Our last WA state volcano in the bag! The most commonly used camping places are Glacier Gap and a quarter of a mile from White Pass to the South.

It appeared that most people would rather sleep in and slog up in the heat than wake up early to get an alpine start and avoid heat, crevasse danger and rock fall from Disappointment Peak. This is a great place to take a break, filter water, or camp depending on how you plan your trip. We headed down and found a nice camp at the very end with privacy, wind shelter, and close proximity to water. From the pass, the steep flank of Portal Peak beckoned, so off we went for some bigger views. Ten other pyroclastic flow deposits are visible, all identified as relatively 10,000 years old. The log straddles a rather deep, but short eroded gully, which honestly is a bitch to climb over or out of, even with an ultralight pack. Patagonia Provisions / We reached the end of the Glacier just as the sun was coming up at around 5:30am. We would have been more efficient hiking unroped & no crampons from camp to this point. Immediately after the shelter the trail begins a series of switch backs up the valley, every time I've been though this spot it was always hot during the summer time. At the White Pass junction turn left onto the Foam Creek trail.

1 PM - Back at camp to rest and pack up. La forme générale de la montagne est conique mais ses flancs sont ponctués de nombreux antécimes et crêtes[2]. As far as what’s next? I assumed we had hit the summit of Pilot Ridge and were starting the descent down to the Sauk. In 1850 natives mentioned the volcano to naturalist George Gibbs saying that the volcano had once "smoked". For the Cool Glacier (Standard Route from the South) be sure to bring: It is advised that you know basic crevasse rescue including z-pulley and self rescue with prusiks or ascenders. Après trois à quatre jours de marche et environ 19,3 kilomètres parcourus[5], le sommet est atteint via le glacier White Chuck et le pic Disapointment sur la face sud[2]. Later in the season there are many boulders to pick through with abundant cairns marking the way. Le pic Glacier, en anglais Glacier Peak, est une montagne des États-Unis située dans l'État de Washington. From the parking lot begin hiking slightly up and down the pleasant North Fork Sauk river trail through large old growth trees. I ran much leaner on water the 3rd day than I would have liked. When I returned to our camp, most of the remaining sites had been filled by larger climbing parties and smaller parties hiking the loop. La meilleure période pour l'ascension du pic Glacier est de la fin du printemps jusqu'au milieu de l'automne, des mois de mai à octobre[7]. Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls.

We explored up the trail and found a large flat campsite in the trees with considerably less mosquitoes. The next morning Damon and I couldn’t believe how strongly the wind picked up overnight. Other than Mt. Before attempting this mountain you should be comfortable with using a ice axe, crampons, and going up semi steep snow slopes.

says: Basic Glacier Climb - Glacier Peak/Disappointment Peak Cleaver, https://www.mountaineers.org/activities/trip-reports/basic-glacier-climb-glacier-peak-disappointment-peak-cleaver-3. I was so enamored with the Glacier Peak Wilderness after last year’s overnight to Miner’s Ridge lookout that I couldn’t wait to get back, so I spent three days last weekend backpacking the White Pass/Pilot Ridge loop on Glacier’s south side. D'indice d'explosivité volcanique de 2 et ayant émis des lahars[11], elle a été observée par les Amérindiens[1],[4]. Just shy of 2 miles we passed the junction for Pilot Ridge, where we’d be coming back out on Sunday. (5), Images Juste à l'ouest du sommet, un pinacle rocheux, bien que semblant plus élevé, est en réalité plus bas de 2,5 mètres environ[9].

I imagine this section will get tricky as the season continues because it looks like it may stretch across most of the saddle/ridge between Glacier Peak & Disappointment peak. La première ascension du pic Glacier a été réalisée en juin 1897 par Darcy Bard, A. H. Dubor, Thomas Gerdine et Sam Strom[2], des membres de l'United States of Geological Survey[5]. Instead I stopped short of the ridge, enjoying the fog flowing over the tops of the fantastic green meadows as well as the numerous marmots who weren’t the least bit camera shy. Final section of climbing up to summit had an amazing boot pack.

This is an East-Side alternative to the North Fork Sauk approach. “Everyone else looks beat.”.

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