A calculated and accepted commitment, but a scary one all the same. In an effort to ensure the correct course of action for Pen, we started seeking out additional opinions. I truly wish there was a happier ending to write, but it seems not everything works that way. But we see your comments and support and want you all to know that we appreciate it so much.”. We started driving to the vet office, but with no more than a mile remaining, they called to tell us Pen’s heart had stopped beating a third time and didn’t come back. Lop-eared rabbit breeds recognized by the ARBA: There has been progress towards healing, but it’s been a slow, slow road. © The Lilac Lop. It seems we had spent so much energy and emotional investment in Pen that there was nothing left to keep us together. A bit of context: during this time, the house was torn apart after a water line broke in the upstairs bathroom on Christmas morning. We would like to thank everyone that has shared in our grief. Both Breanna and I struggled greatly with his loss – especially as neither of us had really considered the possibility we would lose Pen that day. I can only wonder what he would have said to us every time we brought home another pink or purple accessory for him, but perhaps we just weren’t listening well enough.

On 12 April 2018, Pen was finally scheduled for his extractions. In this I have faith, but until then … I guess I just miss my little buddy and pray he knows how hard we tried. Around noon, I received a phone call and answered without so much as a second thought. Breanna and I brought him to the vet, an action which seemed so common as to be routine at this point, said our goodbyes and headed off to work. His persistence as he would so consistently find Bre’s discarded McDonald’s sweet tea cups and pull them from the trash. Eye color other than blue gray or unmatched eyes. And so just like that … over the course of a few weeks … the three most important creatures in my life were gone. General Faults Lilac Polish (not a showable variety at this time) Our primary vet provided two options: bring Pen in every month to have his teeth trimmed under anesthesia (which was strongly recommended against because of the stress it causes) or have the incisors and two molars extracted. ... Rabbit nest boxes (9"w x 16"d x 9"h) - $22 each. If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read Pen’s story.

Although there are 19 different breeds of lop-eared rabbits in the world, only 5 of them are actually recognized by ARBA in the United States and the BRC recognizes 9 different lop-eared breeds. It’s so hard not having him here with us; we loved him so so much. Powered by WordPress and Manifest. We will try to personally thank everyone in the next few days – right now we’re just grieving our baby. It was temporary, of course, as Pen would be a “free-roam” bunny and have the run of the house as he aged, but Bre and I took a bit of pride in what we built for him. Same color over the entire body of the rabbit, including tummy, feet, tail and ears. I have never managed loss well, particularly with pets or people, but this series of financial and emotional events greatly compounded the difficulty of finding my way back to peace. He was given to me to replace my black doe crossbreed rabbit called Gail who was killed by a local cat. This introduced us to an incredible community of people, many with bunnies of their own and some not so lucky, but all very supportive of one another. He was not a friendly bunny to say the least and the experience of having him as a child put me off from having another mini lop ever again!

He didn’t even look towards me as I approached him, but instead spent most of the evening lying in that room. Pointed White Varieties: Pointed Black Pointed Blue Pointed Chocolate Pointed Lilac  ", "We are currently focusing on breeding Blue Eyed White and Seal Point Mini Lops at the moment.

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