It just seems to have a lot more to do, and the multiplayer can be a lot of fun. Now it’s currently my second most played game at 95 hours I find it super relaxing to just sit and build in creative, then when I feel like a challenge go into my survival world. I’ve never played Lego Worlds but reviews are looking very mixed, however I can definitely recommend minecraft it really sucks you in once you have got to grips with it. Plenty of fun missions and places to explore.

Overall, Minecraft may be a better game (I only say this because it still interests me after many years of owning it), but LW is certainly not to be underestimated and it also has promises of expansions and improvements in the future. Minecraft is a more fun multiplayer game, imo. Press J to jump to the feed. The controls are really bad and building anything is a hassle.

Lego Batman 3: Ok the batcave was awesome, so was the Watchtower.

Because it's based on that online medium, the sets are Duplo chunky, but when kids gobble them up because of the Minecraft branding, they sit on a shelf next to Technic, or Creator, and other sets that look way, way better when they're constructed, and it opens doors for more revenue. 10. I really liked my time with it on PC and I'm still looking forward to that survival update, but as far as I know it's very poor on Nintendo Switch (like most other LEGO games on this platform, unfortunately.)

Most important is the piece selection, mostly 2x2's and 2x4's, with the only custom pieces being minifig heads and accessories. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. That's why I believe that the Minecraft sets can be a really good thing for Lego as a whole, provided this trend of slight-yet-noticeable price increases based on brand does not get out of hand.

While i appreciate them, they are just kind of basic to me and i dont see the play value in them. I'm sure Lego worlds is a great game, but there is a reason minecraft came to be massive sensation it is today. Which one would you recommend? This is coming from someone who doesn't like Minecraft.

I think its a safe bet you'll enjoy Minecraft more. Minecraft is better in pretty much every way there is a huge world and final bosses to best and the game offers many different modes and ways to play. This is something that will benefit everyone - AFOLs see a return of set styles they used to love, kids are encouraged to be creative and invent their own scenarios/creations, and we all get to go on loving Lego the way we want to. Have you unlocked build mode where placing objects and building is much easier because you dont have to aim with your create gun? Please check out free mode. Not to mention all the modding and what not that has become easy to apply to Minecraft. Both games have a creative mode where you can immediately play the game with all the "stuff" unlocked to do literally anything you want.

The game offers insane amounts of exploration, with over 90 characters to find and unlock, 950+ objects to discover, and tons of unique brick build, items, and vehicles.

Why Lego Worlds is more than just 'minifig Minecraft' By Emma Boyle 10 March 2017 A whole new building world, we sit down and chat with associate producer Chris Rose

I've dumped hundreds of hours into Minecraft over the years, but Lego Worlds was a recent purchase for me and it's got way more "things to do" than I thought. Lego worlds is pretty much worse in every way except for graphics and the story but only because minecraft does not have a story. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ShouldIbuythisgame community, Continue browsing in r/ShouldIbuythisgame, Have you ever wanted to buy a game on Steam but didn't know if it was good? The controls are really clunky, the mechanics used for building, digging, and "scanning" are unintuitive and slow, the worlds are miniscule, and none of the quests are particularly fun. They fill a much needed role simply because there's more greens and browns to create "nature" themes). Minecraft sets, on the other hand, are specifically designed to be reconstructed, changed, modified, and expanded upon (the protruding bricks from the base of the sets just screams "keep building!"). How does Lego Worlds differentiate itself from Minecraft?

I thought you unlocked larger worlds the more golden bricks you got? Have you played free mode where you have everything unlocked and you can generate larger maps sizes? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the NintendoSwitch community. That pig could get out no problem, the pressure plates should be half slabs. I'd go with Lego Worlds if you don't see yourself building stuff from scratch and having fun with that.

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