NJ, here! You can also try and use the new use the new CHAT feature on FloridaJobs.org. Just as of the last claim I had to complete I started receiving only $600, instead of the 1,000 they were giving me. But this will mean calling a representative. Then I told her I had the wrong number.

I made a mistake on my claim and cant seem to get a agent on the phone.

To speak to a live person, you fill out the Ask EDD form on their website https://askedd.edd.ca.gov/asp/frmEDDCOMM.aspx in a way that will cause them to call you.

You just have to spend 40 hours a week on the phone, trying.

You're going to have to get your financial assistance from babydaddy.

Here are the best contact numbers and tips to get in touch a live agent at the NJ Division of Unemployment Insurance Labor and Workforce Development (LWD). While record amounts of people lined the Unemployment offices, the major reconstruction came just as steadily. Phone line hours changed and calls are now answered only between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. To certify for Unemployment Insurance benefits, click here or call Tele-Serve at 312-338-4337 Monday – Friday 3:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. Call: 800-558-8321. Jump to your State – Florida (FL), California (CA), New York (NY), Texas (TX), New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), Illinois (IL) (more coming soon), You can see the regularly updated CA resource page for more information and reader comments on dealing with the CA EDD, but here are the best contact numbers for help with your UI Claim. Learn how your comment data is processed. I understand how frustrating it can be when you need to speak to a person and find yourself struggling through the endless navigation of a recorded system. Several weeks go by and still no reply.

Saying they needed verification of my identity and so On the 17th of August, i mailed out the required documents to the address they gave me. Can someone help explain why I didn’t? I knew she would.

News and Updates, People NOW Seeing Their Tax Refunds Banked Plus Tips on What to do if Your Refund Has Not Yet Been Received, Another $500 Child Stimulus Check For Dependents – Eligibility and IRS Payment Fixes, What Happens Now With Extra Unemployment Following the End of the $300 LWA and $600 FPUC Payments, Stimulus Bill Update – Extra Unemployment and Another Round of Stimulus Checks, 2021 vs 2020 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), Social Security and Medicare Tax Rates, Preparing For Your 2020 Tax Filing: Maximize Your Tax Refund In 2021 For COVID Stimulus Payments and Extra Unemployment, Nevada (NV) DETR Unemployment Benefits News and Updates on $300 LWA, PUA, PEUC and $600 FPUC. I have been on unemployment for a few months because I am very pregnant and I haven't been able to find work. I’ve been trying to reach anyone concerning my login issue. I called the number every day this week all week and could never get threw.

We really do know more than EDD workers.

The challenge is that with all the enhanced unemployment programs now in place, ongoing staffing shortages at state UI agencies due to COVID work restrictions and ongoing system/IT issues with unemployment filing systems it is very hard to get through a live person that can help you.

I considered trying to go to the local unemployment office here because it’s abt 3 mins down the road from this hotel but just wondered if anyone else had tried that and if so were they able to get any answers or anything?

You can't rely on their verbal assurances anyway. Here are the best contact numbers and tips to get in touch a live agent at the NY DOL. Private health insurance companies make money by gambling whether you live or die. yes, call the state line for state employee 18779454747. prompts 3-7.

Call and never getting through. So how do you reach a live representative? GA Unemployment Insurance (UI): 404-232-3001 Definitely Inspiration for an upcoming article @Vanguard_Group, The content of this site is for informational purposes only. I try again to reach out to them finalky get to speak to a live agent only to find out that they never received my documents. Navigating through the system by waiting for the recorded messages to play out can take a very long time. She cracked up. One thing many readers have been complaining about when it comes to getting help or information on their pending or current unemployment claim is finding a number to call so that they can get through to someone they can speak to.

