In the bathroom, Glenn won't give Jonah any personal space so Jonah can't go. To get Glenn to admit the truth, Dina starts drop kicking the wise men but when she picks up Baby Jesus, Glenn grabs him in horror and admits the true nature of the display. Glenn gives Emma a traditional quinceañera doll which he and Jerusha made. Tate refuses as it's illegal.

Jonah suggests that if they cause enough damage in the store, the cash can be used for it's intended purpose and Glenn won't technically have embezzled it.
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Mateo calls Glenn's bluff.

All the staff are seen wearing her hats and scarves. — Garrett, " Grand Re-Opening ". Unable to keep Glenn in his office, Cheyenne and Mateo follow him into the store where Justine is trying to sell ice pops by suggestively sucking on them. Glenn has Jonah and Dina hang a sheet over the hole in the drywall where Sal's face can be seen. Set? To Dina's delight, they find a mob of staff outside Glenn's office waiting to confess offences. Glenn is a devout Christian who attends Life's Works Church and will sometimes proclaim his beliefs in the workplace, much to Dina's dismay.

There, McKinney met Bruce McCulloch. "Wedding Day Sale": Glenn finds out Mateo is gay and when a gay couple, Andy and Russell, approaches them seeking advice. Glenn starts praying to various gods. Glenn yells that everyone has to buy something or he'll fire them. In Glenn's office, Glenn has a yellow book with personal notes on all the store's suppliers. He asks Mateo to help him put together a display for gay weddings. Jonah tries to find out Glenn's true feelings about him dating Kristen. In his office, Glenn is tempted to open the envelope so he gives it to Garrett with orders not to tell him the contents. He jokes with Dina about her being his surrogate. Posted by. The staff start to kid Glenn that he has an open marriage and when it's explained to him what this means, they jokingly threaten to tattle to her that he's cheating resulting in Glenn shouting at Jerusha to not answer her phone. He starts a party with liquor he's intentionally damaged and bonds with the staff. Glenn puts a child proof cover on his office door handle and unable to remove it, he's trapped inside. Exiting the washroom, Syd is stopped by Glenn and Dina who try to discretely ask him the penalty for voter fraud. When Jonah and Mateo suggest more damage that can be done to the store, Glenn rubs a wall affectionately and says no. While writing an email to Doug, the manager of the Bel-Ridge store, Glenn is manipulated by Garrett into writing one that makes it appear Glenn is interested in Doug. He is overjoyed when Dina steps down from assistant manager and after a long search, convinces Amy to take the job. Glenn starts raspberrying Dina, everyone cheers and then goes silent, wondering what to do next. Discovering that Amy kicked Pastor Craig out of the store, Glenn is egged on by Dina who blames Amy and then destroys a cardboard stand-up of Craig. He ends up learning to embrace other cultures. Glenn then can't remember if he said anything.

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He and Dina bond over creating a piñata and compare their partnership to jazz. Later, Glenn catches Amy in the Surveillance Office having tried to match Myrtle and Arthur up and joins in.

When Tom learns the job has no pay, all the Santas leave except for Cody. Glenn opines that Christmas is about looking back at the year's events which leads the staff to remember the many bad things that have happened.
Garrett catches Glenn worrying about speaking at the town hall and wolfing down antacids. He tries to leave a complaint message with corporate but can't. He's so happy for the opportunity that he'll even take the weird celebrity dream cameo as a good sign. Glenn is distressed to learn that the Pharmacy sells the morning-after pill so he buys the entire stock and then tries to re-sell them when he learns how expensive they are. This brings concern from Amy and Glenn.

Jordan Peterson in another life - Glenn Sturgis from Superstore. Glenn talks to Garrett about the award and since Garrett doesn't care about it, he announces on the store's P.A. In 1999 he appeared in the Canadian television film adaptation Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang. Glenn is having second thoughts about the drug testing when he finds out Dina wants to fire those that fail. During the video, Dina and Glenn say they got through the tornado like a family and Dina tolerates Glenn putting his arm around her shoulder. Glenn and Cheyenne venture onto the store's roof to fix the heating problem. She then calls Glenn and Sandra useless. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. As usual, he finds a way to connect the most mundane thing to his Christian values. After Amy is caught spying on the staff using monitors in the Surveillance Office, in the Break Room, Glenn takes down the camera.

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