The New Year has been kicked off with the relaunch of the Colt Python, a version the company promises stays true to the original, while offering some need enhancements. With constant and precise measuring, they were able to illustrate how the new Python did indeed have a smoother, more consistent trigger pull. Because the whole point of the Python is for it to be, well a Python which means it should be the king wheelguns. Sure the market interested was there for perhaps the greatest double-action revolver ever created, but there was no way they could produce one affordable enough. For more information on the Colt Python, please visit Re: Colt making Pythons again Post by smithers599 » Thu Jan 02, 2020 10:09 pm Pale Rider wrote: ↑ Thu Jan 02, 2020 3:25 pm Hard to justify the price I've seen on them compared to my Ruger GP100, but that's just my opinion. Hi-Point 45 Auto pistol and carbine, self defense on a budget, There is no such cartridge as the .45 ACP. Tool steel for minor components, or metal injected molding?

It is up to us to hold up our end of the deal and make good on seeking out that Colt revolver we all have been patiently waiting for.

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I think I hear this rumor once a year right around SHOT Show, and it just popped up once again on my radar.

Is the barrel still made as a squeeze barrel.

Get the latest news and reviews from Learn how your comment data is processed. For the low price they are asking they must have taken manufacturing short cuts such as using a cast frame and cast MIM parts.

While a smaller frame may be more suited for concealed carry situations, its capacity isn’t. Thank you! During the re-designing of the new version, Colt simplified the trigger mechanism making the trigger pull more consistent from cylinder to cylinder. Expensive, hand fitted, and laser beam accurate. (4.25-inch barrel) Weight: 46 oz. So I would imagine that if Colt brought the Python back, it would be sort of like the Sig P210 that was reintroduced – a $2,000-4,000 collector’s gun, produced in limited numbers. Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers. They probably aren’t forging anything, but I doubt they did in 1957, either. The double-action trigger pull averaged between seven to nine pounds while the single action broke around three pounds. What will be the MSRP? The six-inch barrel had a slight advantage here with the longer sight radius, but the four-inch model seemed just a little easier to wield. How doe the finish compare to the original productions? The jury is out o the cryptic reference to a resigned of the top strap. If you have never had the chance to visit Gunsite Academy, it is well worth the trip to get some exemplary training and soul-lifting fellowship by like-minded individuals. And it still won’t take the loads a Ruger will take. And there is no way at the current price this gun is made that way. Frankly it will make Python lovers green around the gills. All that being said, I would love for Colt to prove me wrong on this one and bring back the Python at the 2013 SHOT Show. (6-inch barrel); 9.75 in. “We know the Colt Python is one of the most beloved and collected firearms in American history, and its re-release has long been demanded by enthusiasts,” said Justin Baldini, Product Director at Colt.

“””””””””””””””””””It’s not a low price with modern machine tools, even if everything is milled. Capacity: 6 rds. My email is [email protected] When not at his press or the range he can be found chasing mule deer around the Rocky Mountains. Twitter Update, full review of the Colt Python at this link.

29 Items that Won’t Be on Shelves When Disaster Strikes, The Quintessential 22 Pistol: The Colt Woodsman, 5 Gun Sales Worth Catching: Concealed Carry Special (Nov. 5, 2020), 6 On-Target Concealed Carry Insurance Options (2020), 16 Top Picks For Concealed Carry Handguns (2020). The second half of the day was spent shooting drills at various targets and various distances. Now if they would just start making the Anaconda again I’d be in my glory! This rumor flies around the internet periodically that Colt will be reintroducing the Python to the market in a limited run.

Did colt fold and instal an exterior safety like S&W (hilery hole)?