Many women who can't afford to be off work that long, go back sooner. Can my landlords insurance company deny my ESA? See the resource page on this site for more information and reader comments. I’ve been approved since 6/15 still yet to get my retroactive $600. Unfortunately, I’ve needed to get in touch with them sooner to clarify other necessary questions, so I have been calling each week with no luck. I believe we deserve to get the back pay but like I said it didn’t let us put the right dates. Phone line hours changed and calls are now answered only between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Then I was approved and taken off review but have yet to see anything. And if so, who do I put as my employer, since I'm unemployed? Your email address will not be published. 2-1- 2-3-1 -1 Then your social,Then 1 put your four digit pin# in then push 1 She will say she can’t find your info don’t hang up as soon as she says that she will say hold on for the next representative,Now at times as your putting everything in ,She will say you picked the wrong key listen but use that above you’ll get through I could call 10 times aday if I want to..GOOD LUCK.. Stay Safe Everyone, My name is James I’m from ga I haven’t received any money from pua an it’s been over two months an I been doing the weekly request for it but still no money I have the pua paper saying how much I’m get an I have my card but no money. Get your answers by asking now. I’ve been calling that number for the last 4 days still haven’t been able to get threw.

She transferred me to the person with whom I needed to speak, and achieved in minutes, what I had been striving to accomplish for weeks. There are no tricks.

Note: EDD representatives answering general questions will not have access to your claim or payment information. If you hear the message starting with, “Thank you for calling…”, hang up the phone because you will never get through to a live person.

I got a message: “we are currently closed. I still have not yet received any compensation. Before writing this post, I called and called until I finally got a live person.

ALJs overturn EDD workers 56% of the time because EDD workers aren't that great. I filed my first claim the last week of June.

To speak to a live person, you do not call them.

Keep going through these steps, and you will reach a live representative!

I am eligible but still have not received it. California: Help EDD Determination letter received, but no continue claim forms sent by EDD since August, Obtained PT employment while collecting EDD, was let go, now 8 months later EDD schedules phone interview about it.

They owe me money from the dates of 08/1/20 and 10/24/20…, Me too and I can’t get in touch with nobody. Was on EDD, got a temp work, will EDD pay be affected?

Visitors should not act upon the content or information without first seeking appropriate professional advice or the official source of information. I have been on unemployment for a few months because I am very pregnant and I haven't been able to find work. esp with my vehicle sitting on empty and I am not from around here so I don’t know anyone and I Was raised by my grandparents so as far as I know. I need help so bad. Reemployment Assistance Hotline for UI Claims – 1-833-352-7759 (1-833-FL-APPLY).

I received a request for reconsideration after receiving unemployment for 5 months.I did what they said over the phone to call on Monday to re-apply and did so.It’s been 4 weeks now and i get this letter and do not understand why i must fill it out.Been trying to call someone for help but cannot reach anyone.Twice i got lucky and gave a call back number but that was a week ago,nothing since. I’ve tried calling every number I can find. I don’t have any family still living so I don’t have anyone to turn to for help so I’m lost as to what to do….

Do I Have to Pay My Unemployment Benefits Back?

I was receiving payments and my bank account closed there are still no updates on my account whats should I do, I have lost my job filed unemployment and when I was working less hours my employer also filed for me but has not received any financial assistance yet.. Its now the 25th and still nothing.

I don’t know what is going on but I’m trying to find out I need help and no one is available.

The EDD has various call center lines, which can be confusing.

I need my regular benefits closed out so that I can apply for pua. I have a few friends that live there and they said yes they pay retroactive! Follow the steps below.

She didn't know how I got the number, but wasn't overly concerned. In meantime bills pile up …billions of dollars are sitting there supposedy for this one particiular group of unemployed due to pandemic.there 3 phone numbers to call no way to get thru to any of them,,bizzy 24/7…nobody repsonds to email or texts,,even tho i faxed in all info needed and keep applying weekly ..where will it end? CA EDD question (urgent! Please let us know if you can help us get our back pay. 22 removes 'dark cloud' for Uber and Lyft, Fox News' big Arizona call angered Trump camp: NYT, https://askedd.edd.ca.gov/asp/frmEDDCOMM.aspx.

Don’t Refile just continue claiming on my scheduled day when it allowed me to actually certify it said not payable. I have been trying to speak with a live person for unemployment in the state Of my New Jersey for the last 3 weeks and I can never speak with any one at all. I’m in NC and receiving the PUA each week but I have been unemployed since March 28,2020. I am writing this in the hopes that someone who can assist sees this… or knows a trick that, perhaps, I don’t. Wondering if there is a direct number for Illinois? With so many budget cuts, which we’ve yet to recover from, it became very difficult to get live support from many government agencies. I then got the message: “all of our customer service lines are full and we are not taking any more calls at this time.

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