Luster dust comes in dry powder form and is available in retail sizes (5grams, 1oz and 2oz) as well as larger wholesale and bulk sizes (1lb, 5lb and above). Luster Dusts are ideal for use on rolled fondant, gum paste, fondant flowers, plaques & lettering or any baking masterpiece. It only takes a small amount of liquid, so start with a few drops and mix until you get a consistency you like. Ultimate Baker luster dusts look amazing when mixed with Ultimate Baker edible glitters or natural baking sugars. Most luster dust is labeled "non-toxic," meaning that it won't harm you if consumed. In these instances, only use that luster dust on decorative elements that will not be eaten, like gum paste flowers on a cake.
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To use as a food coloring: Simply add 2 parts water to 1 part powder (use less water if you want a stronger shade). This edible dust sticks well to fondant and gum paste but can also be used to add a hint of color and glittery highlight to frostings and icings. Luster Dust is made of very fine dust like particles that leave a sheen effect with a slight color tone.

Luster dust is a common term used to describe a family of tasteless decorative powders used by bakers and confectioners.

You use a soft blush brush to paint your cake surface to get the effect you want. Petal dust is the matte finish version of luster dust. Store jars of luster dust in a cool, dark place. Luster dusts come in a large variety of colors and look great when added to your favorite treats.

Luster Dust . However, if you would prefer a matte finish then Ultimate Baker also has a large range of petal dusts available.

Another way Luster and Petal Dusts are used are by diluting it with an alcohol such as vodka and painting with it as it were a wet paint.

Not all luster dust is edible. Luster dust is known by many different names in the US.

Keep in mind, though, that just because something is not toxic does not mean it is intended to be eaten.

Luster dust is quick and simple to use. Also by diluting it further, Luster and Petal Dusts can be passed through an airbrush. These are clearly labeled "Not for Consumption" or "For Decorative Use Only." Our luster dusts are made with mica based pearlescent, a naturally occurring compound, and then colored with all natural fruit and vegetable extracts such as beet root or spirulina. Additionally, some contain iron blue or chromium oxide.

Luster dust comes in a wide variety of colors, but the most commonly used shades are gold and silver.

If you want an evener application or intense color, mix the luster dust with alcohol (vodka is recommended) or an alcohol-based extract like lemon extract. Luster Dust is far different from Disco Dust. Copyright © 2020 CaljavaOnline. Will Wipe New® damage my clothes? There is no difference between Luster Dusts and Lustre Dusts. Use it dry, mix it with other colors, or brush it on with alcohol-based liquids like flavored extracts. What is the difference between Luster Dust and Petal Dust? Ultimate Baker luster dusts and petal dusts look amazing when used with Ultimate Baker baking sugars and edible glitters. You can also quickly apply luster dust to candies by placing a small amount with the candy in a container, closing the lid, then shaking it until the candy is covered. Sign up for email updates and we'll email you a code for $5 off your first order of $25 or more. The most common way to use Luster and Petal Dusts are by using a dry brush similar to makeup powder. PROVIDING BEAUTIFUL CAKE DECOR FOR AMAZING CAKE ARTISTS. If your luster dust container is not labeled, the only way to be certain of the ingredients is to contact the company and inquire about that specific shade. Simply dilute the Dust with an alcohol such as a clear rum or vodka to about a 2 alcohol :1 dust ratio and fill the airbrush. Ultimate Baker's Luster dust is an all natural edible food and cake decorating powder that adds sparkle and shine once sprinkled on.

Each Luster dust color creates a different effect to give the luster you are looking for.

Luster dust can also be mixed with alcohol and used with a food-grade airbrushing machine. To create food coloring simply follow the instructions below. Commonly cited ingredients are titanium dioxide, iron oxide, carmine, and mica.

You can also apply lustre dust dry for a toned down shimmer. Mix until completely dissolved. Bottle contains 2 grams of luster dust. North Americans and Europeans seem to use it most. Luster dust comes in a wide variety of colors, but the most commonly used shades are gold and silver. When buying luster dust, particularly online, be sure to do so from a trusted source. We just know you will love our complete range of dusting powders, from our luster dusts to petal dusts. We have over 15 luster dust colors now available to choose from. We welcome any further questions and please send us your photos so we can share. Caljava International, Inc. Northridge, CA. Luster Dust can be diluted and passed through an airbrush, where Disco Dust is too large and can not. Ultimate Baker luster dusts and petal dusts are all edible, gluten free, and manufactured under strict quality control standards. Luster dust is a lovely subtle shimmery powder that can be applied to dried gum paste and fondant design elements such as flowers to create subtle realistic color and sparkle. morning dew, rain)? You will have to mask off parts that you don't want to be painted.

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Is additional prep needed for specific substrates? Some disreputable retailers have repackaged similar dust that was intended for industrial uses or as craft glitter and sold it for food decorations. Edible sprays are another option that only adds color. Manufacturers throughout the world produce various types of luster dust—not all of which is edible—and its use is just as widespread. Disco Dust is made of larger particles similar to glitter, giving a very dramatic “Bling” shine and effect. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. Luster Dust and Petal Dust can be passed through the airbrush to quickly add color. Luster Dust and Petal Dust can be diluted to be used to paint with. All varieties of luster dust are used for cake and candy decorating, though they have different properties and produce different effects.

Looking to make the best desserts ever?

Adding the luster dust dry lets you see the original cookie color, but adds a sheer, metallic shimmer. There are many ways to decorate foods without luster dust. For a shiny metallic look that's flat against the surface without added sweetness, edible gold leaf is a good choice. Simply brush on top of your favorite treats using a dry brush to give an amazing sparkle finish.

Luster dust can simply be brushed onto molded candies, fondant, and gum paste with a dry brush. Ultimate Baker luster dusts are safe to eat and look amazing! Ultimate Baker Luster dusts are designed to create that extra sparkle and shine on your baked treats. Sparkle Dust - Typically a larger grain size of luster dust but gives the same color and sparkle. All ingredients are natural and using only FDA approved ingredients. The advantage of this method is that you do not have to grapple with getting the right consistency of liquid solution. A little goes a LONG way.

There are many different brands of luster dust and most of them are not individually labeled with ingredients. Do not mix the luster dust with water, as the majority are not water-soluble and will result in a sticky mess.

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