in the LNER renumbering scheme of 1946, and became 69999 on the creation of British Railways in 1948.

unknown. Welcome to DJH Model Loco. The GCR had considered several options for banking these heavy trains, including one based on a design by Kitson & Co. for a locomotive carrying out similar duties in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). None of the firemen had worked it so we did not know what the fuss was. Ordered by the LNER under Gresley in 1924 at a cost of £14,395.00, the U1 Garratt was the most powerful steam locomotive in the UK. Enhance your model train set with our luxury locomotives and coaches. No.

Join LNER Perks today • Get £5 free credit • Get 2% back on every LNER journey • Enjoy exclusive perks and benefits. LNER class U1 2-8-0 0-8-2 GARRATT - Duration: 0:09 ... BR GARRATT GLORY 21 SECONDS OF RARE FOOTAGE FROM BR DAYS !! The loco, works number 6209, took just three weeks from laying the frames to completion and was hurriedly sent, still in workshop grey, to appear in the centenary celebration of the Stockton & Darlington Railway where it was exhibit number 42.

Hence corrosion was a problem, and she was retubed in 1926. However, she still spent 9 months of 1930 out of service for reasons 5292243. 888, Swanage, Dorset, BH19 9AE, United Kingdom. The Silkstone tunnels were notoriously bad for air quality. She was also tried out on the Lickey Incline in 1949-50 No. I later worked at Peterborough, New England and I also remember working 8:20 Kings Cross - Peterborough Green Arrow I think which was 2395) was built by Beyer, Peacock. No. Once at West Silkestone Junction, No. When cleaning out firebox etc. The train would continue to the main Sheffield to and West Silkstone Junction. Enhance your model train set with our luxury locomotives and coaches. 2395 was renumbered 9999 in March 1946, and then became 69999 with Nationalisation. [1], With its huge size and 79 ft 1 in (24.10 m) wheelbase the U1 rode well and a commodious cab was provided. Hollpolls Sunshine Coast Model … Being the last of three steam locos to enter the tunnel the atmosphere on the footplate with heat, steam and smoke was "close to hell". Official accounts [1] This idea had been discarded due to the restricted loading gauge, and thought had turned to an articulated Garratt locomotive based on 2 GCR 8K 2-8-0s (LNER Class O4) with a specially designed large boiler, but no move had been made to build such a locomotive when, in 1923 grouping, the GCR was absorbed into the LNER, and responsibility for locomotive design passed to the Chief Mechanical Engineer of the newly formed railway, Nigel Gresley. All made in our modern factory located in Consett, Durham in the North East of England. Find out more. Initially she worked chimney-first, but after difficulty in buffering up to passenger trains, she was turned to run cab-first up the bank and an electric headlight was fitted. Orders are welcome for the other classes of locomotives which are progressing and further updates will be posted here as they are available.

in Britain, and it was the most powerful British locomotive of any type. Registered office: 230 High Street, Swanage, Dorset BH19 2PQ, Pullman luxury coaches and quality model train locomotives available in various gauges to enhance any model railway, © Golden Age Models Limited 2013.

describe the final withdrawal being due to the failure of the oil conversion, and widespread unpopularity

at Gorton. However, the forthcoming The Worsborough Bank, sometimes referred to as the Worsborough Incline, was a steep bank on the Great Central Railway (GCR) freight-only line from Wath to Penistone, climbing for 7 miles (11 km), with a stretch of 3 miles (4.8 km) at a nominal gradient of 1 in 40 (2.5 %). 2395 was the only Garratt ever to serve with the LNER.

Thank you to Arthur Bruce for his recollections of firing No. train go and we would go back down the bank. The Garratt being at the back would Tel : (0) 1929 – 480210 ( with answerphone ) E-mail : [email protected], Registered in England. Beyer, Peacock of Manchester tendered £21,000 for the construction of two such locomotives, although the order was subsequently amended to just a single loco[2] which was delivered in summer 1925 at a cost of £14,895. [3], The railway preserved the archaic spelling of 'Worsborough', although the town of, "The Monster - Filmed At Gorton, Manchester (1925)", London and North Eastern Railway locomotives, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=LNER_Class_U1&oldid=985543611, Standard gauge steam locomotives of Great Britain, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 15:42. Registered No. Note: After October 1927, the surface area of the boiler tubes was reduced, so reducing the total These trials were unsuccessful, and so the locomotive was withdrawn in 1955 and scrapped. Photos by Golden Age Models Limited.

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Despite this the crew had great problems with visibility from the cab, particularly after dark, and the U1 returned to Mexborough in November 1950 and was officially placed in storage there. Despite conversion to oil burning in 1952, neither trial was a success. LNER U1 OO (GV9ZKGL64) by Snowwolflair on Shapeways. Typically This incline was about 3.5 miles long at about 1 in 40. objected to sharing equipment, and the trial stopped. In 1928, Respirators were tried which took air from near rail-level, however the loco crews some of the motion from the O2 class. amongst engine crews. probably based on a pre-existing 0-8-0 design (LNER class Q4), but over time Gladiator Model Kits sold a 7mm scale (O gauge) brass kit of the U1. The original number was 2395, and it was renumbered 9999 in March 1946, and then 69999 after nationalis…

69999 in the process of being scrapped at Doncaster Plant works in early 1956. We were told the Beyer Garratt was coming back, this caused a lot of talk among the drivers as no one wanted to work it. In 1949, it was realised that a new boiler would be required soon. Sign in to join This was approved by the LNER in 1924. and resulting platform damage. She stayed at Gorton for three years while several different attempts were made to convert her to oil burning[1] and an improved electric headlight was also fitted.

LNER V2 Class Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry in LNER Green.

DJH has over 40 years experience of manufacturing kits in scales O, OO, and HO and specialise in offering Factory Built Models in O scale. Current availability is unknown. It was both the longest and the most powerful steam locomotive ever to run in Britain. It was built in 1925 with the motion at each end being based on an existing 2-8-0 design. Box No. Unfortunately this did not help when negotiating the two Silkstone tunnels just before the top of the Worsborough Bank. Sections of this incline also suffered from colliery subsidence, making it infamously difficult to restart a stalled train on these severe sections. an O4 or an L1 as a banker. [2] After this the loco itself settled down to working its regular beat up and down Worsborough Bank, despite continued steaming problems and a definite susceptibility to poor quality coal.

2395 would A chemical solution was tried from 1928, and this appears to have Previous to No. It was built in 1925 with the motion at each end being based on an existing 2-8-0 design. sixty wagons of coal, a big engine at the front and same at the back.

This was probably based on a pre-existing 0-8-0 design (LNER class Q4), but over time the design evolved to use a 2-8-0 base (LNER class O4 ROD) instead.This was approved by the LNER in 1924.

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