There are few minor dings, dents, marks and scraches, I see couple of minor repairs(soldered) bell is in good shape, no major damages, I could move one slide and I did not want to try force for removing other slides/valves, I bought this along 2 other instruemnts from a music teaches and she told me this was ok but not used for a while and I have not been able to take it to brass technician for inspection therefore I am selling this baritone as is with no gurantee what so ever. The slide is extremely smooth and fast, and is a little narrower than on the Bach. Size – A second difference between the baritone and euphonium is found not in the tubing, but in the overall size of the instrument. To large to ship International. Large bore diameters mean lower resistance, making them much more suitable to advanced players. them. Now that the basic myths have been put to rest, consider what is actually different between the baritone horn and euphonium: Bore shape – As Andy McKeown states (“Conical v. Cylindrical Bore- What’s the Difference?”) the bore of an instrument, the diameter of the tubing, can be either conical or cylindrical in nature. However it is possible that manufacture was entirely Austrian. In terms of specification, the H179 has a .468 inch bell that measures 12.25 inches in diameter. It comes with a hard shell case and a mouthpiece. The Holton is known for its deep and rich sounding notes for the artist. Any questions call us at 732-530-3353 or 732-842-0731. I am brand new to the forum - just finding it this week. The 11 inch bell gives it a focus that projects well with a full, clear sound. The serial number dates is back to around 1951. Wis. If you enjoyed and valued these resources, we'd appreciate a donation.

I do not know what size you wear! “The Holton B490RS euphonium is the same as a Weril H980, just made for Holton by Weril. The 11 bell helps provide a big, focused sound that projects well. This allows the use of the mid-range fingerings (plus the fourth valve) to play low notes. In the event you experience any problems with your order. The valves move but they are sluggish. I have been collecting doublebells for over 20 years. However, the moving parts all operate and it comes with Vincent Back mouthpiece: Holton Elkhart. There are some other small bumps visible in the photos which do not affect the sound. This baritone is in very good condition relative to its age. The Holton 160 is quite flexible with a great focused tone and intonation.

There are two serial numbers on the horn, 11327 on valve 4, which dates to 1910; while 25750, which dates to 1914, appears on the second valve(I believe) This is consistent with Holton's not moving out of Chicago until 1918.

I have had all 5 valves replated by Anderson.

Thanks so much! It has excellent pitch, tone, and response throughout the … The Holton B490RS euphonium is the same as a Weril H980, just made for Holton by Weril. A great instrument for bands and orchestras with great responsiveness and projection. Western Europe, Japan, international buyers please check with me/usps web site for qualify countries before bidding) Sold as is. Waterkey: Nickel silver

From the Garden, State Parkway Take exit 109 and follow signs for Route 520 East.

Sales tax must be collected for all Texas. A lot of buying a baritone horn is subjective to your personal preferences, but there are a few things that you can look for when purchasing one. common in high school marching bands. Four-valve baritones are, however, rare to find and because of the complication they add, they are not suggested as suitable instruments for the beginner.
Used Holton 490RS Collegiate Euphonium Silver Plate- F692- OUR PRICE: $1.999.99.

Both the Holton and Besson are terrific euphoniums! Sold As Is: For Parts Or Repair. The first bottom bend after the bell has some kind of patch(see photo# 10) The large"U" tube has a solder joint seperation nearest the spit-valve. Also. I do not feel they equal the projection of other available. information or photos of this item. If your price conscious and can’t go Kanstul, depends what you prefer: If you like tone over low range go for the dynasty. You are welcome to inspect and play test this instrument: you can do that near Croydon[Victoria] train/bus station- call me on 0415425350.

With performance comparable to a costlier instrument. The old case had seen better days, so I purchased a new traditional case and the horn fits snugly by removing, the small bell and nesting it under the body of the main horn. The Holton 160 is quite flexible with a great focused tone and intonation. If you are not sure this is the instrument for you, try the Yamaha YBH-301S Series, which is more intended for the younger students. Intonation’s not that solid.

