Word of his death came when a message popped up on her Apple watch as she was working on a client's hair at the salon in Montana.

Displayed on the grass were some of van Spronsen's belongings: a John Brown T-shirt, military-green tactical gear, anti-cop buttons. Ariel van Spronsen "People taking militant action, whatever that militant part means, is what keeps fascism at bay," Aaron said. Many antifa groups focus primarily on "doxxing," identifying and exposing far-right extremists in the police, military and other positions of power. Meanwhile, van Spronsen was memorialized, virtually canonized, in some leftist quarters. All this is occurring against the backdrop of violent riots in which it is increasingly common for agitators to call for killing the police and burning down the system. In a Facebook post, the Seattle Antifascist Action group eulogized van Spronsen as a "good friend and comrade," adding, "May his death serve as a call to protest and direct action.". In a letter this month, two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee asked the CIA and FBI to look into false information campaigns intended to whip up fears about antifa groups. Ariel is a 46-year-old hairstylist in Montana, but she was back in Washington state to mark the anniversary of her father's death. Yes, she said, her father's actions fit the technical definition of domestic terrorism. Aaron was speaking in a joint interview along with three club members: McMinimee, a white attorney; Nick Vasiliy, a white Web designer who wears one of van Spronsen's Kalashnikov rounds around his neck; and a Mexican American who works in education and who for safety reasons asked to be identified only by his club nickname, Xicano. Bray said antifa groups generally turn to the use of force only after they've exhausted less risky avenues of attack. "He would say things like, 'The revolution is coming and I plan to protect my family,'" Ariel recalled. We need armed community defense programs in every community. Ground Truth - Host Sam Faddis interviews Andrew Whitney on a possible new treatment for COVID-19. We need to be ready to rapidly respond to the armed right wing threat that menaces our communities. "This is one of the few cases where it appears," Jones said, "that someone was being proactive and potentially plotting an attack.".

"He knew what the outcome was going to be.". Donate to the John Brown Solidarity Fund, to support anti-fascist community defense groups nationwide. To us, redneck is a term that signifies a pride in our class as well as a pride in resistance to bosses, politicians, and all those that protect domination and tyranny. "It's just that those methods are more spectacular, public and newsworthy and generate a lot of the buzz around what antifa is.". One of the earliest recorded uses of the term comes from the 1890’s, and refers to rednecks as “poorer inhabitants of the rural districts…men who work in the field, as a matter of course, generally have their skin burned red by the sun, and especially is this true of the back of their necks”. Because they are armed and were close to van Spronsen, members of the John Brown Gun Club said, they've been called "domestic terrorists" so many times that the label has lost its sting. Why Does A Senior Official Feel The Need To Stump For Biden?

Jim Urquhart for NPR Other members have been seen carrying rifles on numerous occasions nationwide. "Kids in cages," he called it. "The way he explained it to me was that, in a perfect world, we wouldn't have to have guns, but that there were so many factions out there that were rising up and really starting to do damage that it was the only way to properly defend ourselves," Ariel said. A Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club member known as Xicano was moved by how van Spronsen, a European immigrant, stood up for Latino immigrants by "making the ultimate sacrifice." Three individuals have been arrested in Colorado in connection with an August incident in which armed rioters marched through the neighborhood of a Colorado Springs police officer. We Insist: A Timeline Of Protest Music In 2020, 'Not A Paramilitary.' "I don't condone the fact that he was carrying a weapon.

Ariel said she had long understood the risks involved in her father's activism, but the publicity around his death left little space to process the shock and grief of actually losing him. The Geo Group, which owns and operates the facility, said in a statement that the surveillance video "shows the seriousness of the threat to our employees and immigrants" at the center. 1 was Willem van Spronsen, a tall, lean European-born activist, carpenter and musician in his 60s.

Where once we prided ourselves on our unity and our collective strength we now celebrate division and hate speech.

