My ASCAP royalty checks went from a lot to almost nothing.”“But the love that I’ve grown for Common, I want Common to be successful forever, because he has a good heart.”. People play Jesus. Please read our Comment Policy before commenting. So one night, Kanye and a group of friends called him and said they were going to come by to pick him up. A big theme of Rhymefest’s work—and life—is empowering others. You can have power when you empower others.”. He was already signed to Def Jam and had an album slated, so this is the point where you could become selfish or practical. They need advocates, but we turn it into entertainment. Kanye’s longtime songwriter Rhymefest opens up about his new documentary, being snubbed, and whether Yeezy writes his own rap lyrics or not. Other religions, you’re not allowed to do that. Rhymefest is fed up. He immediately took shots at K. Michelle who recently came out in support of Tekashi 69 and his snitching ways which surprised a number of people.

When you look at the way artists get paid now, streaming has decimated the income of the writer, so the writer doesn’t really have a career anymore. He’s flying solo—there is nary a whiff of a publicist or hanger-on—and after our chat, he has to catch an Amtrak train up to Boston for more promo. Rhymefest calls him a true “collaborator,” and explains the genesis of their Oscar-winning song, “Glory,” as follows: Common called me up and said he needed a song for an independent movie, and it had to be a rap song. The AP reports Joe Biden leads the race 264 to 218 and needs only six more points to secure the victory. It’s a brutally honest tale of hope and redemption that should resonate with the fatherless and the fatherfull alike. Let’s say a prayer to the ancestors and have them write the song.” He said, “What do you mean?” And I said, “Let’s pray, specifically, to Martin Luther King, Mike Brown, Medgar Evers, and ask them to give us their words. And Rhymefest is also displayed on billboards all over New York City as part of an ad campaign with Kenneth Cole called “The Courageous Class,” highlighting people who’ve made a difference in their local communities. Michelle can’t keep her man, ’cause her p***y stink … Why back talkin’ about that girl’s p***y stinkin’? “Yo, you’re one of the top rappers in the city,” Kanye told him. Now, in Ice-T’s documentary The Art of Rap, Kanye claimed that the raps on his first four albums only flowed through him.
We do plays all the time. After [‘Jesus Walks’] was made, we knew it was special.”. The product he’s endorsing is In My Father’s House, a poignant documentary by the filmmaking team of Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg (Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work) about him reconnecting with his estranged father, whom he discovers has been living as a homeless alcoholic just blocks away from the modest childhood home he recently repurchased in the South Side of Chicago. “He’s exploited,” Rhymefest says of Keef.

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