These are often cheaply made and do not play well. The item shows use with a lot of dings and dents. !LOW $$$, Vintage Holton 182 3-Valve Baritone Euphonium SN210076 brass chrome upright, Holton B601 Baritone Euphonium sn 232677 for Project/Repair, Chicago Champion silver euphonium - superb engraving- early model - Holton 15 MP, Yamaha/ Holton 3 Valve euphonium Plays great ser#001038, Frank Holton 3-Valve Euphonium upright bell SN: 47913 silver plated. It’s better suited for a serious player that has graduated from being a hobbyist. A little review, from my opinion: Yamaha: Only one with a large shank mouthpiece receiver. This model is HOLTON’S- 3 valve euphonium with a bore size of.560. We are offering a superb Holton B601R 3 VALVE Euphonium. This horn was truly the best player in my opinion and with the replated valves it definitely is the pearl of my collection. There are major dents on the bell bow. The Holton has a large shank mouthpiece receiver, which allows for the use of a greater selection of larger mouthpiece sizes than is possible with the small shank on the Yamaha. An intermediate model with a compensating system, the Jupiter JBR730 Standard Series baritone looks and plays wonderfully. Remember, a durable, easy to handle instrument that emits a full sound is essential to the initial musical experience. Hand grip: Chrome-plated A silver-plated yellow brass baritone horn, this instrument has a bright, vibrant sound that stands out in bands and orchestras. You are bidding on one(1) Holton Model 185 Euphonium This auction features an unusual vintage musical instrument.
Too bad not many high schools use them as they’re nearly as heavy as marching euphoniums and cost. I am retired and my recent one month stay in the hospital has reminded me that I had better start thinking of thinning out my collection so my family won't be left with horns they don't know what to do with. For example, play a first position middle F, add the trigger, and you can now play a C below the F in first position. We will ship internationally through ebay global shipping or USPS with prior permission please email us to see, if we can ship to your country and we will reply with a quote with how much it will cost. The silver plating is 95% or so. Bulbs may burn out within a few days. ALL ITEMS ARE EXPERTLY PACKED TO ARRIVE IN GOOD ORDER. (Yamaha made better but didnt sound better to me for outdoor playing) jupiter price varies widely online, so do some research and contact music shops as some will price match. Used Mouthpiece included. International buyer is responsible for any international Tariff, customs, Broker or additional cross border fees. This baritone is designed with a quick and easy response for early stages of learning. Pull rings on the first two slides make tuning a breeze and the notes are very responsive. Instrumental Savings notes that bore sizes are measured in thousandths of an inch and range from 0.500 to 0.562. The main factors are the craftsmanship and metal of the baritone. Ready to play now, but with a little more work could be a very nice horn. They are not harder or easier, just different. Size – A second difference between the baritone and euphonium is found not in the tubing, but in the overall size of the instrument. SN 20990 Mouth piece is also a Frank Holton and is#14 App 28 1/2" long. You are bidding on a silver.

Holton B302R Euphonium It has excellent pitch, tone, and response throughout the range. Thank you. overall length. Over that time. No serious dents or damage. An intermediate model with a compensating system, the Jupiter JBR730 Standard Series baritone looks and plays wonderfully. Whatever your needs, whatever your desires, there is sure to be a baritone horn for you in this article. With nine feet of tubing, the baritone horn plays the same notes as the trombone and even has the same mouthpiece, but Valves replace slides as the main way to change notes. See pictures for details Auction includes: Euphonium. Lightweight and compact, this is the perfect baritone for younger players. International bidders please note that items ship to the eBay U.S. Inc. is an affiliate of Cash America International©, a NYSE company. There are a few differences between the four: Yellow Brass 70% copper, 30% zinc: Highly susceptible to corrosion cutting and direct, bright Garage sales, swap meets, etc. Decline, or counter accordingly. Intermediate – step-up baritones have more options available for the musician who has played for at least two to three years. Store: G1 Our customer's satisfaction is our top priority. Although often listed as a student horn, in choosing a euphonium, as far as I am concerned it is a first class professional quality instrument." The customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

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