After 48 hours, ANDmagazine.com welcomes and permits sites to republish articles, but not in their entirety – provided the content is directly and obviously hot-linked to the original. Members of the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club gather in memory of van Spronsen. Members of the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club hold a memorial service for Willem van Spronsen on July 28, 2019, at the site where he was killed by law enforcement outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Tacoma, Washington. Surveillance video of van Spronsen's fiery attack was played over and over on Fox News as pundits warned of "a lot of lives in danger." hide caption. "Y`all gonna die one by one" – BLM LAPart 3 pic.twitter.com/Mc073mOpTD. The Mini Manual of the Urban Guerilla is exactly what it sounds like. Jim Urquhart for NPR In 2017, he founded the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club, part of a loose affiliation of armed leftists who offer firearms training to marginalized communities and who stand guard over unarmed protesters at rallies. The ex-wife involved in the dispute, who asked not to be identified by name for security reasons, said van Spronsen wasn't some peacenik who just snapped one day. Add a gun to the mix, he said, and "I'm the bull's-eye.". It is about the free exchange of ideas. It included a private letter that she said made clear that her father never intended to make it out alive that night. Are The Chinese One Step Away From Putting Their Man In The White House While The FBI Worries About Iranian Spam Mail? Jim Urquhart for NPR A year after van Spronsen's death, NPR interviews with his daughter, Ariel, close friends and extremism researchers offer a closer look at the quixotic man behind the nation's only deadly antifa attack recorded in the past four years. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without the express written permission from AND Magazine corporate offices. Aaron agreed, calling van Spronsen a hero. ". Van Spronsen, 69, a Dutch-born immigrant, musician and father of two, was a lifelong activist and early member of the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club, an armed antifascist group in the Seattle area. "If you can create a boogeyman and if you can make it about us vs. them, humans crave that," Ariel said. The real trigger, she says, was a bitter, long-running custody dispute that followed the end of his fourth marriage. The book was written in 1969 by a Brazilian Marxist revolutionary. BLM protesters trying to breach St. Francis hospital where two officers are fighting for their lives after being shot in an ambush. Donate to the John Brown Solidarity Fund, to support anti-fascist community defense groups nationwide. Bob Avakian Has No Interest In Peaceful Protest – He Wants a Revolution, Kamala And The Mob – Burning The Country To The Ground, Black Lives Matter Leader Declares War On Police – Says Will Develop Highly-Trained Military Arm, DOJ Sending Personnel To 44 Jurisdictions In 18 States To Monitor Voting Rights Laws, More Trump Caravans In Texas, California, New Jersey – After Media Criticism Of Biden/Harris Bus Incident. For safety reasons, Xicano asked to be identified only by his club nickname. Willem van Spronsen with his daughter, Ariel.

He took the first CIA team into Iraq in the Summer of 2002 in advance of the invasion of that country and has worked extensively in the field with law enforcement, local security forces and special operations teams. He stood up to far-right leaders at local rallies, and he was a fixture at demonstrations against U.S. immigration policies, especially family separation.

From a global perspective, there is nothing new here. "They see us as the militia of antifa," Xicano said with a shrug. Van Spronsen's friends said they wished he had lived to see that moment: the gun club serving as the first line of defense for a bold experiment in police-free community. Terms like “white trash” and "hillbilly" have come to signify the view among these same upper class liberals of poor rural folks. Ariel said her father seemed to be a good parent, though at times she privately wished he'd lay off the anarchist rhetoric in front of her little brother. A review of the principles on which Redneck Revolt is based shows the usual laundry list of Marxist positions familiar to anyone following Antifa or BLM. They apparently provide “security” for Black Lives Matter and Antifa rallies. "Was it Will?"

"I was a total daddy's girl, madly in love with my dad, and we just had a really close bond," Ariel recalled one recent afternoon, speaking by phone from Seattle. Ground Truth: How The Unabomber Was Caught. Antifa groups see a martyr. Political Process And Elections, Tony Bobulinski Says Joe Biden Is The “Big Man” Referred To In Hunter Biden Emails As Expecting To Receive 10% From China Deal, U.S. Mission In Turkey Issues Threat Warning To American Citizens – Possible Terrorist Attacks and Kidnappings, Watch: Australian Media Covering Biden Crimes And China’s Influence In Our Government While Most U.S. Media. Follow the Money – Who’s Paying to Destroy America? "My son is safe and I'm safe — that's all I wanted," she said. Shannon McMinimee, van Spronsen's friend and a fellow gun club member, said examining that night at the detention center is like looking into a kaleidoscope — people turn it around until they see what they want. hide caption. "There are so many things that I love and stand by about who my dad was," she said. "I was mad that he ended it. When he didn't, police said, the officers fired, striking van Spronsen with two fatal rounds. "A very long time.". Smith is a member of Redneck Revolt. "Part of that was self-protection and then part of it was: How could he do this?" It was the grunge era, Ariel recalled, and he introduced her to the music, art and punk-inflected politics of the moment. "There's no fear for me of, 'Am I going to be labeled antifa?

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