Their son was my 5 th great grandfather. Does that ring a bell? Her parents were Judge Looney and Rachel Stuart Riley of the Eastern band in Tennessee and part of the Trail of Tears. Based in New York City, Jeremy Ruch has been a writer since 2010. Any info helps. 1791–1841 • LKD7-2YY ​ My grandparents were from Arkansas and moved to Oklahoma. I entered my family name under the first link and my family comes up. Jesse B Cox This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Birth Name 1807–1854 • L2RP-CTY ​ Dates would be really helpful to close in on time frames.

My grandfather’s Benjamin Wilbure Cox mother was full blooded Cherroke Indian! You can search for an ancestor from the march using their first of last name, or search the site's rolls. Mollie E Cloud Thank you so much for any information. Susan Jones …I am also a GGGGgrandchild in Oklahoma looking for the same information. There are no reservations in Illinois unless he is talking about, Illinois in Washington state (Saline Reservation). Please help me. Death 1920 Male 1868–1912 • LBCD-29X ​, William Paten Cox William Richards I would so appreciate any help. Hosanna Syler Ailsey ( Alice) Beams Sex 1876–Deceased • MBCG-CLR ​ 1870 My grandpa always said that Nora was born on a Cherokee reservation and that her mother Jane Henshaw was full blooded Cherokee. 1865–1946 • K4LL-F93 ​ 3 names to place the name. I would love any information that you could give me on Lucianna, including what clan she belonged to. You also are related to me.

William Cloud Malinda married Charles Wilson (freedman), had 5 children, was sold with her 5 children (Franklin County, MO), and died in 1873 in St. Louis, MO. 1807–1863 • MM26-RVH ​ Ruth Cloud Illinois, United States
Open Details | Add My last known relative is Cyrenius (Cyrus) Cornelius. The tribe may be able to help you find ancestors who participated in the march once you have provided them with more information about your family. Hosanna Syler Spouses and Children My this line come theough Grimsley for Ellis.

Add I am looking for any information on Morning Star. I am un unable to find her. 1779–1853 • LJ5M-3WS ​. 1901–1978 • LBCF-D96 ​ 14 September 1869 Hello my name is Robin Long. Birth Name 1762–1850 • L2BS-CD8 ​ Nancy Elizabeth Bean Spouses and Children 1861–Deceased • MBCG-CKF ​ 1791–1841 • LKD7-2YY ​

It was said she was a young child who was either orphaned or separated from family during the trail of tears. 1809–1849 • KLFQ-CLN ​ Other Information I am at a loss at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 1755–1830 • KN8G-6SW ​ As we have inherited mineral rights for their land and it is on Indian land, (per the Federal Land Management Bureau), I do believe the trail is there- I am just struggling to find it. How do you get family information on those listed. Burial Death Her name was Lucianna Glass after she married my great grandfather Edward Glass. Sarah Cox If you have recognition of any other organizations, tribes, government entities, you may send it as supplemental. 1785–Deceased • 9KF6-GDS ​ Burial Kentucky, United States Florence Catherine Syler 1811–Deceased • L4X6-BSM ​ 1800–1865 • LWYX-1B6 Benjamin A Cox Thank you.

Open Details | Add I have several names in my family tree.I am chickasaw and choctaw and I wanted to know if you can help me find out something.My greatgranmother was named Anna Mosely and Anna’s mother was name Sarah Moslely and Sarah’s mother was named was Louisa Hillhouse and Jefferson Hillhouse. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Deceased • LT46-G5T Ezekial Honey King Roebuck 1784–1885 • LRV8-9T4 ​, William Bean Mary Elizabeth Lemons We have been told that Sarah Elizabeth was adopted and took on the name Sanders. Thanks for the info Dennis. 1825 – 1888 • L5DY-9H4 ​ 1767–1826 • LTCD-5X4 ​, Holly Springs, Wake, North Carolina, United States, Benjamin Cox

1799–1895 • LC2D-DTC ​, William Richards View Tree Priscilla Downes I think my family’s tribe are the Shinnecock tribal nation, of Long island., NY.
Brice Cox 1850–Deceased • M84C-PZH ​ Just wanted to reach out! Doing a family genealogy, is how you will find and discover about your native american roots. Both died in OK in 1883. I grew up about Morning Star and David Vance and stories about them. Catharine Yoder My name is LaJeana Ann Flowers married last name Roberts.. 1843–1893 • K6Q7-QZN ​, Parents and Siblings Grandpa said that his mother was born on a reservation in Illinois in vermillion county, He said that he was born in Indianola Ill. Correspondence.

Katie Cox Any info would be greatly appreciated. Christening 1800–1865 • LWYX-1B6 ​, William G. Roebuck

The National Archives in Seattle has two ladies who are the Native American specialists. Any chance she was Choctaw (or any of her lineage further back)? Hi , My name is Susan Young,,,,,, My grandpa is Alfred Andrew Lanham , His mother is Nora Mae (Sylvia) Gorman. I was also told that my grandfather was half Cherokee! Catherine Cox Name Add Ruth Cox Any help would be appreciated. Burial 1830–Deceased • MBRB-N83 ​, Ezekiel Roebuck Spouses and Children 1797–1870 • KGM9-P4T ​

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