Wow, another cruise ship disappearance! Within the first 7 days of the cruise the Smiths were on, George went overboard, the young girl was allegedly raped by those hooligans and an elderly guest died of a heart attack..definitely not good omens!

At around 4:15am, the neighbour reports hearing voices ushering people out of the room, and distinctly heard the words "Goodnight, Goodnight" repeatedly, followed by the cabin door closing. Judging by the subsequent rape allegation made against them, they obviously had sinister intentions towards women. The Smith family attorney stated "the most incriminating statement (from the video) comes when one of them stands up at the end of the tape and sort of hunches his shoulders and flashes gang signs and says, 'Told ya I was gangsta' and in the context of the discussion about George's death, almost as if he's bragging about having done something to George.".

Alternatively a less nefarious theory is that George could have gone out to the balcony for a cigar and somehow fell overboard. Especially in men. This subreddit is about unsolved mysteries.

If he tried to keep up with them and wanted to appear cool, young and "harder" than he actually was by drinking large quantities of straight absinthe, he could easily have passed out and choked on his own vomit or could have fallen and hit his head, both of which could have led to his death. It should have taken her less than five minutes to return to her stateroom, and if she did return, might she have been there for some of the party and then left? User account menu. Police also boarded the ship, photographed the bloodstained canopy, and searched the Smiths’ stateroom. Josh Askin reported that Jennifer had been very flirtatious with one of the croupiers at the casino, a South African man named Lloyd Botah.

[6], Smith's disappearance has led to wider interest in passenger rights on cruise ships. They decide to throw his body overboard and concoct a story about leaving him alive in his cabin. It was here Jennifer passed out and was found by crew.

I really dont see a whole lot that would show a coverup. I’m wondering if the hooligans (Four suspects) are the source for Jennifer’s behavior. Perhaps he was gay?

According to Askin, he went to Kofman’s room with the others and was back in his own stateroom by 5:15am. And he was rather skinny and, I would guess, less imposing than a man with a broader, more muscular build. Where is Macin Smith? Two more incidents involving them allegedly occurred over the next 48 hours, one involving arguments between the Rozenbergs and staff over the age of their son Greg and whether he should be allowed enter the disco and another involving the four boys cursing at staff members.

It was only 5 miles from the AZ strip which is hundreds of miles of pure isolated desert. A photograph of a beachgoer in the Bronx was circulated due to its subject's resemblance to the missing camper only to later be identified and dismissed. I'm not Morman, but was in a conservative type of household growing up. I think there could have been other pressures, possibly. When they arrived at Stateroom 9062, Jennifer wasn’t there and George stated he wanted to find her. -Usually suicide victims are found within miles from their home. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the UnresolvedMysteries community, Continue browsing in r/UnresolvedMysteries.

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St. George is in the southwest corner of the state and is amidst multiple National Parks, State Parks, National Forests, etc.

However Royal Caribbean officials said that Mrs Smith actually arrived about an hour and a half early for her massage and was in the treatment room when crew members came looking for her. Two of my cousins are 6'8", and they really stick out.

The parents were summoned and were told that if another incident occurred, they would all be asked to leave the ship. On Thursday July 7th, a young girl reported being raped by Rusty Kofman and the three Rozenberg boys and the incident was videotaped. MACIN SMITH - MISSING (My theory) Close.

And it's very unfortunate. -How could a teenager of Macin’s unique height blend in unnoticed for so long?

Slavs gonna Slav. Then they threw him overboard which would be the loud noise the neighbour heard (plus it would presumably be dead weight so even heavier). The wiping makes me very suspicious. It was at this stage that Jennifer Smith's behaviour is called into question. Anyway I didn’t explain that as well as others have and have probably forgotten some details but I remember it making a lot of sense when I heard it! None of the men on my dad's side of the family are shorter than 6'2". So if someone was still in the room with George, did they manage to leave silently? Disappeared from St.George, Utah (Washington county 84790) DOB: April 7th, 1998 (now 19). I'm 6'4". George Smith's family and his wife insist he was murdered and the cruise staff covered it up to avoid a media frenzy.

Some very good points! Macin wiped his search history and activity shortly before he got his electronics taken, and law enforcement and family have monitored his social media since with no activity. In the US the average white man is 5'9.5"; in Utah the average white man is 5'11".

