A large number of cobras are found in India, Africa, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. The mongoose gets distracted by a bird call, which gave the king cobra his chance. Domesticating them at a more advanced age makes it difficult for them to adjust to the new surroundings. Each of these species looks different; however, all of them feature a long body, a bushy tail, and short ears.

The body of the mongoose is capable of generating a glycoprotein that attaches itself to this active toxin.

We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. The Indian Grey Mongoose, specifically, is highly immune to cobra bites. Cobra venom contains an active ingredient known as alpha-neurotoxin, which binds itself to acetylcholine receptors of its prey and hindering the coordination of muscles and nerves. The mongoose notices the king cobra and goes to investigate. However, as tiny as the mongoose is, it is still capable of rendering the cobra powerless through biting its head and neck. The, Many animals, including humans, fear the cobra for its venomous bite. When it holds the cobra correctly, it can bite deep into the skull. The king cobra attemps to escape, but the mongooose catches him by the tail. The mongoose is so swift in its attacks. There are 29 species of mongoose and most of which are found in Africa. This venom results in paralysis and respiratory failure. But then chemistry gets involved. Depending on the location, a license may be required to keep the mongoose at home. However, some mongoose species like the ones living in the wild may avoid the cobra since they feed on several other animals and are not used to fighting for their meals. The cobra is one of the most venomous snakes in the world. They can do this in defense, or as a way of keeping predators out of their feeding zone. The king cobra strikes, but the mongoose is immune to his venom. However, the mongoose will always overpower it in a matter of minutes. In the 1930s, a family on the Isle of Man claimed a talking mongoose named Gef lived in their walls, by turns threatening them, protecting them, killing rabbits for their dinner and telling them jokes. The cobra eats many other animals that are larger than the mongoose, but it can never dare prey on the mongoose. Combative humans and mongooses are at the very top of a king cobra's "Avoid" list. However, as tiny as the mongoose is, it is still capable of rendering the cobra powerless through biting its head and neck. Out of all the fights between cobras and mongooses, the mongoose wins between 75% to 80% of the battles. Who Was The First American To Win The Nobel Peace Prize?

The name cobra is derived from “cobra de capello,” a Portuguese word that means “hooded snake.” The number of cobra species in the world range between 28 and 270 based on the way the cobra is defined. The mongoose then drags the king cobra away. Why do wildebeests spend their whole lives migrating in a circle?

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