Derek says he could talk about the technical, but he’s been moved all season. Okay, so the battle was between the VPeepz, the Crazy 8s and the Dancetown Divas and the VPeepz came out on top. Lots and lots of props. The Duels routines are cut down from two minutes to 75 seconds. The scoring system was abolished in favor of votes (this applies for Qualifiers and Duels).

Upper Teams are next with mentoring by Twitch. In Redemption, the two highest-scoring eliminated acts have one final chance to compete for the last spot in the next round of the competition. Just amazing. Ellie and Ava – 94, 99, 95 (Ne-yo, Derek, Jennifer) for an average of 96 and that means that Julian and Charlize are out. I’m bummed out. This opening number is really fun, I think. Eventually, the dancers compete in five rounds: The Qualifiers, The Duels, The Cut, Division Final, and World Final. Really tight. Starting out extremely cool.

I’m down with that.

I LOVE the Lab and I was rooting for them the whole way, no lie. They were breath taking. I don’t think they’re going to make it, although they should. But! Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. For one little trick?? The required qualifier score to enter the duels increased from 80 to 85. Julian and Charlize – 96, 95, 96 (Derek, Ne-Yo, Jennifer) for an average of 95.7. The fourth season premiered on May 26, 2020.[3]., — World of Dance (@NBCWorldofDance) May 2, 2019, Although Unity LA is my favorite, I think The Kings are going to win it. The third season saw a change in hosts, as Scott Evans hosted season three and four. Wow, the shirt off move was cool, more tricky that I’ve seen them in the past. Finally, The Kings muscling through an injury, big time. I LOVE HIM. Derek says it was a work of art – agreed.

One wrong step in a Tango and Derek will see it. I had the feeling at the time (last Sunday) that this whole division was edited down for time and it did them a huge disservice. I dunno, I feel like they got short shrift. Access Live co-host, Scott Evans took over as host in the third season. The act with the higher score moves on to The Cut; the other faces immediate elimination. So, Derek is doing all the BTS video and none of the talking during the mentoring. Love the Boot(s). I love when they have the bridge and someone is sitting on with and they go into slow motion. I love these BTS things, and the out takes. That was really really good, but he didn’t take the risks that Derion and Madison did. I get that. The top three scoring acts in each division move on to Divisional Final. Did they grow and evolve? Seeing more contemporary and less ballet util the middle which is effective.

Seems like it was shorter than others too. In Redemption, the two highest scoring eliminated acts have one final chance to compete for the last spot in the next round of the competition. Derek liked the scream and said it jolted him in a good way. Dancetown Divas (95.7) Kayla Mak up next and I suspect she won’t be edited. Individual and group dancers of all age groups compete in the qualifiers to move on to the duel round. . Pop superstar and rom-com favorite Jennifer Lopez is returning as one of the judges, and she’s also on board as an executive producer. She’s brilliant. So, did the right team win the Division?? I feel like they got short changed, these two in particular. And Ne-Yo admits that he’s being ridiculously nit-picky. The Qualifiers - The contestants have to qualify with at least 85 points (80 in seasons 1 and 2) to make it to The Duels. They knew IN THE MOMENT after seeing that dance that they lost. He calls it a Monet, it was so artistic. Well, I thought the Lab were firing on all cylinders all season long – I think that win was clear cut. No doubt. What the hell? Judges raving and screaming. Why are they front loading the show with the guests?? I wonder if WoD realizes that Unity LA winning wasn’t shown last week. ET, beginning March 3. They were my favorites from the last two years and that’s why. As I noted in my final live blog post for the season, hip hoppers have always won, either in pairs or groups. Is she better than Moving 4ward or Kayla or Ellie & Ava?? Ne-Yo calls her a superhero and says she’s so strong and has so much power. It’d be funny if Unity LA won after all this commentary. I have some news to share: I will not be returning to the show as host for season 3. OMG. The judges will score each act based on their artistry, precision and athleticism, and the top scoring act from each duel will move forward in the competition. They might have just won the show, unless Ellie and Ava do something incredible. Each subsequent episode will air Sundays at 8 p.m.

I seem to recall in the earlier rounds them chatting up all the ladies. In this round, the top qualifying acts from each division will choose a rival and face off in a head to head elimination duel. Show us your best moves, and don’t forget the hashtag! But…I don’t think they’re the Wild Card because we already have two hip hop teams in there and we already have a contemporary single. Derek says they had more dancing and he loved the culture. Well, that was a damn good season, IMO. But the problem for me is that this dance was so cliched contemporary. Love Radiance… they did have a few tiny mistakes though. Oh I forgot that we don’t get to see the scores until the end. J.Lo Hit the Oscars Red Carpet with Alex Rodriguez, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. (2017– ). Two degrees in geology also means I love BEER. The Kings are up next and they are super raw. Jennifer mentored the Junior Teams, Derek worked with the Junior acts, Ne-Yo worked with the Upper acts, and tWitch worked with the Upper Teams. Amazing, but no. Season 2 received a 16-episode order,[4] six more than the ten-episode first season.

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