Most of the SUVs that do have sufficient payload are typically full-size vehicles that have limited technical trail capability. with a towing capacity of 3500-7200 lbs. rated towing capacity. MOLLE capability on the rear seats was not a requirement. Only the front bucket seats have MOLLE webbing attached to them. These hidden winch mounts are great, but they are also limited on the winches that can be installed. The transceiver is mounted on the lid of the electronics bin under the driver’s seat. It could be duplicated if you had the time and resources. Life changes prompted a consolidation of resources that resulted in the loss of a couple family vehicles and the acquisition of a low miles 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee “WK2”. Winch, Warn VR EVO 12-S Standard Duty 12,000lb. This winch has a non-integrated control pack that can be remotely mounted with some custom power leads. This is good overall, but can cause some wheel and tire size combinations more suited to on road than off. They are activated by a relay controlled by the front fog lamp circuit. However, it is still a Wrangler and has it’s own compromises in spite of being uncompromising in capability. 3. The enthusiasts with deep pockets end up spending tens of thousands of dollars making that dream happen. This is a wonderful development.

Below is the Jeep the day it was picked up from PRO Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.

If you are not familiar, the ideal situation is to have a tall and flexible tire sidewall in order to absorb minor trail obstacles and protect the wheel from damage. When in Rock mode, hill descent control is available, and can be quite useful on very steep and loose grades off road. Out of all the additions and modifications, the lighting and electrical upgrades have proven to be the most time consuming. A recent addition has been some hood louvers. The low beams were equipped with low frequency (2300K) bulbs and the high beams with a neutral white (3600K) high output. This prevents accidentally blinding oncoming drivers in traffic. Other items like the tire repair kit and air compressor accessories are stored in some MOLLE pouches under the back seat next to the compressor. Typically a longer whip with higher gain for use in the backcountry. Some hinge and latch components were sourced through 4xInnovations. The S2 pods were mounted on aluminum brackets from Shield Productions. From Laredo to, A capable off-road truck, the Grand Cherokee is well-balanced enough to get your groceries and take them back to your home using unpaved roads.

An SRT grille was eventually painted matte black with gunmetal accents and swapped in the front. Backcountry travel means being prepared for changing conditions. This will allow you to install a permanent lift and heavier duty springs yet maintain a still impressive traction control. Oh, I was in love, and this was just a Laredo! Doing so isn’t just a selfish violation, they can cause very real hazards to other drivers. Of note, the SRT8 grille is not a 100% direct replacement with a Laredo bumper fascia. I wanted something capable for my continuing adventures but also comfortable and quiet for the long trips. Fenrir the trail wolf loves adventure, too! Each pod emits a real world 4900LM/76,194CD. It is of primary importance to pay attention to payload first as this will determine the total weight of additional modifications, passengers, and cargo that can be carried. I had excellent experience with Coverking ballistic nylon seat covers in previous vehicles and work trucks. There are actually very few 4x4 wagons on the market today that have a payload capacity sufficient for overland travel. Thankfully there is a decent selection of drivetrains available for the WK2 Grand Cherokee to suit just about anyone. Yes, even if it looks the same, it’s not. This should include the ditch areas. Poor wiring components and installation can easily lead to disaster in an overland vehicle. It does the job, but has to work hard to completely bring a tire larger than 31” up to highway pressure. Lastly, some low profile LED rock lights were placed around the underneath of the Grand for those after dark trail rides. A large matte black hood decal made with vinyl vehicle wrap was added by a local sign shop, mainly to minimize glare from the 40” light bar to be installed. Thankfully, Chief does have inventory to ship here in the US, but there is a high demand for their WK2 accessories, and they sell out fast. The 40” ONX6 was employed with somewhat complex wiring. You can’t blame me, I was in my twenties. I don’t recommend attempting the install if you can’t cut large holes in your sheet metal or modify underhood components.

Tires have been 275/70 R17 BF Goodrich A/T KO2. So why repent of a beloved YJ so well built? Most components have been sourced, and fabrication will likely start around the first of the year. Don’t kid yourself that a $120 LED light bar made by communist slave labor in Asia is “the exact same thing” as a USA made $1500 light bar of a similar outward appearance. I tested out the concept on another Jeep with a cheap dual purpose light bar, and it seemed to be sound if one could have dual use for low speed/bad weather and also for long range high speed coupled with sufficient output. Using repeaters and networks, range is nearly unlimited. I went with a legacy Warn XD9000 winch (non-integrated solenoids) with synthetic rope. If a vehicle requires massive modification (like replacing drivetrains and complete suspension redesign) to effectively use in all expected conditions-- you bought the wrong vehicle. On the older Grand Cherokees, the Quadra Drive option was a significant factory upgrade option for those wanting to go off pavement. Jeeps generally have intakes that are mounted as high as possible under the hood and above the rated water fording depth. On flat ground, a 40W 2M transceiver can get you about 50 mile range. Best Selling Grand Cherokee WK2 Parts. There must be a foundation of what meets your needs in a very general sense for an overland vehicle prior to any modification. Stainless steel for corrosion resistance is fine, but a de-chrome operation commenced fairly quickly on this Grand Cherokee Laredo X. This is another Baja Designs S2 pod mounted on a custom bracket off the roof rack. Grand Cherokee for less than half that.

A common misconception is that they are only for deep water fording up to the top of the snorkel- which should be obviously untrue. Namely, comfort and capacity. More to come on that. Well, I didn’t buy that red ZJ, I had recently bought a 1991 YJ Wrangler SE and was in love with the topless freedom and short wheelbase. The WK proved to be capable enough that I didn’t hesitate taking it on some weekend warrior missions. So, if you install a roof rack that mounts to only the threaded roof bosses on the WK2, then commonly load it to capacity or over (like with a Rooftop Tent), you are asking for trouble. Halogens were retained in the housing mainly because that is what these particular 2012 housings were designed for, and so that the lenses would be self-clearing of ice and snow. There are major differences in build quality, real world output, optics, and operating characteristics with aftermarket lighting. For the WK2, an engine driven compressor wasn’t very realistic, so a compact ARB 12 volt compressor was installed under the rear seat. (The fog pocket kit does not seem to be available separately anymore. EVENLY DISTRIBUTED. Amazon and Ebay are absolutely teeming with cheap, substandard ripoffs of Rigid Industries, Vision X, and Baja Designs products. The fit and quality of Coverking is unrivaled. All WK2 ZF differentials are equipped with Gore-Tex breather vents. Ultimate Performance Winch, Warn Zeon 12 Platinum 12,000lb.

(2014 and later come with the ZF 8-speed shift by wire transmission)  It allows for fully automatic operation and "Autostick" operation. This is achieved through extensive custom bodywork combined with high quality custom built fender flares.

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