Grab the treasure and go through the door. ├ English/Chinese Version Release Date Inadvertently Revealed ├ Protagonist └ New Palace Afterwards, walk east, north, south, east, east, south, west, west, east, west, and west. Afterwards, continue north and west. ├ Shido’s Palace Walk forward and examine the green, glowing tablet for a hint of what to do next. ■ New DLC Persona in P5R Return to the wall of sarcophagi and jump down. ├ Persona Overview ├ Igor – Fool Confidant When you try and pass through, Joker will almost get impaled by spikes. ├ Orpheus Telos ├ Morgana This enemy is difficult, as it will turn your teammates into rats (a status ailment the game refers to as "rattled," which is very cleaver). ├ Chihaya Mifune There is a sneaky hidden path here. You will come across yet another button. Use the startup panel again to complete the puzzle. It may seem big but it most certainly is not.

├ Caith Sith ├ May
├ Kaneshiro’s Palace You have just hit the half-way point. Physical damage via melee attacks and skills seems to do the most damage to her.

├ New Features in Palaces Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Speak to her and she will send you on a quest. In the back of this room, there is a treasure chest. Now go back into the square with the enemies and hang a left, through the door. You will need to re-arrange the picture so that it fits correctly. ├ Orpheus Telos Picaro Continue up the stairs until you reach a junction, which will allow you to continue forward or hang a left. It should look like this: Pressing the button will cause the boulder mechanism to break, providing you with a lovely little bridge. ├ Takuto (Consultant) ■ Additional Palace and Mementos Guides Run past the light here and climb up toward the next light pylon.
In here, you will see a glowing pylon of light.

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Now exit this tiny room and look left for a climbable surface. ■ Mini-Boss Boss Guides ├ Chariot Arcana └ Michael, ■ Protagonist Guides ├ Magic Skills Access the startup panel and clear the next puzzle by walking east, south, east, west, west, east, west, west, north, and east. Hooray, you have unlocked the first major door and can continue ascending the pyramid. Hang a left once you you reach the top and hit the button at the end of the path. ├ Ann Tamaki – Lovers Confidant ├ Black Mask ├ Okumura’s Palace

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