Song information for Goodnight My Someone - Jimmy McPartland's All Stars on AllMusic [3] John Chapman of the Daily News pronounced The Music Man "one of the few great musical comedies of the last 26 years", stating that Of Thee I Sing (1931) "set a standard for fun and invention which has seldom been reached. Marian tells her to just say goodnight to her "someone" ("Goodnight, My Someone"). In the 1960 film The Apartment, Jack Lemmon's character is given tickets to the show but is stood up at the Majestic Theatre. [25] Some of the cultural references are anachronistic: "Trouble" contains references to both Captain Billy's Whiz Bang, a monthly humor magazine that did not begin publication until October 1919, and the nonalcoholic "near-beer" Bevo, which was first brewed in 1916. Promotional copies of the 45 rpm single, Capitol P3847, were released on November 26, 1957, even before the Broadway production had premiered. The next day, Harold walks into the library to woo Marian in earnest ("Marian the Librarian"). "[34], Walter Kerr of the Herald Tribune glowingly described the opening scene of the musical: "It's the beat that does it. When Winthrop forgets to be shy and self-conscious because he is so happy about his new cornet, Marian begins to see Harold in a new light. Prim librarian and piano teacher Marian sees through him, but when Harold helps her younger brother overcome his lisp and social awkwardness, Marian begins to fall in love with him. [5], The character Marian Paroo was inspired by Marian Seeley of Provo, Utah, who met Willson during World War II, when Seeley was a medical records librarian.

For example, in making his pitch, Harold Hill lists popular musicians and composers: Gilmore, Pat Conway, Giuseppe Creatore, W.C.
Robert Sean Leonard and Eric McCormack portrayed Hill later in the run.

In Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997), Michele sings "The Wells Fargo Wagon". In another episode, "Patriot Games", Peter showboats after scoring a touchdown by leading a stadium full of people in a rendition of "Shipoopi", complete with choreography from the film.

They warn Harold that she advocates "dirty books" by "Chaucer, Rabelais and Balzac" ("Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little"). The Music Man's popularity has led to its being mentioned, quoted, parodied or pastiched in a number of media, including television, films and popular music. He only has a few minutes before his train leaves, but stops to flirt with Marian. Mrs. Paroo likes Harold and tries to find out why Marian is not interested. The original cast recording was released by Capitol Records on January 20, 1958 in stereophonic & monaural versions and held the #1 spot on the Billboard charts for twelve weeks, remaining on the charts for a total of 245 weeks. The ladies rehearse their classical dance in the school gym while the school board practices their quartet ("It's You") for the ice cream social. True love can be whispered from heart to heart, when lovers are parted, they say .

Howard Bay designed the sets.

[citation needed], The musical includes numerous references to popular culture of the time. While an average-sized high school marching band might have about 10 musicians playing the trombone, and a large college marching band seldom has more than 30 trombonists, the band that Harold Hill describes to the citizens includes 76 trombones, 110 cornets, "more than a thousand reeds", double bell euphoniums, and "fifty mounted cannon" (which were popular in bands of the late 19th century). With a hundred and ten cornets close at hand ... Leroy Anderson wrote a popular arrangement of the piece integrating other popular marches, including Stars and Stripes Forever and The Washington Post March by John Philip Sousa (in whose band Willson had played), the National Emblem march by Edwin Eugene Bagley, the Swedish march "Under blågul fana" ("Under the Blue and Yellow Flag") by Viktor Widqvist, and the Second Regiment, Connecticut National Guard march by D. W. Reeves.

As Marian waits alone for Harold, traveling salesman Charlie Cowell enters with evidence against Harold, hoping to tell Mayor Shinn. But Marian tells Winthrop that she believes everything Harold ever said, for it did come true in the way every kid in town talked and acted that summer. [40], The North Iowa Band Festival in Mason City, Iowa, is a yearly event celebrating music with a special emphasis on marching bands. [31] ln 1963, The Beatles covered "Till There Was You" on their second LP With the Beatles (issued on Meet the Beatles! [17] Jefferson Mays and Jayne Houdyshell have been cast to play Mayor and Mrs. Shinn, with Shuler Hensley as Marcellus and Marie Mullen as Mrs. Paroo. Winthrop is heartbroken and tells Harold that he wishes Harold never came to River City. It is produced by Scott Rudin, Barry Diller and David Geffen and set to be directed by Jerry Zaks, with choreography by Warren Carlyle. Several Music Man songs were used in Ally McBeal, for example in the season 2 episode "Sex, Lies and Politics" in which lawyer John Cage spurs the jury into singing "Ya Got Trouble" with him. In the musical, "Professor" Harold Hill uses the song to help the townspeople of River City, Iowa visualize their children playing in a marching band by claiming to recall a time when he saw several famous bandleaders' bands in a combined performance. Regarding Winthrop's cornet, Marian later questions Harold about his claim that "you don't have to bother with the notes".

Den ble utgitt som albumets eneste singel i 1975. In this section, you are going to explore the beautiful Romantic Good night messages. Marian gives a piano lesson to a little girl named Amaryllis while arguing with her widowed mother about her high "standards where men are concerned"; she mentions the man who followed her home ("Piano Lesson/If You Don't Mind My Saying So"). [4] Willson wrote about his trials and tribulations in getting the show to Broadway in his book But He Doesn't Know the Territory.
Harold follows Marian home, attempting to flirt with her, but she ignores him. She leaves, promising to see him later at the Sociable. [15][16], A Broadway revival is planned to begin previews on December 20, 2021, and open on February 10, 2022, at the Winter Garden Theatre, starring Hugh Jackman as Hill and Sutton Foster as Marian. Preston, Cook and Burns also won.

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