Once completed, the player should return to Ezma to get the Hunter Medal and complete Ezma's dossier. Navyth will be fishing near in the vicinity of the Mynbrum Haven campground. The recommended level for this dungeon is 55. Hunts are also repeatable.

Completing sidequests yields achievements and trophies, the best one being Weaving a Tapestry after 80 completed quests. It is a common item, which can be found in Lestallum.

After completing Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic, Cid can offer a sidequest to upgrade each weapon that bears the "+" upgrade icon. Dave stays at Old Lestallum and now wants the tag north from Mynbrum Haven in northern Cleigne. After the quest is finished, Dave next heads to Old Lestallum. They're the most adorable chocochicks in the world! After Bismarck appears it surfaces four times before swimming back under the surface, leaving plenty of fish in its wake. Defeating the final boss will earn the player the Firearm Death Penalty. If the player returns to Lucis via Umbra/royal vessel, this quest is added when Cindy calls Noctis about strange earthquakes. Dave will next appear by the Three Z's Motel at Taelpar Rest Area and ask Noctis and his friends to find a lost dog tag to the northeast of the outpost, south of the Archaean's Mirror fishing spot. In the basement of the Secretary's Estate Prompto will take a picture of the painting even if the player doesn't complete the hunt.

Vyv wants a photo of the gate of the royal tomb southeast of Duscae, and then of the Tomb itself. Complying triggers a quest for the fish. The party must visit the part of Altissia that is right opposite to Maagho during the daytime (has tables with parasols at the water edge) to trigger the quest. Her quests require the player to locate and fix parts of an environment, and offer decent EXP but substantial gil. If the player has created a character in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, the glaive will be the player's glaive; otherwise, it is a generic glaive. If the player departs Cartanica without completing the quest, it becomes permanently missable. If the player spots a giant fishing lurking under the surface, they have found it. The quests below are all linked to Upgradable Weapons that can be found through a variety of means. After the party has sailed on the royal vessel they can accept a quest from Maagho for finding Bismarck. They are activated during daylight hours when the player enters a zone around the area from which the picture is taken. Catching the fish yields the Grilled Wild Barramundi recipe (+80 attack and magic, +500 health). David Auburnbrie, unlike many non-player characters, changes his position after each sidequest, and can be found at different outposts depending on the last sidequest completed. Dave is found in Meldacio Hunter HQ to yield his final reward. The player must not exit out of the camera mode immediately after taking the shot, or it won't count, as there's a lag between taking the photo and the game registering it, likely due to needing to process the image. Dino asks Noctis to find an Amethyst Stone at the east of Longwythe Peak. The final Legend, the Naglfar is fought at Fort Vaullerey. It resists all weapon types but is weak to all elements, so the player can focus on creating the best Elemancy spells to use against it. Afterward, the player must take a gondola to the restaurant. Mummy Bass is the hardest fish to catch. Let Sleeping Mountains Lie is the mandatory quest to unlock the fight with adamantoise, the biggest enemy. To reach the Pitioss Ruins the party must unlock the Regalia Type-F and fly to the location just north of the Verinas Mart. The final boss is the Bilröst. The recommended level for this dungeon is 92. Completing sidequests yields achievements and trophies, the best one being Weaving a Tapestry after 80 completed quests. After giving both to Cid, two quests or hunts must be completed before upgrade is ready.

After giving both to Cid, two quests or hunts must be completed before upgrade is ready. Final Fantasy XV (formerly Final Fantasy Versus XIII) is an RPG about one man's struggle to defend the last crystal from the "hectic order" of the world. The recommended level for this dungeon is 65. The final boss is the Mahanaga. These quests are given by Cid Sophiar, the mechanic of Hammerhead. On the world map, main quests will be marked in red, side quests in blue and mobhunts in yellow. When only one Tonberry remains, the player may choose to fight more offensively. The recommended level for this quest is 75. She is a fearsome daemon that appears at night and disappears at daybreak, so the player has a time limit for the battle. The player must retrieve both the weapon and the specific part to upgrade it, and once taken to Cid, will be upgraded after fulfilling a specific number of quests or hunts, then resting at a camp or lodging. It will struggle almost all the time when caught. There needs to be enough daylight, or Noctis will say they need to come back the next day. Chocobaby Roundup is similar to the chocobo-catching minigame from the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. Defeating the final boss will earn the player the Polearm Flayer. This requires the Dynamo.

The player must head to the banks of Cleigne's main river to find the Sapphire Stone on a small beach at the edge of the area. Takka is found in Hammerhead, and his sidequests request the party defeat enemies for Takka. Dave heads to the Cauthess Rest Area next, where he is found outside the building near the diner. The player may have to engage imperial troops in each area. It can be obtained by breaking appendage from Skarnbulette (75% rate).
Upon landing the party must venture north through a variety of tough foes.

Holly is found in Lestallum. This requires the Magitek Core. Navyth is located west from Lestallum; following the road to the west, the player will cross the river. After giving both to Cid, two quests or hunts must be completed before upgrade is ready.
It will appear regardless of weather. Navyth moves to various water sides depending on the last mission completed. Dave's last quest has him go missing, and the tipster at Verinas Mart - Ravatogh asks the party to look for him. This requires the Hydraulic Cylinder. It is possible to catch the Liege outside of the tour when fishing at the same spot.

It can be found at Callatein's Plunge outside Greyshire Glacial Grotto, dropped by MA Veles (50% rate), by MA Veles-Bis (60% rate), or by MA Hoplomachus (95% rate). Note that Cid will move from Hammerhead to Cape Caem by Chapter 8, and will continue upgrading weapons there. Tapping the reel in button can work better than holding it, to save line. After giving both to Cid, two quests or hunts must be completed before upgrade is ready. It can be found in Gralea, dropped by MA-X Dux (100% rate), or by MA-X Patria (3% rate). The circle on the map is not much help for finding them; it is better to keep going deeper and discovering new areas until coming to a narrow corridor where the treasure is shining gold on a box on the floor. The quest icon is on a table near to the counter where Weskham Armaugh is who tells the party about "another sea god". Talking to the tipster at Crow's Nest Diner unveils its exact location. It can be caught with the 10,000 Needles Gold Cactuar lure that can be bought at the shop at the same fishing spot.

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