The 4.25-inch barrel model is 9.75 inches in overall length, 5.5 inches in height and 42 ounces in weight. Elwood Shelton is an online content developer for Gun Digest. Nice try on double speak but Pythons were indeed made of the finest quality colt forgings. For many, the belief was never. The Colt Product Innovation Team refined the design of the new Colt Python and performed rigorous testing, ensuring it meets the demands of shooters and collectors. First Look: Colt Python Relaunched For 2020. Colt Python, a sidearm for a generation that appreciated the finer things in life. Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. Color the naysayers (me included) wrong. I happened start chatting up the Colt representative as we looked over the newly returned Cobra. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Go to a public range and stop disturbing the peace in the neighborhood. My friend Chad and I were lucky enough to attend Colt Media day at Gunsite Academy at the beginning of December 2019, witnessing the much-anticipated re-release of the Colt Python. Most Unexpected Drop Of 2019… The Ruger-57. The problem is, I don’t think it’s going to happen, and here’s why. We still don’t want to hear you shooting. WEST HARTFORD, CONN., (January 1, 2020) – After years of research and development, Colt releases a refined and upgraded Colt Python. The Colt solved this by re-engineering the fire-control so it has a predictable and consistent break both in double- and single-action. There has been an error with your Email Subscription. (6-inch barrel); 42 oz. Colt Now Shipping AR-15s to Consumers again 06/29/2020 08:18 AM | by Chris Eger Colt first began marketing the semi-auto AR-15 Sporter to consumers in 1963 and it … That’s why I don’t think we’re going to see the Python again any time soon. The company also said it's using stronger stainless steel in the gun's construction. If you fall into the pins and needles category regarding the re-release of the Colt Python, there will be a complete muzzle to butt review of the iconic revolver in the February 2020 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine. Small capacity . Specifications as related to the 6″ barrel, Capacity: 6 rounds Receiver material: stainless steel Finish: Semi-bright Barrel rifling: 1:14 left hand 6 grove Cylinder turn: right hand Barrel length: 6″ Overall length: 11.5″ Overall Height: 5.5″ Overall width: 1.55″ Front sight: red ramp, interchangeable Rear sight: adjustable for windage and elevation Trigger: double action Stocks: walnut Unloaded weight: 46 ounces Model: Python MSRP: $1499, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram…. “We took our time on R&D – we needed to be sure the look and performance of this redesign lived up to its legendary name and kept its impeccable reputation for quality and accuracy. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.
So I would imagine that if Colt brought the Python back, it would be sort of like the Sig P210 that was reintroduced – a $2,000-4,000 collector’s gun, produced in limited numbers. Hi Point 916 C9 handgun and 995TS carbine, self defense on a budget. As to trigger-pull weight, the revolver trips at around 7 to 9.5 pounds in double action and it has six-groove rifling features a 1:14-inch twist to stabilize a majority of .357 bullet weights. The Python has been extremely popular with both target shooters and law enforcement, and featured in countless TV series, movies and video games including “The X Files,” “The Walking Dead,” “Hawaii 5-0,” “Starsky and Hutch,” “John Wick” (2014), “American Gangster” (2004), “Fight Club” (1999) and “King Kong” (1976). […] the Colt Media day was held reintroducing the Colt Python.

The original Python had a great deal of hand fitting, and that is where the legendary action came to fruition, while the new rendition has been CNC machined and hand-finished, making a bit more of a precise product. If you fall into the pins and needles category regarding the re-release of the Colt Python, there will be a complete muzzle to butt review of the iconic revolver in the February 2020 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine .

I love revolvers and have no problem carrying a revolver daily. The question of everyone’s mind is how does it compare to the original Python. I can’t imagine an action smoother than my old colt. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Again thanks for your review.

It certainly will not lower the prices on the older “real pythons”. You have to follow the money, and I can’t figure out how to make the money add up in the right way for it to make sense for Colt to bring the Python back as a catalog item. Get notifications in your email when articles are published, as well as our weekly newsletter packed with exclusive content! Simplifying the action is double speak for cheapening it. Can you shoot .40 S&W out of your 10mm Auto.

Outside of that, the Colt’s new king snake has the same look and feel of the original. The big question that remains is the price. Making those little metal bits also requires more skilled labor, because they’re not MIM parts that can be made cheaply and quickly. Overall Length: 11.5 in. In addition to an improved trigger, the new Colt Python also boasts a beefed-up frame above the cylinder, a user-replaceable front sight from the Colt King Cobra (hex-screw attached), a redesigned target rear sight and a recessed target crown on a one-piece barrel.
Minimizing the amount of parts in the trigger action has simplified the mechanism, elevating its reliability and allowing for more straightforward maintenance. Finally, Colt is making them again, but how does the new one stack up? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It’s fairly obvious the company tried to stay true with the gun’s aesthetics, especially with full underlug and a vented rib on top of the barrel. That was one of the things wrong with the “iconic original action.”. Porous cheap castings had to have been used and that is a desecration to the Python legend and name. Trigger pull scans show lighter trigger pull weights, less friction and increased consistency, re-enforcing the Python’s reputation as a gun that can be heavily used and passed down through generations. (4.25-inch barrel) Width: 1.55 in. During the range day, we ran DoubleTap Ammunition .357 Magnum and .38 Special without issue. After a few minutes I posed the question “So when will you bring back the pythons?” His response exactly was: “Stay tuned. In today’s market, it would cost a lot of money to make a proper Python, because it’s full of little little metal bits that have to be put together by someone who knows what they’re doing. As to the tale of the tape, the Colt Python will be available in two barrel lengths: 4.25 and 6 inches. Enter your email address to subscribe and receive notifications by email. Well, the “Squeeze barrel” myth came from somewhere, but has zero support from Colt or from anyone who’s ever measured a Python. You can read that article by following this link.

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The Colt Python has six. It’s not a Triple Lock.

As expected, Colt isn’t handing them out, but an MSRP of $1,499 shouldn’t prove a major obstacle for those champing at the bit to add a Colt Python to their collection. Six major concealed carry insurance programs are now available to the millions of Americans who carry concealed. You can read my review of the King Cobra Target, another fine Colt revolver, by following this link. - Range HotRange Hot. Day one of the return of Colt’s “snake guns” the lingering question has been: When will the gunmaker bring back the Python? Look for it on newsstands or Subscribe Now!

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