When switching to Layer View, it may take a short time before the layers are calculated and displayed (depending on the model and on your computer hardware). Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more, Advanced Extruder Technology: Upgraded extruder greatly reduces plugging risk and bad extrusion; With a build volume of 100 x 100 x 100 mm and a flexible build plate, the X1 offers a lot of flexibility in what you print. Once finished, the g-code can be sent to the printer for the manufacture of the physical object.The open source software, compatible with most desktop 3D printers, can work with files in the most common 3D formats such as STL, OBJ, X3D, 3MF as well as image file formats such as BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG. How to build a streaming media or home theater system with Raspberry Pi, Everything you need to know about 3D printing. The below is the recommended X1 3D printer setting. The only non-trivial part of the installation is the following screen, which gives you the option to install additional components. It will decrease the whole project to 50%. https://drive.google.com/open?id=16kgDBAJKtRGOcU8rKfLJTXp9PoBZuXxt. Let's change the size and make it printable.
Remember to keep the "Uniform Scaling" always locked, otherwise the printed model will be distorted. You can scale the model to the appropriate dimension quickly by click the To max button . Everywhere creates support even on top of parts of the model.

History of the Raspberry Pi: How the Raspberry Pi was created? Lets' set the printing settings before slicing. Get 10% off first order with code: Labists10 + Free Shipping. 4.Save to Disk: When you are finished, save the G-code to your hard disk or SD card for the printer. When you click the model, it will pop Rotate, Scale, Mirror icon. Cura slices 3D models. 3.Add the setting for X1 printer. Open file: Use to open your STL or OBJ file, you can drag and drop the files here too.2. A: The estimated time is calculated at a regular speed. The minimum system requirements for Cura are: To install Cura, first download it for your OS from this page. Just play with these functions, you can undo the changes by clicking Reset button or clicking the icon again in Mirror option. You only need to increase this setting if you use very soft materials. 1.Select your language, then click "Next" . Cura settings I use to print with hope this help with getting your easythreed x1 up and printing Silent working mode under 60db under 60db, do not worry to be disturbed while you are sleeping or working. As of the writing of this article, Cura is in version 4.5. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more, Linux Ubuntu 15.04, Fedora 23, OpenSuse 13.2, ArchLinux or newer. Get 10% off first order with code: Labists10 + Free Shipping, $129.99 $159.99

Cura Download and Installation. View Mode: Let you switch between Layers and Normal view.3. DO NOT UPDATE the software for any reason, Upon install or startup of the Cura software, you will see the window pictured below, which prompts you to update your Cura software – always click “No.”, Cura Tutorial - Step2: Configuration Wizard. The only non-trivial part of the installation is the following screen, which gives you the option to install additional components. Safe Use: Maximum Power Consumption 30 Watts. Flow (%) of filament is the entire amount of the material that needs to be extruded for your model.The Flow value is usually set to 100%, so the extruded amount equals the amount of material required.

Explore different view mode. It works on all common OS platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux. 3.Reminder: Select Gcode File (*.gcode) and click Save. Touching buildplate only creates support where the support structure will touch the build platform. You can download 3D model in the STL file format from online platform such ashttps://www.thingiverse.com/ or you designed with CAD software. So, it is better toselect “Touching buildplate” or “Everywhere”. A thickness setting of 0.8mm means that the walls will be 2 lines wide (as the nozzle of X1 printer has a diameter of 0.4mm). Add a printer - Custom - Custom FFF printer - Printer Named "X1". You can scale, rotate or mirror it on the build platform.

Let's set it to 50%, and please select the "Uniform Scaling".

In Layer View, you can go through layer by layer with the scrollbar at the bottom right. Printing Temperature (recommended 180 - 230°C). 5. It’s no doubt that proper 3D slicer settings dramatically affect your LABISTS X1 3D printer’s performance, and the quality of the 3D models it prints. I recommend using the attached stl file to level the bed. It has to be an integer multiple (1x, 2x, 3x, etc) of the nozzle diameter. 5. Follow the instructions and set it up. In Normal View, you see the entire object (the way it will look when printed). 3. If you have any questions about the usage of slicer software, please feel free to contact us via email [email protected] Cura Tutorial - Step 4: Handling 3D Model in Cura. LABISTS 3D Printer Trouble Shooting- X1. Machine Setting. Strict Test & 100% Satisfied Warranty: Strict testing for key components before delivery, LABISTS Worry-free 2 Year Warranty, lifetime efficient friendly customer service support; Note: Check User Manual before use. The Bottom/Top Thickness (recommended 0.8mm). The Shell Thickness setting (recommended 0.8mm) of Cura determines the thickness of the object's wall. 4. Once the printing is done, take the plate off, just bend the plate and then your prints will pop off. Manage Printers - You can change the printer settings here. 2. Some parts of it are outside of the printing square.

Easy & Quick Assembly: Comes with several assembled parts, you only need about 30 minutes to assemble well. by LABISTS Official; March 31, 2020; 6 min read; You’re here because you’ve either just had a complete 3D print failure, or your prints aren’t quite perfect. Here is some advice for the settings if you are new to this. After all things done, you can start to slice it.

