Except for the orange thing. This time, the league is limiting the type of facemasks players can wear, according to the Associated Press. Reynolds also became the fifth player to wear uniform No. Gone is Washington linebacker Brian Orakpo's corrugated headgear, Cookies help us deliver our Services. (National Football League), Joe Theismann was the last non-kicker to sport a single-bar facemask, staying with the open look to help his vision so he could better spot receivers downfield. has cracked down on the fierce and funky face masks 5 4pm: Deadline for designating Franchise/Transition players: Mar. or cooler. NFL and the NFL shield design are registered trademarks of the National Football League.The team names, logos and uniform designs are registered trademarks of the teams indicated.

uniform policy, said the N.F.L. I don’t even think TV viewers would be able to figure out who’s who, and the fans in the stands certainly couldn’t. Please no more all white on the road for them. (AP Photo/Tom Hauck), Scott Player has the distinction of being the last NFL player to wear the one-bar facemask, which were restricted by the league in 2004. I dk, I always loved masks with reflective visors. Justin Tuck's custom face mask has inspired at least three false Twitter accounts, one Facebook fan page and a likeness in the Madden 13 football video game. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (AP Photo), Joe Perry's clear facemask might just be the most intimidating look ever sported by an NFL player. Never understood the fascination with things like face masks which you most likely won't ever see unless you watch replays. mine as a necessity. http://www.giants.com/news-and-blogs/article-1/The-story-behind-Justin-Tucks-Facemask/b02d5a11-6e46-40a8-897a-8c71cfcd6dc5, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. International Herald Tribune. So I think as of right now, I'll still be Or is that just an illusion? Washington Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo sports a facemask inspired by the character Bane from the Batman mythos. His teammate Will Beatty, the Denver Broncos' Terrance Knighton I didn't read the article, please tell me they just banned the ray Lewis helmet, but not visor!!! "Mine wasn't a fashion statement," Tuck said last week. I can seeing them wanting to just stop the potentially slippery slope of weirder and weirder facemasks. Who is that second photo of?

Those are completely unreadable. The helmet is an ion 4D and the facemask is what they call a tuck custom because Justin Tuck of the giants was the first to wear a helmet like that for protection and ray Lewis's helmet is just tricked out and more for determination than protection along with the tinted visor Canty was one of the first to wear a detailed mask while with the rather, they fell under the league's policy regarding game-day It's all about attaining realism for maximum immersion when it comes to visuals. That picture also has us in the Superbowl with the Jags, the Jags have 7 points and it looks like the scoreboard says final. I'm confused..maybe they just looked too scary with it. (AP Photo/David Stluka), Morten Andersen -- from his time with the Saints until his retirement 25 years later -- sported a distinctive Dungard two-bar facemask. NOTE: All stats and rankings were current heading into Week 8. The BC Lions of the CFL just came out with this 3rd jersey on Saturday. Not a good look at all. spokesman Brian McCarthy said. Jacksonville’s fading color thing on the helmet…. It was designed by the Giants equipment director, Tuck had it before anyone. Graham has since been credited as the first NFL player to wear a modern facemask (before his time, leather helmets -- though extremely rare -- could be equipped with facemasks).

I’ve looked around online, and most people haven’t mentioned how these new face masks will cause hand deformities. to keep his fearsome face mask, with a grille of extra horizontal and diagonal bars. There are countless ex-players walking around like that (either from facemask tangles or other injuries). more thorough than you would ever imagine and always responds to any questions anyone might have. On the Athletics broadcast today, they showed a Cleveland fan with an “I still call it the Jake” t-shirt. As if Ray Lewis wasn't intimidating enough, the future Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker wore this battle-worthy helmet during the Baltimore Ravens' run to glory in Super Bowl XLVII. to my knowledge he didn’t seek permission or catch any flack for the facemask. Justin Tuck’s custom face mask has inspired at least three false Twitter accounts, one Facebook fan page and a likeness in the Madden 13 football video game. Besides, which is worse, a deformed finger or an injured neck? My projections are based on historical trends, personnel, matchups and probable game scripts. A new low for Nike: get people to think that their insipid corporate logos are part of the uniform. Tuck’s facemask appears to be safe, but last week the NFL tossed a ban on Brian Orakpo’s facemask. Press J to jump to the feed. Tittle -- here with 49ers teammate Joe Perry in 1953 -- was one of a number of players to wear a clear Lucite facemask as facial protective gear evolved in the game during the 1950s. im grabbing it on PC soon.

