Its all good over here blood, the homie 800 bangin that IFG, 77th be the hood. Dat girl bloody misteress banging dat allmighty west koast IFGB reppin my eli OOG joker aka luxifer west up or vest up don’t make me open yo motha fing chest.. pip sat glock.

Y’all be frontin’ blank piece o’ ish guys… Wh you not cappin an poppin them spic pieces of ish when you got tha chance? 03K 04K 06K 09K 111K LCK.IVK.

rollin’ shoppin’ cart k! IFGB BLOOD 92ST. Pagination: Infinite Scroll (First load via click), The 10 Most Dangerous Housing Projects in Queens (New York). NHC 4O’S X 6O’S GKENO 1 TINY HKARD HKEAD BK 18K ETGK, Tongan crip is holding a small spot right on doty, you foos aren’t hard my hommie got jumped by you foos and you let him go, you guys give out pblankes.

It is believed that the IFs were started by Jan Brewer and some of the early members of this neighborhood during the 1970s included Dirty Red, Tommy Acres, Sick Mick and J.R. WESTXSIDE

f ALL YALL CRABBY blank guyZ 10K9STRXco3gccK, FUnhcK naps uglys crispies Carnell “U Dub 5” Snell was laid to rest today.

MAFIA – LANES! ws. LMAO,, blood u aint hard thats on Big B’s bangin blood su woop…………Piru(pimpin n red uniform),

guy we on out here in the wood guy thats lynwood so get it right loc.

yes at least somebody said sumthn right ! Centinela Park Family (Bloods) 3 Shares 210 Comments. 3 … Here you'll find all collections you've created before. Some of their Crip rivals include the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, the Rollin 90s Neighborhood Crips, Rollin 100s Crips, the Menlo Crips, 104 Hard Time Hustler Crips, Osage Legend Crips, Tongan Crips Gang, the Pimp Town Gangster Crips and the Imperial Village Crips. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); Punked all these krab guys røund this way an they knø wats up!!! 64 65 68 77 79 80 84 92 94 104……..FAMILY RU’z & SWANz 2wO. blank da bullshyt. CAUSE FOOLS ALWAYS SAID THRY WERE WITH ETG & HOOVERS ON THAT MOVIN GROOVIN SUWOOIN ish ALSO I SEE AS THIS IFGB IS TO DEEP TO FO ALL THAT BULLish THEY CAN STAND ON THERE OWN WITHOUT ANY HELP THATS HOW I SEE EVEN WHEN THEY GOING AGAINST HELLA CRIPS REAL ish,THE IFGB’s GO HARD THO, I.F.G.B… 77 80 92 94 /C.P.F. Most of their area is policed by the Inglewood Police Department but a small portion of their turf lies in the 77th Division of the LAPD. They have been rivals with the Eight Tray Gangster Crips, the Rollin 90s, and Rollin’ 100s, but there have been some efforts to stem the rivalry among Inglewood gangs by the Stop the Violence / Increase the Peace Foundation headed by Khalid Shaw during the 1990s. Get at guys, IFG 77th be the hood. Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. none of that stupid blank “Oh,there go a crip guy,bust his head open” ish. Their neighborhood runs from Crenshaw Blvd. Them,and these punk blank white folks is getting rid of us,by putting us in prison and ish,and we got them punk blank racist white gangs. whats up gangster wayne you need to f with us . It’s crazy how we forget about the consequences of sin. we have 3 genaration of mfg/murder1 family gangster 77 blk. ? IFG k .. Ws legendz 92-doty guy !!

A ALMIGHTY SUWHOOOP TO THE FAMILYS AND QUEEN ST. The Chain Gang had been around before the formation of the Crips, along with the L.A. Brims. Wh92p Wh92p INGLEW92D! The West Side (W/S) Inglewood Family Gang are a large and long standing African-American street gang whose roots can be traced back to the western section of Inglewood, California. Search. crenshaw mafia gang B104dz.. […] Inglewood Family Blood | California | The I | City of Champions […], while u bullishtin, who know ’bout dat Undertaker Family? Get the best viral stories straight into your inbox! IFGB IZ WHAT IT IZ IFGxCPF ………….. WS AVB IFG THO!