Windows & Mac compatible, Compatible with Cura, Repetier, and other software. It will show the estimated time for printing. Compact and portable mini 3D printer DIY kit with 100 x 100 x 100mm printing size, easy to carry wherever you go. One of the main advantages of the LABISTS X1 Mini printer is its easiness to set it up. This version works best with the X1 printer and newer versions will not work as smoothly. The printer comes out of the package in 3 major parts, the build platform, XY axis and the control box. LABISTS mini desktop 3D printer features a professional aluminum nozzle and an improved extruder with high accuracy, not easy to get blocked. You need to click Scale buttonto change the scale. 1. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more. Go to the " Custom" and you can custom it as you like. Note that if the nozzle is too close to the magnetic plate, the plate will melt slightly. Run the Cura installer and go through the usual steps. The power of LABISTS desktop mini 3D printer is lower than the standard 30W, more energy-saving to prevent global warming. Note:DO NOT update the software after it is downloaded. 3. Supports are needed when your model has overhanging parts or parts floating in the air, if you select “None”, overhanging part may collapse, and even failed to print. This tutorial will explain how to get the Cura slicer setting right and how to create a G-code file for your printer. Mini 3D Printer, LABISTS X1 Entry-Level 3D Printer DIY Kit High Precision for Child Education Personal DIY Print Quietly, MicroSD Card Preloaded with Printable 3D Models, with 10M PLA Filament Go to File >Machine settings, change the port connection Baudrate to 115200, then click”OK”. (*Printer settings vary in shape, orientation and complexity of the 3D model.). This is my current Cura profile for the Labists X1 / Easythreed X1, I found the Start-End Gcode on the internet, so they are not my work.

Print Setup: Printer-specific settings which user can access to all the settings (Basic Mode and Advanced Mode) and can be changed. Add a printer - Custom - Custom FFF printer - Printer Named "X1" As the bed is not heated (and there's a little of backslash in the z axis) I usually use the raft You save: 18% ($30.00). For now, we work in Basic Mode. All you need to do is to check whether the printing bed is leveled. The larger the printing temperature value, the higher the nozzle temperature. The values you can manipulate it to obtain the best printing quality: Print Speed (recommended 10- 40mm/s). 2. 1. The larger the print speed value, the faster print speeds. 1.In order to use the Cura Software on your computer and get it to work with the LABISTS X1 Printer, You can simply click following link and download version 15.04.6 of Cura software or copy the Cura program from the SD card. Get 10% off first order with code: Labists10 + Free Shipping. FAQ: Why my prints goes longer than the estimated time? You may store the file on the SD card you use to transfer the file to your 3D printer. But actually it will slow down the speed while goes with the turning and sharp angles. Cura will calculates layer height, print duration and other settings according to the quality you selected.

Cura is an open source 3D printer slicing application.
The setup wizard will pop up, click "Next" to begin the installation . LABISTS desktop mini 3D printer DIY kit, a perfect gift for kids, beginners, teens to develop their imagination and innovation, discovering the wonders of the 3D printing world. Cura Tutorial - Step 6: Generate a G-code file.

2.Launch the installer. It works by slicing the user’s model file into layers and generating a printer-specific g-code. When the Cura download is complete, here’s what you need to do on each platform. The printer comes out of the package in 3 major parts, the build platform, XY axis and the control box.

Ops, looks like the object is too big for the printer. Lightweight & Compact Design: Made of high-quality ABS materials, this 3D printer is portable enough to carry and move, compact enough for any desk, Quiet Motor & Quiet Printing: It also prints quietly, Thanks to 3 silent motors that control XYZ axis movement, the printing process is quiet and smooth, it is ideal for home and student use, Safety Protected Power supply, Only need 3 minutes for heating to reach 180℃. Easy to set up and disassemble with a detachable magnetic platform, perfect for kids, beginners, teens and professional persons.

Notify me when this product is available: LABISTS Mini 3D Printer DIY kit for Beginners Kids Teens with 10M 1.75mm PLA Filament, Magnetic Removable Plate. To close the Scale box, click the Scale button a second time. 2.Enter a file name and the folder where the file is stored. Loading the filament and inserting a micro SD card with preinstalled models to start your 3D printing journey. Self-developed slicing software, simple to slice. The mini 3D printer nozzle reaches its operating temperature (180℃) in just 3 minutes. We've created tutorials for LABSLICER and Cura on LABISTS official website. Select the "Support Type" option. Comes with two slicing software (LABSLICER and Cura) on the sd card, one-second switch from STL to G-code. Run the Cura installer and go through the usual steps. If one of dimension is larger than the printing size of the printer (X,Y,Z=100mm), you can’t transfer the STL file into G-code file .

1.Load a 3D model into Cura using the "Load" button or clicking the File > Load model file.

It translates the 3D STL, OBJ or 3MF file into G-code file that the printer can understand. Enter and select the following values as the below picture showed, then click “Finish” .

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