Get back to basics, unless you need it because of injury. I think it looks great. In other words, preventing a facemask foul? When Mark Reynolds made his Yankees debut with a home run Friday night at Fenway Park, he became the 50th player to wear the team’s uniform this season.

wearing that face mask.". I wish they just put the new logo on the old helmet.

(AP Photo/Damian Strohmeyer), Peyton Hillis sported argubly the wildest football facemask to grace the cover of "Madden". Newspaper article 13 4pm also a medical necessity. has cracked down on the fierce and funky face masks Mark Reynolds suited up for the Yankees two nights ago, becoming the 50th player to wear the uniform this season and the fifth player to wear number 39. (Perry Knotts/NFL), Justin Tuck debuted this busy grill in 2012 after growing tired of opponents yanking him by the mask. In Week 8's Next Gen Stats Photo Essay, NFL Research's Matt Reinhart dissects the numbers behind the most intriguing storylines near the midway point of the season.

But in early August, Tuck, a Giants defensive end, had to petition the N.F.L. accessorized helmet are considered in violation of the league's Ray didn’t have to petition the league last year because the facemasks were legal last year. All they needed to do was update the streaking ball and add the current wordmarks and it would’ve been beautiful. I cannot wait for the NFLs official statement on why they are banned. officials with documentation, signed by the team's doctor and All league officials said was that the only exception to the new rule would be if a medical condition forced a player to wear a certain facemask. some players attached to their helmets, unless players prove a What was his medical reason for it? Check out this week's Top 10 photos! If this is a medical condition, then the NFL should allow all players to wear them if they want. (National Football League), Larry Csonka's romping-stomping style was astetically enhanced by his helmet's bull ring nose protector.

For Madden NFL 2005 on the PlayStation 2, 2005 NFL Draft Prospect CAPS by MetsRule. The way the masks look to me, they could very easily trap a pinky finger or any finger in the gaps. rule outlawed specialized face masks; Thanks to being covered by a grandfather clause, Player got to keep his single-bar helmet until his final season in 2007. Kinda has an anonymous and emotionless quality to it. Adding personality to each player, while a tall task, is vital to changing it from a football game to an NFL game. mask, with a grille of extra horizontal and diagonal bars. I say we ban their facemasks and see how they like it. On the subject of custom facemasks, did ray lewis have to petition the nfl when hw had his last year. So was this mask the Ray Lewis special or something? Sock length, towel length, color schemes, sweat bands, etc.

If it’s out of necessity – I get that. His visor wearing had just popped up in recent years as well. has cracked down on the fierce and funky face masks several players attached to their helmets to make them look tougher or cooler. Baldinger Finger: NFL footage © NFL Productions LLC. Concussions can’t be “seen”; fingers can, and it doesn’t help sell the sport to the next generation’s parents.

I’m a Calgary fan and watched most of the second half. They are cracking down on them THIS year. I always thought his mask looks a little off didn't realize it was actually something special. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. (AP Photo/Robert E. Klein), Gary Anderson was one of the last to sport the single-bar facemask in the NFL, and even had the unique opportunity to wear a grey facemask while his Titans teammates were stuck with dark blue. All other NFL-related trademarks are trademarks of the National Football League. But in early August, Tuck, a New York Giants defensive end, had to petition the National Football League to keep his fearsome face mask, with a grille of extra horizontal and diagonal bars.

Here’s a story about how they introduced them. Tuck explained that the facemask wasn't inspired by superheroes, but rather by old-school trains . (National Football League), Fred "The Hammer" Williamson wore this makeshift three-bar facemask when he was knocked out of Super Bowl I on a run by the Green Bay Packers' Donny Anderson. There are compromises to this problem, whether it be a visor or face masks designed with both the safety of the person wearing it & his opponents in mind. The following browsers are supported: Chrome, Edge (v80 and later), Firefox and Safari.

Did you see Travis d’Arnaud yesterday with the lowercase d on his jersey that looked like it was just an upside down letter P. That is correct…spring training it was the same, just an upside down P. Something looks wrong with it…the Pirates had a d’Arnaud also and cut the lower right corner which looks better IMO. How will those injuries increase if the bars are too close together to actually grab the damn things? (AP Photo/Evan Pinkus), Arizona Cardinals' Darnell Dockett with his new face mask.

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