It has the same abilities as a normal Wither, but it seems to have the power to absorb blocks, making the beast stronger. if redboy own that add-on he should post this add-on for along time ago…. It is all because red boy open it freely. You bad life is none of my business.

Oh…I am sorry to make so much wrong in spell… Is it Really cool! © 2010 - 2020 what have you done to her!? It almost looks like a mod! If you watched his channel carefully, you will see that he use Chinese software called MC box(In his video called ‘You need a diamond to get it). Link 1 and link 3 are TWO different witherstorms with different unique animations, behavior and textures. Love the recreation pack. I am a Chinese. This had nothing to do with u, nosy kid. Because “his” titans’ animation and behavior are as same as 晚枫歌’s titan zombie. AND THEN EVEN SAID THEY WILL DESTROY ME AND STEAL ALL MY MODELS PROUDLY?

i think the creator deleted my old comment, Add wither storm background music. You’re making a lot of unnecessary drama. Step Three: Spawn a Wither on the Players team with this command: /summon WitherBoss ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"WitherStorm",CustomNameVisible:1,Invulnerable:1,Team:"Players"} Step Four: Set the gamerule “MobGriefing” to false, then, also execute this command: /scoreboard teams options Players friendlyfire false Great! I have send it to MCPEDL. When is V3 coming? Despite making a really good witherstorm far better than what we had, we have to be legit here. Hello, I’m the author,I didn’t find it in time because of this bug.I’ll fix it next time. I am also a Chinese, and I also know the developer of the Titan module.|Material+Icons&display=swap,//,//,//, How To Summon The Wither Storm in VANILLA MC! he said: “HEY GUYS I MADE THIS ADDON COOL RIGHT LOL” The wither storm needs to start on 150 of health, and grows up by sucking blocks. 晚枫歌 is a Chinese addon maker too. He tries to win your sympathy. This is 晚枫歌’s addon and you can compare it with redboy’s, I found the real creator of the wither storm addon in twitter his name is 晚枫歌 MC, It kills it self in the last stage can you fix that please, I love this add-on but the wither storm are in the final stage its just explodes Please fix it, Well its actully vice versa jsut look at when this is uploaded and when redboygamer uploaded his, His was created before redboy, it says it right there on the files, Can u make it were it doesnt die in the end of his stage.

The answer is YES The Wither Storm's appearance has some similarities with the regular Wither. I have to say redboy lied you for a long time. Oh and when its on fourth stage he has a wither storm head can you add one little tentacle on episode 1 so you can make it like the movie i will rate 1 star if you dont di it! And don’t make those weird sounds. Thanks!!

Command Creation, /summon WitherBoss ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"WitherStorm",CustomNameVisible:1,Invulnerable:1,Team:"Players"}, /scoreboard teams options Players friendlyfire false, /tp @e[Type=FallingSand] @e[Type=Witherboss], /summon FallingSand ~ ~2 ~ {NoGravity:1b,Block:command_block,Data:0,Time:1,DropItem:0}, summon your very own Dr. Trayaurus bodyguard,, Make entities WALK via command blocks! Hey creator if you are reading this Redboygamers wither storm is WAY better I care about him so ya freak the addon creator, DESTROY REDBOY IMMEADIATLY OR ELSE IF REDBOY DOESENT STOP STEALING EVERYONES MODS I WILL TRACK HIM DOWN AND I WILL DESTROY HIM AND ILL EAT HIS FLESH KILL THE POLICE IF THEY TRY TO STOP ME AND I WILL DRINK REDBOYS BLOOD DESTROY HIS DEVICE WHERE HES STEALING ALL THESE MODS AND WHEN IM DONE DESTROYING IT I WILL DESTROY HIS HOUSE (oh and if he hasa pet i will make it my pet cause i love animals) CURSE YOU REDBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was created by building a Wither with a command block in place of the middle soul sand and it absorbs blocks and mobs to increase in strength. Titan zombie and wither storm are in MC box too so it gave him chance to steal it. Yes, the Wither Storm starts like a normal wither but with a command block. Also could you/your friend make it weaker as it seems impossible to me lol and make it spawnable in survival and drop some good loot such as 3 nether stars and a bunch of exp. He’s a jerk so sorry he did that too you, U must make the wither strom turn and mive slower.

Redboy is what you would call a Robin Hood, not a thief. Don’t try to stop me. First of all he didn’t steal code. Redboy is just a thief. I know now. You’re just trying to get redboys to quit because you are JEALOUS!! Whether it be via adfly, linkvertise, or a mediafire link. How about you leave him alone because he worked hard on the additions that he put in the addon and you just give him a treatment like RBG. STOP REDBOY OR YOU WILL PAY FOR IT. i heard that you had fixed those bugs. Whenever it’s tractor beam hits a mob, it doesn’t do anything.

And when I summoned the wither storm. actually, i think engender mod version is the one redboy stole. Okay this creator is 100% Chinese because I’m Chinese but was borned in Thailand haha and I could speak English too.

Maybe I’ll make the two storms fight he’d-on!

Thanks bro! \:/.

Anyway, I can tell he is stealing addons that people put a lot of work into! What about the wither storm addon?! H2Vwither123 should have uploaded the Ultra Drowned addon to mcpedl with adlfly.

Status DragonB0y is right, Redboy steals addons. emmm I am sorry but we will try to fix this bug. The Wither Storm is kinda hard to fight with the error tho… But anyways, great mod dude! -WB, Its a spawn egg also this mod is amazing update it more though, Holy shi* This looks just like ageofminecraft *faints*. Can you please send the Ultra Drowned Addon over to such as titan zombie and wither storm. HA! For any one of you guys out there who’ve played. THE MODELS LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME AS BEFORE (excluding stage 5). , Yes ita chargeable only can down on chinese minecraft. SCREW YOU CREATOR YOU MADE RED BOY QUIT YOUTUBE . Cheers! The Wither Storm is a massive monster resembling a floating island, with three huge heads that each have two rows of teeth. This thing does 100,000 per skull. good addon. I bring you this addon come in and see it! He is the mosat powerful boss in Minecraft BE ever. That’s not the reason why he stole so much codes. Stop 鸥吃鱼! Also make tentacles random at going up and down.Great addon though, Can you plz fix the bugs: Twitching, no music, INSTANTLY DIES WHEN ITS BIG, come on. Cuz I don’t see his channel on Youtube. You really think adfly will help? As far as the ultra drowned addon, he only did that because H2VWither123 refused to provide a way for americans to buy the addon.

I like this add-on.

He just cheats by finding the coolest addons and claims them as his own content. Bro not all of us is a kid lol to me redboy is a good guy because he share this add-on for free lol why need to be mad and also you guys be famous or maybe get a bit money but maybe not because it is true that he steal and not even give the credit and tell the truth of the Creator of the add-on lol, Maybe RedBoy forgot to credit H2VWither123 and CN on accident making him say “HEY I MADE THIS ADDON COOL LOL” instead of “I IMPROVED SOMEONE’S WITHERSTORMTO V3 CHECK IT OUT”?

8. And my friend 安瑞CN don’t copy any codes It worked on mine! It has 6 stages you can kill it if you are strong and clever enough.

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