35 miles northwest of Chu Lai. Coordinates: 14°17′17″N 109°03′04″E / 14.288°N 109.051°E / 14.288; 109.051. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We both realized that our engine was losing a lot of oil and could instantaneously seize.

Allons BT182146 ??BT188168?? Horton.). As we fell out of the sky, John reminded me to stay close to the controls, something he’d never mentioned before. Creighton W. Abrams, Jr., Army Chief of Staff. “My God, we’re going to crash!” John suddenly blurted into his mike.
You could move the cyclic against this force but, if you released pressure, it would return to its last trimmed position. Almost completely surrounded by water.

Realizing that they were surrounded, the commander Lieutenant Dennis E. Hinton radioed for support.

After a moment of silence, he said, “Okay, we’ll drop our own smoke.”. Then John and I did a post-flight inspection. But ours had suddenly bled off to 5,800 rpm. The assault was beaten back and the PAVN withdrew at 05:00, dragging away their dead and wounded.

Special Forces Camps : 7. Landing Zone Lowboy Tam Quan Quang Ngai. The 1st Cav troopers suffered 9 dead and 160 wounded. It was a brief mental quietude in the midst of chaos. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. My Lai also known as Pinkville massacre, or Song My massacre. From "Operational Report- Lessons Learned, Headquarters, 3rd Brigade 4th Infantry Division, Period Ending 30 April 1968.

Attention 15th Field Artillery veterans! Learned (ORLLs), After Action Reports, Annual Historical Supplements, unit - Let's Go! I soon discovered that this old soldier, of many military campaigns around the world, had a heart of marshmallow which he continually hid behind a tough-appearing exterior. “We lost your smoke because of the Willie Pete. For some unexplainable reason, I intuitively sensed that I was about to be tested like I’d never been tested before. Great article as it had my attention and would they survive? Dr Robert M. Blackburn, Vietnam Veterans Home Page Platoon Historian, Back to Vietnam Veterans Home Page Map Room, Last Updated on February 11, 1998 2001 revised list of coordinates for Landing Zone (LZs), Fire Bases (FBs),

On Sun, Oct 25, 2020, 3:18 PM CherriesWriter – Vietnam War website wrote: > pdoggbiker posted: ” This Dust-Off crew worked throughout the night > evacuating wounded from different battles within their AO. We’d obviously been hit in the engine and oil lines, among other places.

In commonwealth militaries, a landing zone is the cartographic (numeric) zone in which the landing is going to take place (e.g., a valley). site]  [terms of use] Vietnam War 1945-75 see: WHERE Then on the night of May 6, 1969, an entire NVA regiment (95C) attacked the LZ, which was defended by 300 US Army troops. Fire Support Base (FSBs), and Camps was compiled from a variety of ( Log Out /  That also includes those grunts on the ground, who had the toughest job of all, in seeking and confronting an elusive enemy while fighting for freedom for so many Vietnamese citizens who ended up with none of their own. As we topped the trees, at about 75 feet, AK-47s—Soviet assault rifles used by the North Vietnamese Army—and other automatic weapons “hosed us down” from just beneath and to both sides of the aircraft. The 2001 version of Vietnam LZs, FBs, FSBs and Camps By: Dan Gillotti ©2001-2003. (AT014863 by Frederick Hill COAR), Between LZ West and LZ Siberia (Hiep Duc area) AT955238 (38 mi NW of Tam Ky) (AT924236 Oper Fred. Heading into a slow, shallow, and straight-in, long final approach for a large open dirt area at Ross, I could see our American flag on a tall flagpole to the north. The memory, alone, of the danger and drama surrounding that mission was enough to make me sweat even more than I already was. Combined Holding and Interrogation Center. Realizing the immediate danger to the remainder of the convoy if he abandoned At 6am on 6 June a PAVN Battalion attacked Landing Zone Loon, after a 2-hour battle that resulted in 154 PAVN dead, the PAVN withdrew under cover of mortar and artillery fire.

Last modified They have my respect!!

    We confirmed that all of the engine oil was gone. Both of the 105mm howitzer ammunition points were detonated by enemy fire at around 0330, and shrapnel from more than 600 disintegrating rounds in the 2 dumps sprayed the entire LZ for more than four hours.

