FRAC fleet replacement aircrewman PDA principal development activity MCMM memory controller module with memory SIMAS sonar in-situ mode assessment SMR source, maintenance, and recoverability GND ground MDTUM mean down time for unscheduled maintenance NAC naval avionics center (indianapolis) OSI open systems interconnection (iso standard) FASP facility for automated software production ST self test TPS test program set SNAIAS ship's navigation and aircraft inertial alignment system APL allowance parts list NTPC navy training plan conference FBL fly-by-light SSI structural significant item TFR terrain following radar SSU saybolt seconds universal DMI depot maintenance interservice FADIGAL fault diagnostics, channel a, left engine TFU turret flir unit NOTAP navy occupational task analysis program But besides new words and nicknames for gear, there are the acronyms. HRMSS human resources management support system AALCT amphibious assault landing craft

CONOPS concept of operations DD250 material inspection and receiving report FFRDC federally funded research & development center ACADA advanced chemical agent detector and alarm POC: Point of Contact. BCN beacon FPV flight path vector LATAGS laser tactical air gunnery system

PMGW primary mission gross weight RDBMS relational data base management system VADS verdix ada development system NIPA naval intelligence production system RCCB remote controled circuit breaker RTA receiver-transmitter antenna NGCR next generation computer resources (navy program) PRR production revision request ADP automatic data processing AK cargo ship (misc) ECMA european computer manufacturer's associations

CARA combined altitude radar altimeter

MIC microphone MTBUR mean time between unscheduled removal ETA estimated time of arrival WSF weapon system file

RDR radar This is often associated with moving during a permanent change of station. FAT free air temperature CARDS central archive for reusable defense software DHOV depart from hover

OTPS operational test program set OTIXS officer in tactical command ixs SDRL supplier data requirement list ACLS auto carrier landing system (an/spn-xx) SRA shop repairable assembly BW bandwidth COMM commercial NSP navy support plan TSR test strategy reports JSRB joint software review board FAB forward avionics bay CDP compressor discharge pressure SCM simulator operations and maintenance GFAE government furnished aeronautical equipment PFM precision flight mode POIL engine delta oil pressure ITL integrated test lines The department of the U.S. government responsible for military operations. RDT&EN research, development, test and evaluation, navy EMCON emission control CPU central processing unit DMEA damage modes and effects analysis FOHMD fibre-optic helmet-mounted display/device APADE automated purchase and accounting data entry FDR flight data recorder EEE (E3) electromagnetic environment effects CMI computer managed instruction RESOLV resolver CWBS contract work breakdown structure WS weapon system This specialized schooling varies by military branch. TTP trainer test procedures

DRRB data requirements review board GAO government accounting office MARS multiple artillery rocket system MFHBCMA mean flight hours between unscheduled maintenance actions

LSS logistics support system DISP dispenser RDT reliability development test VSC vast system change (tdc 85) NFS network file system OMP organometallic polymer hull coating SPDL standardized page discriptor language NTDS navy technical data system AFB airframe bulletin (tdc 74) OVHD overhead

MTBR mean time between repair VECP value engineering change proposal LPD amphibious transport dock

CMS cockpit management system LWC liquid water content CPTP computer program test procedures (plan) ABECL left engine abec SDL software development library MENS mission element needs statement SML support material list VL vertical landing Abbreviation Term Note A/A Air to air TACAN function : A/C aircraft: A/D aerodrome: A/F autofeather: A/FD Airport/Facility Directory: A/P Autopilot: AAE above aerodrome elevation: In aviation, above aerodrome level (AAL), or above aerodrome elevation (AAE), denotes that an altitude is given above the nearest aerodrome or airport. TEWDS tactical electronic warfare deception system AOILR add oil right engine CALT clearance altitude DPET data processing equip trnr (trident-11b101) AFSC air force speciality code SOW statement of work BCU buffer and conversion unit C&CSTT command and control stn team trnr (trident-21a42) MU memory unit HNDLG handling

GS ground speed TSS training system software YW water barge (self-propelled)(tanker) NAWC naval air warfare center (lakehurst,warminster,pax r) AD destroyer tender (material support)
IMCON information modeling convergence SDBL supportability design baseline PIM point of intended movement PERM permanent BYTE combined bits of digital computer information (8,16,32), C high level programming language CACT command air crew training PNVS pilots night vision system CPD consolidated procurement directive (ntec-3930/27)

GRDS generic radar display system IGNRQ ignition request FCDSSA fleet combat directorate systems support activity MIS management information system TSOT trident sonar operator trainer CRDA cooperative research & development agreement
OBT on board training SP space and power TACCO tactical coordinator BCS boeing computer services

RIC repairable items conference SURTASS surveillance towed array sensor MOS metal oxide semiconductor CTR centered AOR replenishment oiler (underway replenishment) EMC electromagnetic compatibility EA evaluation authority SLIN sub line item number CAB cabin APN1 apn funds budget one, weapon system production dollars COMFITWINGONE commander fighter wing one EAS equivalent airspeed UOC usable on code

EWR electronic warfare range (2d2) GPM general processing module PWR prepositioned war reserves MB marker beacon

TBAT towed buoy antenna trainer (trident-8d35) MCCS mission critical computer system QA quality assurance MPCAG military parts control advisory group YWN water barge (non self-propelled)(lighter). CAM computer aided manufacturing POL petroleum, oil, and lubricant SATCOM satellite communications LCCPT low-cost cockpit procedures trainer (helo trainer) HMS/DS helmet mounted sight/display system CSTOT combat system team operator trainer YP patrol craft (self-propelled)(misc)

YCV aircraft transportation lighter (non selfpropelled) URT universal remote terminal NVMS noise and vibration monitoring system OSR on site representative PME prime mission equipment FCCS forward cabin control station CAPE computer aided project engineering

EXEC executive subsystem UDI unique data item SCRB software change review board DCMC defense contract management command ILSM integrated logistics support manager SCPB f-14 software change proposal board CNO chief of naval operations PDES product data exchange specification TWT traveling wave tube, UART universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter

ACSUBS aircraft subsystems DOGF watchdog timer failure

AIMS altitude identification and measuring system You can also contact us if you have any questions. QSR qualified status report

LAT lateral ACTR actuator YFR refrigerated covered lighter (self-propelled) WFE engine fuel flow

You are about to leave the Military OneSource site. FSM firmware support manual RAASP reusable ada avionics software package MCM memory controller moduletmtmine countermeasures AHD ahead ICC instructor control console TRK track TMTC technical manual technical council ISIP immediate superior in command TEES transportable electronic exploit system STIM stimulation TARPS tactical airborne reconnaissance program system CCMM course curriculum model manager PMG permanent magnet generator STDY steady SEAS surveillance environ acoustic supp USB upper side band

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