[5], Investigation of the disappearance continued in 2012. He says that everyone departed by 4:15am, leaving no one inside but George. With who?

I wasn't very articulate which the 7:30-3:15 timeline.

Macin had his electronics confiscated by his parents early in the morning on September 1st.

Maybe the group misremembered and only three men went back to the cabin, or maybe one left earlier? After the boat left Turkey on 5th July without Mrs Smith, the Rozenbergs and Mr Kofman continued to cause trouble. Log In Sign Up.

I was raised among Mormons and the culture and taboo around homosexuality is stifling.

Perhaps at this point the young men panic, as presumably they were the ones who had smuggled the absinthe on-board, and so felt they were somewhat responsible for his demise. Just to add one thing, if you see the blood stained area below his cabin, if he fell his body would have remained.

Case: •Prior to his disappearance, Macin informs his … Press J to jump to the feed.

[4] Geraldo Rivera aired a news story interviewing Josh Askin, one of the people last seen with Smith, along with two men of Russian origin; Greg Rozenberg and Zach Rozenberg. If that were my son, I would take that $100k and track down each of the individuals involved and serve up some vengeance. More significantly, the neighborhood which I believe he lived appears to sit right next to the wide open spaces to the east of the city. 3 Guys 1 Hammer logic: they just wanted to hurt someone. Glad you are still with us, hope things are better for you now. The four were traveling with relatives; their group, numbering eight people in all, consisted of two families, both with the surname Rozenberg.

Between them the families had three sons aboard, all said to be in their teens or early 20s: Jeffrey, Zachary, and Greg. When he did not arrive at the spa, she presumed he was passed out himself in a friend's cabin and would return to their room when he regained consciousness. The next morning this neighbour reported the incident to the guest-relations desk and asked what could be done. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I usually would just put them on my computer's desktop or something and leave my computer in hibernate, until I came home after realizing suicide wasn't worth it and deleting it upon coming home. Another possibility is he had a partner whom he decided to run away with, perhaps to a big city where he felt he'd be accepted. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. After 17 searches, Macin has not been found deceased. and so she was not immediately worried.

"[8] In the same year, Smith's parents backed a bill co-sponsored by U.S. senators Richard Blumenthal and Jay Rockefeller, The Cruise Ship Passenger Protection Act.

Jennifer had reported that they had been on a high as they returned to the ship that evening, because they had spotted the actress Tara Reid, who was filming her show "Taradice" on the island. There has been a lot of controversy over the Royal Caribbean's supposed handling of the crime scene and Mrs Smith in the aftermath of the disappearance, with conflicting statements coming from both sides.

A member of the crew was allowed inside the cabin to retrieve Mrs Smith's belongings, and she reports that she was escorted from the boat along with Mr Askin (who had come forward after hearing pages for George across the intercom) and the two were questioned by Turkish authorities. Sounds like his wife sealed his fate flirting with strangers and something horrible occurred because of it.

I think he fell.

I'm not totally comfortable with this next observation as it could lead quickly to pseudo-scientific speculation. His story has been reported on by Dateline NBC and 48 Hours and was depicted in a television film called Deadly Honeymoon, which still airs on Lifetime.

All was quiet for around a minute, and then he describes a very loud thud, which was so loud it made his bed vibrate.

There might have been gay porn on it.

She said although her husband was nowhere to be seen when she woke up, nothing else seemed amiss in the cabin and she quickly remembered a 10am couples massage she had booked earlier in the week, and so got dressed and headed two floors up, hoping George would meet her there. I’m willing to bet money they didn’t cut the absinthe, meaning they got way drunker than is safe. Mr. Smith was on a honeymoon cruise with his newlywed bride, Jennifer Hagel, who we later represented on behalf of Mr. Smith’s estate against the cruise line over his disappearance. Sometimes it seems that young people from the USA do not realize that the hazards of the world have not been sanitized for their safety. Don't ever think about killing yourself, life might be bad right now but it'll get better eventually. No extra clothes were observed as missing. I believe suicide is probably the most likely answer, especially considering he didn't appear to have taken any money with him or any of his electronic devices.

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