Ketu dasa of seven years will give success in property related matters. Ardra Naakshatra male are of regular stature, but have unique traits in their appearance which distinguishes them from the rest of the crowd. Sign lord wise, Mercury is lord of Gemini. When we look forward to know our future, generally, we tell the Astrologer about our problems and ask for help and future predictions. Thanks. Ketu  is fully in Mula now in the constellation of Mula  in the mean node system (Sagittarius 0-13.20/ . If Ketu is in Ardra Nakshatra, then it is impacted by Rahu as Rahu is Ardra's lord. You will get your detailed report and answers to your questions by e mail. Do not blindly trust any Astrologer. In reality, Vedic astrology is very much like  reading very specific strands of DNA. Ardra nakshatra pada 3- Ardra rahu in charan 3 falls in Aquarius navamasa, ruled by Saturn, A rdra nakshatra career relate to electrical, coal, leather, real estate, property, scientific, and research oriented side of nakshatra.These peoples are more inclined towards academic learning, reading, and educating themselves. Ironically, Nritti is connected to the peak of material achievement and yet the nature of this nakshatra is very spiritual in her quest to go beyond the domain of ego and self-centeredness. In Vedic astrology, the nodes, Rahu and Ketu, are called “chaya grahas” or shadow planets. Ardra Nakshatra 3rd Pada: The third pada of the Ardra Nakshatra falls in the Aquarius Navamsa, ruled by Saturn.

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But, it makes the native very practical and materialistic. But material prosperity is possible only when Saturn and Mercury are well placed; but that too after struggle and after the age of 32 years. People born in ardra nakshatra are very intelligent and shows great ambition in life . If possible kindly send mobile no. Transits are 20% of prediction and dependent on dashas so those in Jupiter/Ketu or Ketu/Jupiter or Ketu/Rahu or Rahu/Ketu periods will be most impacted by this transit. This can create a disconnection or block in the soul’s ability to achieve its purpose and can create inner conflicts than can pull an individual in two directions. Nakshatra Jupiter Guru Sun Surya Moon Chandra Mars Mangal Venus Shukra Mercury Budha Saturn Shani Rahu Ketu Maha Dasa Antar Dasa Bhukti Ashwini Bharani Krittika Rohini Mrigasira Mrigashirsa Ardra Punarvasu Pushya Ashlesha Magha Purva Poorva Phalguni Uttara Phalguni Hasta Chitra Swati Vishakha Anuradha Jyeshta Moola Mula Purva Ashadha Poorvashada Uttarashada Uttara Ashadha Shravana Dhanishta Satabhisha Poorva Purva Bhadrapada Purvabhadra pada Uttra Bhadrapada Uttarabhadra Revati, When you contact your Astrologer for the first time, do you ask him to read your horoscope rather than telling yourself all your problems? Mercury indicates the intellectual and Rahu amplify the intelligence.

Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and Prash Tirvedi for their insights on this constellation. [email protected] Skype I.D. Ardra means ‘’green’’,’’ fresh’’, and ‘’the moist one’’. 7) Family Reading for 3 with Remedies for USD 150 only or Rs 7500 only. » 82 Online Having Ketu in its own nakshatra is not favored as it will hamper psychological barriers to growth and create brain fog and Rahu is still in its own Nakshatra of Ardra until May 20th creating an intense time for those born with Rahu and Ketu in their own nodes or in opposing nodes as deep karmic patterns come up to heal. Description of ketu is Well.I want to talk to u. Get Report by email as well live discussions. Having Ketu in its own nakshatra is not favored as it will hamper psychological barriers to growth and create brain fog and Rahu is still in its own Nakshatra of Ardra until May 20th creating an intense time for those born with Rahu and Ketu in their own nodes or in opposing nodes as deep karmic patterns come up to heal. The 4th pada of Sagittarius (10-13.20) is Ashtamamsha which means it has an 8 relationship between Sagittarius in the D1 and Cancer in the D9 chart. It stays in the difficult 4th Pada until March 18th in the mean node system  so hold on to your horses. Will be interested to see if our politicians change with this transit. With Jupiter’s grace it can confer magical powers to help those in need with Grace. Mula combines the energy of Jupiter and Ketu and hence it initiates spiritual transformations for the better. Ardra nakshatra comes under in the domain of planet Mercury and ruled by Rahu. Ardra Nakshatra male can be assertive if put to work in a group. The negative attributes of the Nakshatra is felt maximum in this pada. The whole panic about the virus and the unraveling of the stock market is most connected to this transit. Ardra Nakshatra 2nd Pada: It indicates excessive malfeasance. With Jupiter the dispositor of Ketu strong in transit until March 29th in Sagittarius, there is great wisdom and Divine guidance to get your through the transformation that is needed at this time. It signifies a scientific nature. » 1927 Today All Rights Reserved. This star can give power and influence and great material accomplishment and can confer magical powers but often it releases its energy in an explosive manner–which is so true of Ketu. But, this time when you contact your astrologer for the first time, ask for past reading of current life along with future to test your astrologer. 5) Ask all questions and all aspects of live with Remedies USD 60 only or Rs 3000. The storm is at its peak and thus provides sudden bursts of inspiration and intense mental activity. That is Ardra nakshatra in Gemini.