Most of their area is policed by the Inglewood Police Department but a small portion of their turf lies in the 77th Division of the LAPD. f all nappsk,,30k40k60k90k100k111k ivck,rck,tck,…oh yeh I almost forgot u boo boo blank lucky charmsk,,lol all fam no frndz…, realer than most L.A. gang members…#1 crab k in the wood! 3- Bangin’: Livin with Colors DVD, The Guy Fisher Story: A New York Dealer DVD, The Real Rick Ross Story: The Cocaine Campaign DVD, The Angelo Roberts Story: Friend or Foe DVD, 18th Street Gangs vs Ms 13 – Mara Salvatrucha DVD, Redemption – The Stan “Tookie” Williams Story DVD, Assault: The Worlds Most Violent Collection of Real Street Fights DVD, Hip Hop Police: True Story of Hip Hop, NYPD, LAPD, and DEA DVD, American Gangster on BET hosted by Ving Rhames, Raskal Love, DVD, story of a Tiny Raskal Gang member, From Pieces to Weight Once Upon a Time in SouthSide Queens, Gang territory map data for Los Angeles County, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip Hop Generation, Always Running: La Vida Loca by Luis Rodríguez, Once Upon a Time in Harlem By Moses Miller, The Tookie Protocol for Peace: A Local Street Peace Initiative, “The Starting Lineup”: The Orgin of The Crips And Bloods Begin (Volume 1), Internship for College Credit – Team, Gang Abatement & Prevention Act of 2007 – Dianne Feinstein, Bibliography on street gangs for the gang researcher, Gang neighborhoods traveled through by U.S. LMAO Inglewood swayhook foo ? The Inglewood Family Gangster Bloods have a close alliance with the Avenue Piru Gang, and is identified as the Family Ru’s. LOWCxROCxNUTTxBONExBLUExdOGG FAM! 52 hkoover and tramp bix ck tha fin world woop woop to all my B dawgz!!!! _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); coockiecrisps happytimes Gervon “GG” Gharrah Jackson, 20 (Oct 3, 1988 – Jun 28, 2009), was shot at 2602 79th St, Inglewood. Other rivals of the Inglewood Family Gang are the 104 Hard Time Hustler Crips, Imperial Village Crips, and the Tongan Crips Gang. That’s 99mafia hood you coward and they don’t f with napk gr1x7ve …ill beat your blank bra on 109th and sudlong, Really tho this Finna be an active summer B.I..P Tiny Bone. Inglewood Family Gang [IF, IFG, 2478, 2 Gang] are a predominantly African-American street gang that formed in the early 1970s before the Blood alliance was created. They used to rival the Eight Tray Gangster Crips as well as the 99 Mafia Crips, but are currently involved in an unofficial three-way truce to take on the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips and the Rollin 90s Neighborhood Crips. Ws Inglewood family gangster bl92d ON some real ish,though……for those of us on the hood and ish,we need to quit bustin’ each other’s heads,and bust other guys heads….blood or crip. Like them biker gangs and the infamous KKK. Queen Street Bloods. 99 and budlong all day! f MAFIA CK blood swhoop WIFGB 92 STREET. woop woop. Down in Oklahoma 77 block IFGB W77D napp smashin INGLEW77D, Ya’ll IFGz get @ me @ 561-294-9675 since IFGB is a powerhouse do they keep it original & traditional true ck blood gang?

How that family living bl77d?

We up outta Midwest bitty bakk in the early ninetys. They originated in the 1970s, originally known as the Chain Gang and feuded with the West Side Crips, a street gang founded by Stanley “Tookie” Williams. Often referred to as "The Nelas", this gang was formed in the mid to late 1970s and originally claimed the Piru card ("Centinela Park Pirus") until the early 1990s. 1974, WS. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-img'); The Inglewood Family Gang are one of the few Blood gangs who have engaged in warfare with a multitude of other Blood gangs such as the LA Denver Lane Bloods, the Inglewood Neighborhood Pirus, Queen Street Bloods and the Black P Stones. to Van Ness Avenue, around 77th Street to 94th Street.

West bangin bl94d this family here homie get at me, oN WEST SIDE PEACH TOWN CRIMINaLS CRIPS I dont like fartGS I dont like LICCS I dont like QUEEN ST I dont like COLD SLAW I dont like STAINS FROM COMPTON TO LOS ANGELES. FamiliesGangOrDon’tBang!! Other allies include the Crenshaw Mafia Gang and Center Park Bloods.

we napp bashing too down here , FAMILY GANG NATION WIDE.

Other allies are the Crenshaw Mafia Bloods along with the Centinela Park Family. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); Ingelewood guys always been about their money, only a chossen few , went all out banging.

You fnifgKaz is TD & Muchkie B got punk’d in CKounty Lmao! dont know?
SLOB kS.. BUSTA kS, I blank wit the Damu movement. For real though,open your damn eyes.

From San Bernardino to bompton to inglewood to oaktown to saktown. TINY WYNOS 106TH GOT THE WHOLE PECKWOOD LOCK WGK. No sir im’out of the big time rollin 20s ,but i dont bang anymore, it’s time for a change ,with are peolpe(blacks) it’s time to heal the pain and lost on bothe sides of the fence, and get these jobs out here! Inglewood Family Gang [IF, IFG, 2478, 2 Gang] are a predominantly African-American street gang that formed in the early 1970s before the Blood alliance was created. Other than that,if you on a set,you need to be about your money and respect,and nothing else. AN WEST, Nigha trynna get dwn I live in the east coast hmu here if trynna bring DAT in the eastkoast, The fartgets cool with Trampks cuhs the NayBaHoods Be Popping they blank Rmao, whoop this the NINE-FOE fam gang homie from the GA we need to link up blood on nine-foe, THE IFGz GO HARD BUT I AM TRYING TO UNITE ALL DAMUS SO IF YOU WITH GET AT ME AT 561-932-8621 GET AT ME ASAP, Alot of net banging where are lames in the streets families tho 77-94…. INGLEW00KD much respect to the Inglewood ridas, yall guys are real go getter’s!


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