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Legally, these conversions are not binding. The Ford Falcon Futura Sprint provided Alan Mann Racing with its first substantial Ford contract, the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally.

Sadly Ford and Holden are still trading on the 'we're local, and have been here for ages' mantra, whch is now so thin it is transparent. Post an unlimited number of vehicles. -Late in 1964, the Falcon was optioned with a 289 to compete with the newly arrived Mustang The owner of a rare Ford Falcon XA GT was shocked to discover its sister car sold for a staggering $300,000 - after he bought it in 2003 for $8,000. -The ... 1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero Futura (Oklahoma City, OK) $19,995 obo Take advantage of the watchlist for quick access to your favourite listings. Adapted from the earlier Falcon bodyshell with a ladder chassis, fiberglass body panels and a 289 cubic inch V8, the Falcon Sprint was a force to be reckoned with for the rest of the 60’s. 'A lot of the Falcon coupes suffer badly from rust plus a lot of them got written off in crashes and quite a few got stolen so to find a good solid one it is pretty rare,' he told Daily Mail Australia. More than a decade ago a man in Perth tried to buy it and trade another vehicle for the car. While GM brings a re-branded Holden to the UK as the Vauxhall VXR8, Ford of Australia has no plans to put any of the new Falcon XR6 Turbos on the boat to here. 1965 Ford Falcon (Sherman Oaks, Ca) $36,500 obo You are looking at an absolutely stunning Falcon, sprayed in Daytona Yellow paint with Custom flames. The Ford Falcon Futura Sprint provided Alan Mann Racing with its first substantial Ford contract, the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally.

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That fact merely seriously dilutes the value of the marque.

Its got me stumped! No issues with the Turbo 6 though, an absolute stonker.

Australian Falcon exports have traditionally been confined to right-hand-drive countries in the Asia-Pacific region, such as New Zealand (where Ford New Zealand sometimes devised local trim variations, such as the XR Falcon 600 and the XA Luxury V8), and Pacific Island nations like Papua New Guinea and Fiji. Although in the previous year it was sold more than 410000 machines, in 1961, the company released the model Falcon Sprint with a V-shaped-cylinders engine, then, in 1964, sent a ready-to-race cars in Europe for participation in the rally. What should be included in the print exposé?
The Futura trim exclusively features a two tone paint ... Am 17. I have carried out ... Class Classic Cars have on offer here yet another stunning 1965 Ford Falcon, this version is a genuine Sprint two door automatic hardtop and much sort after. Granted, the 4.0-litre straight-six that all this is bolted to is a motor with more relevance to the ice age than the iPod age. April 1964 präsentierte Ford den Mustang der ersten Generation auf technischer Basis des Ford Falcon als Coupé sowie als Cabriolet und schuf damit die nachmalig nach ihm benannte Klasse der Pony ... 1965 Ford Falcon (Sherman Oaks, Ca) $36,500 obo

1967 FORD FALCON FUTURA SPORT COUPE' (TERZA SERIE) - BELLISSIMA. 1962 Ford Falcon Inline 6 Cylinder. The Falcon is affectionately known as the 'chicken coupe' after its owner parked it away in a shed in 1988 and surrounded it with chicken wire to keep it safe. How Ford can miss the trick by not exporting this car baffles me, as the Australian vehicle standards are the equal of Europe it should be a walk in the park to gain type approval. Nit-picking maybe but I was also infuriated by the clearly audible intermittant wiper relay click, it was like driving a metronome. The owner of a rare Ford Falcon XA GT was shocked to discover its sister car sold for a staggering $300,000 - after he bought it in 2003 for $8,000. The cars generally followed Australian specifications but the model line was li… But it's already engineered to within an inch of it's life. So I'd like to know on what grounds you stand on to defend your statement; could it possibly be that it's a straight six? Wow i just fall in love with ford falcon au XR6 Turbo its my dream Car. You can leave your comments about the car, as well as to hear the opinions of other visitors here. The legal devices being used by Republican's to challenge election results, 'It's bonkers and dangerous for public health!' Taut but progressive springs keep the 1750kg body well controlled, even over aggressive mid-corner upsets.

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