Trust Astrology. On Wednesday, September 11th, North Node Rahu made its entry into Ardra. Note: Peoples charts and transits are very individual and we write general articles that maybe useful to all our readers. You may be involved with the person whose indicated by ketu in current life and remain detached even though you are still with them or away from them but care for each other. Ask for human generated predictions. As we wrote earlier in the month, it is not going to go away with warm weather coming in April. Ketu is connected to past lives and Mula nakshatra amplifies the need to reflect on past lives and reflect on their impact on your current existence. Sometimes  materialism and security are destroyed  in order to create moksha and can cut you away from those you love. YouTube Channel -, S - I would be writing about nodes through nakshatras, Please provide some additional information regarding ketu in punarvasu nakshatra. Get Report by email as well live discussions. 4) Health Reading with Remedies USD 45 or Rs 2100 only. @ KJ - My number is on top of site. Personality. The deity of Mula is Nritti, the Goddess of calamity and yet she resides in the lucky sign of Sagittarius which mythical means she may destroy ignorance to reveal deep truths. The panic energy will dissipate after March 18th but only by a little bit and then we have to deal with Jupiter sandhi on the edge of Sagittarius from March 24-April 6th and this will also increase pessimism. Rahu in Adra nakshatra can be a very transformative time, but not without some tears shed. Tomorrow, Ketu in Cancer. Vishal S Saxena, Astrologer. It may create deep regrets for the past that leaves you unfulfilled now. This is ketu in Rahu nakshatra. A visual explorative journey through the Mid-Gemini placement, Ardra nakshatra.

» 724 Yesterday If you have key planets from 10-13.20, this may come up strongly over the coming month  or during the upcoming key transit if it is there in your natal chart and you are running a Ketu or Rahu period. When you contact your Astrologer for the first time, do you ask him to read your horoscope rather than telling yourself all your problems? Get answers by email as well live discussions, WARNING ! If Ketu is in Punarvasu Nakshatra, then we need to check Jupiter's position. Ardra is the name of a nakṣatra in Hindu astrology.The Sanskrit name for this nakshatra translates to “green” or “the most one”. We are seeing this as the stock market unravel now. Get report by email as well live discussions, 8) Family Reading for 4 with Remedies for USD 180 only or Rs 9000 only. The nakshatra is connected with fierce activity, enthusiasm, and an urge for expansion. » 4623379 Total, © Vishal Saxena Astrologer 2017. Mobile App -  . Ketu is connected to past lives and Mula wants to tie up all the talents from one’s past lives and bring them together. He is a strong individual, both mentally and physically. Saturn conjunct Pluto is not helping either and is part of this signature as we saw Saturn/Pluto in 1981-82-83 with the AIDS panic. Do not take Computer generated predictions and remedies. Design By,,,, Planetary War Series - Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction, Planetary War Series - Mars-Saturn Conjunction, Planetary War Series - Mars-Mercury Conjunction, Planetary War Series - Moon-Ketu Conjunction, Planetary War Series - Moon-Rahu Conjunction, Planetary War Series - Moon-Saturn Conjunction, Horoscope of Jim Carrey – The Monk in Hollywood. Ardra reflects to “the moist one” and is seen as a teardrop. 3) Marital and Love Reading with Remedies USD 45 or Rs 2100 only. With an 8th house transposition , there is an inner tension created and a lack of cohesion between the natal chart and navamsha chart. Not even us. RAHU AND KETU: UNDERSTANDING AND HEALING THE KARMIC AXIS, Personal Finance and Your Life: Understanding Money Karma and Its Remedies, PERSONAL FINANCE AND YOUR LIFE PART 2: INCOME EXPANSION, INVESTMENT ASTROLOGY AND MORE, SECRETS OF CAREER AND THE D-10 DASHAMSHA COURSE, ONLINE RELATIONSHIP COMPATIBILITY ANALYSIS, SECRET OF THE NAVAMSHA CHART--FROM RELATIONSHIP TO DEEP SOUL ANALYSIS, New Dimensions in Traditional Vedic Remedies, Secrets of The Nakshatras: Profound Psychological and Predictive Magic, Secrets of Predicting Using Dashas: Part 1 and 2, VEDIC ASTROLOGY TRANSIT GUIDE FOR 2019 – 2020. Ardra Nakshatra Male. EYE ON THE SKY:  KETU IN SAGITTARIUS/MULA NAKSHATRA UNTIL SEPT 2020. Get report by email as well live discussions, 9) Lal Kitab Astro – Vastu Report with Remedies USD 90 only or Rs 4500 only.

Ketu in Bharani Nakshatra IV pada (23 degrees 20 minutes to 26 degrees 40 minutes) Ketu will be placed in Mesha Rashi and Vrischika Navmansha in this segment. After you get the report, you can discuss your horoscope live online or tele call. Get answers by email as well live discussions 4) Property and Wealth Reading with Remedies USD 45 or Rs 2100 only. In today’s era, we can connect its skills to being good proofreaders, programmers, etc., thus making Ardra’s nature more prominent. Facebook Page - . Let him analyze your horoscope and let him give you past as well as future predictions. Choose your desired paid service 1) Ask three questions from any one aspect of life with Remedies USD 21 or Rs 1100 2) Career Reading with Remedies USD 45 or Rs 2100 only. 6) Test your Astrologer. » 24854 Week The Ardra Nakshatra ‘s bird symbol is the ‘Andril’ , which is known for its excellent hunting skills. So, to really assess results of Ketu in Gemini, we need to see how Mercury is placed. Get answers by email as well live discussions.

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