What a crazy guy. Is this a copy of The Fugitive with Harrison Ford? Park Jeong-u and Cha Min-ho meet again, inciting a game of cat and mouse. BTW, also wondering from what we saw in Ep 1 (Ep 2 isn't completely subbed yet) how we can see he is being drugged?

}); Jung-woo has the colleague stay at the hospital while he leaves to check on the note. Tae-soo has to leave, explaining that he was waiting to greet Jung-woo. I refrain from excess exclamation marks so as not to be annoying, but the show has me completely. Yun Tae-su’s revelation redefines the case, Park Jeong-u struggles to unpack traumatic memories, and Seo Eun-hye presents a stunning piece of evidence. Cha Min-ho has an explosive encounter with a family member. Yuk dilihat juga profil mereka di tautan ini ya, SINOPSIS Sweet Munchies Episode 1 – 12 Terakhir Terlengkap, SINOPSIS Happy Hunter Episode 1 – 44 Terakhir Terlengkap, Daftar Pemain Innocent Defendant RTV Terlengkap (Update 2020), Sinematografi: Jung Min-Gyun, Park Min-Sung, Rumah Produksi: Signal Entertainment Group, Masa Tayang: 23 Januari 2017 – 21 Maret 2017, Jadwal Tayang: Senin dan Selasa pukul 22:00 KST, Jadwal Indonesia: Mulai 1 Juni 2020, setiap hari Senin – Jumat pukul 22:00 WIB, Uhm Ki-Joon sebagai Cha Min-Ho / Cha Sun-Ho, Kim Kyung-Nam sebagai Kim Jung Hoon, Sekretaris Sun-Ho, Son Kwang-Eop sebagai Kim Gyu Chul, gubernur penjara, Kim Seung-Hoon sebagai Park Kwang Tae, kepala keamanan penjara, Jeon Suk-Chan sebagai Petugas Penjara Park, Jung Doo-Kyum sebagai Asisten jaksa penuntut umum, Jung Hyun-Suk sebagai Petugas Penjara Kim, Hwang Young-Hee sebagai Kakak perempuan Moongchi, Jin Hyun-Kwang sebagai Penuntut pasukan khusus, Kim Jong-Tae sebagai Karyawan National Forensic Service (eps 1, 2), Lee Deok-Hwa sebagai tahanan nomor 2460 (eps 8), Lee Si-Un sebagai penjaga keamanan (eps 18).

So we feel the utter loss, confusion and desire to search for the answers along with at the same time. Disclaimer: This site DramaID does not store any files on its server.

All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. It turns out that there is no order under that name, but there is a cake for Park Bong-goo. Charged with killing his wife and daughter, Prosecutor Park Jeong-u seeks to recoup his memory and build a case unlike any other to prove he’s innocent. That's why the Min Hi refused to let his brother's body to go for autopsy....if the family disagree, that is the end of the story on autopsy if I'm not wrong.

Ji-soo later finds both father and daughter asleep.

Dalam prosesnya ini akan menjadi pertarungan mereka berdua. He is the wife's brother. :). The prosecutor has waited, so Chul-shik sits across from him, calling him Prosecutor Park. Defendant ) is a South Korean television series starring Ji Sung with Um Ki-joon , Kwon Yu-ri , Oh Chang-seok and Uhm Hyun-kyung . His eyes widen at his reflection as the other prisoners comment on how believable he can be. Reminds me of yoona :). Firt air date 2017-01-23.

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