THIS IS A FULL Collection of 4 pages of FIRE BASES, AIR FORCE BASES, Naval and Medical, BROWN WATER Naval, and any and all bases DOD during the Vietnam War 1963 to 1975 eleven miles west of Tam Ky. BT132203 (DivArty ORLL BT13102025) (BT131203 Fred Hill COARS).? “Okay,” John said, “I’ll call Da Nang and get another bird flown out there to pick us up.”, “Sir,” Specialist Five Bill Bergman—our crew chief—broke in on the intercom, “we got our guns at four o’clock high. Scout Platoon have two Armored Personnel Carriers report to LANDING ZONE MARYLOU to pick up trucks. I bounced our skids a couple of times on the uneven ground in a short running landing, but I didn’t hear anyone count or complain. [1]:552, The battle was claimed as a U.S. victory with MACV claiming 117 PAVN were killed with 70 weapons recovered, with 18 Americans killed.[1]:552. They would often literally be tossed or dumped—in the heat of battle—twisted and bleeding into the cargo compartment of our unarmed, Bell UH-1H Iroquois, better known as the “Huey,” helicopter. [Complete please send an Email to me, Dan Gillotti, at ([email protected]). On their last > flight, the tight LZ forced them to fly over the embedded enemy positions.

But our bird was unaffected. He reached up, took my hand between both of his and squeezed hard twice. Over 11,000 kept their from clearing operation on Batangan peninsula. When telephone lines from the mortar tubes to their FDC were severed, the direction personnel switched to a bullhorn to relay fire commands across the deafening noise of the battlefield. (abandoned village used for training 11th LIB in 1967 after they first arrived in-country), East of Hiep Duc. It’s interesting that you used a picture of Ancient Serpent 6. As we stood next to the tail boom, in the shadow of our wounded and downed bird, a moment of silence prevailed. I’d been sweating like a marathoner in the heat and stress of this life-and-death emergency.

[announcements]  [15th In Que Son Valley. One man was killed on one of those hills around Khe Sanh during the 77-day battle. Companies from the 1st Battalion 4th Marines replaced the 2/4 Marines on Loon on 4/5 June. BS757432 BS743435? I flew from Lincoln, NE, to his home in Portland, OR, for the funeral on 25 Apr 79. My home town Harvey Illinois lost 16 men in that war. The landing point is the actual point on which aircraft are going to land (e.g., a point of the field).

We’re all out down here.”, “This is not good,” John muttered over the intercom. If the terrain would allow, vegetation outside the perimeter would be pushed back as much as 200 meters — for obvious reason. The previously dry paddyfields were now filling up with water from a dike that had been deliberately opened or destroyed in the bombing and the ground was now too muddy to be crossed. Calendar | Photo Gallery | A direct hit by an enemy rocket propelled grenade to PFC Larry Baxter’s 5,000-gallon fuel tanker set it ablaze. From that split second of time, for the next minute or so, everything seemed to occur in super-slow motion. BS6792? LZs operated by the First Cavalry Division, especially in War Zone C in 1968 and 1969, were often established for specific operations or to draw out the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) units thought to be operating in that area. Landing Zone Loon was a U.S. Marine Corps base located southeast of Khe Sanh, Quảng Trị Province in central Vietnam. BS928220 BS9352244 by latest map. The recollection of that unbelievable medical evacuation mission on Saturday, 13 Sep 69—two days before my 27th birthday—flashed through my mind. > The Huey is shredded and severely damaged with 8 souls on ” >. Unable to distinguish between friend and foe, gun crews from Landing Zone Columbus and airmen waited patiently fir hours before they could respond.

This was an on/off switch located between us at the top of the pedestal beneath the instrument panel.

It was because the landing zone was so tight—we couldn’t turn around to go out the way we’d come in for fear of hitting someone or something with our tail rotor—that John made the decision he did. Please include your name and address so we can contact you if there (L-R) SP5 Bill Bergman, crew chief, who was recently recuperated from being wounded in the leg) and SP5 Tom Franks, medic, both crewmembers on the 13 Sep 69 mission, carry a rescue hoist to the helicopter on 7 Mar 70. As soon as I grasped my cyclic, it was immediately evident that the force trim pressure no longer existed. BS448612? At 08:00 the force of 9 M113s left LZ Uplift and headed north on Highway 1. To this day, I firmly believe that God, or one of His guardian angels, warned me not to move my cyclic anymore than necessary and kept our shot up bird flying for over five minutes with little or no oil in the engine.

I’d been in-country barely two months, at that time, but had already seen more of war at 26 years of age than I cared to imagine. Due to the steady pressure on Loon it was decided to evacuate the landing zone and during the afternoon the 1/4 Marines were extracted by helicopter. It was a miracle.

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