In northwest living rooms, grey, white, and black come recommended. If the living room is on the south part of the house, red is an energizing choice. Give your career a boost with the blue and black tones of the water element.

Everyone should feel comfortable in the space. Feng Shui: Money Corner in Living Room. Avoid polygonal or irregularly shaped living rooms, if possible.

It’s the same feeling some people get when they’re driving a sedan side-by-side with a 16-weel truck. Make the space inviting to both children and adults, especially if you don’t have a formal living room dedicated to visitors.

Fix broken items in the living room. When there is a direct line between the two, energy will flow straight through and leave the rest of the room without restful energy. I find your post very informative. In symbolism, high ceiling correlates to having more room to grow. Would you think that’s OK? The L-shape of a sectional sofa can create an arrow of bad energy. The easy remedy for this situation is to place the sofa elsewhere or place a divider or some type of furniture in between. Choose accessories that have meaning to you. This not only obstructs positive chi from entering the room, but it also prevents you from enjoying the view outside. Unlike the bedroom where it is private and is more “Yin”, the living room is an area that is more “Yang”. Hi Carole, This uses the same concept where the bedroom is suitable at the back of the house. Eliminate them first before anything else! Choose rounded furniture pieces when possible. ; Enhancing Prosperity With Feng Shui. Decorate your living room with circular accessories and wall decor.

Have you followed any of these living room Feng Shui tips? To create this positive energy, place a clock next to the door or facing a window rather than the center of the room. To find your wealth corner, stand in the center of your home with a compass. The plant should have large round leaves, and avoid those that have pointy, needle-like leaves. You can also use light to brighten up these spaces. The popular L-shaped sectional couch should be avoided in a feng shui living room as its shape can mimic a “poison arrow.” If you can’t afford to get rid of your L-shaped sofa and replace it, add a crystal or potted plant at the end of the arrow shape to combat negative energy. Placing it in the south or southwest will enhance romance. Feng shui design favors artwork, photos, or sculptural pieces that are centered around positive energy. This map details how to layout and connect different rooms in your home with the nine areas of life: creativity, health, relationships, travel, self, career, prosperity, wisdom, and fame. I see it as an empty spot; incomplete. It also offers a central point around which people can gather.

The bright living room will bring prosperous family luck to the family. A sofa table is a common choice to correct this situation. Author, blogger, and digital marketer at Feng Shui Nexus. Keep the living room floor even. There’s a chance that the occupant(s) might become more of a loner and would shy away from human interaction. To dispel this, place a plant at the corner or hang a crystal ball just above it. I have no case studies about this. Do not place lighting directly above a sofa. Till now you might have understood that a living room is an essential part of a house, here, you must also understand that it’s also one of the most vulnerable parts of a home. However, if that’s not possible, turn the TV so it reflects something positive in the room like a great view, a happy family portrait, or a living plant.

Decorated and adorned properly, a wealth corner can help you become prosperous and successful. Arrange furniture in a U-configuration if possible. For living rooms at the house’s West sector, frequent use of the fireplace can affect the ability to attract wealth and to save money. I think most people have at least one window in their living room. Sitting under a beam will bring headaches and wealth loss. Always do what makes you comfortable in the first place.

Potted plants are a perfect way to add a bit of greenery to your feng shui living room—not to mention, they call to the earth element. Crystals hanging from the ceiling helps to dispel negative energy in the room, especially that caused by sharp corners or angles.

Qi flow is sometimes similar to how we humans walk around an area. Do not decorate the living in a single color. The living room Feng Shui is related to personal wealth and health, as well as the peace and happiness of the whole family. This situation is worse if your front door leads to a narrow hallway that leads to a sofa. It is the place that you are ok with letting people outside your front door see. It can cause dizziness and restlessness. Bring a potted plant into your living room. Does that mean I cannot place any plants on this side of the house? The same goes with pillars because their “Form” is not the best. Light is yang energy that promotes health and vitality. You can use gold-painted rocks and faux gems if your budget doesn’t allow for the real thing. Avoid hanging pictures in a straight row, as this creates a poison arrow of negative energy. In the same way that your living room is the heart of your home, the coffee table is the center of your living room. If you place a large plant at the Southwest corner of a Southwest living room, it is said that the health of the female head of household would be affected. If it is dying, it may indicate that luck is declining. It should be looking into the room to draw wealth. It can be a cabinet or something sturdy and heavy so your movements on the sofa won’t move both the sofa and furniture around. A TV in the north side of the room will bring good luck in a career, while one placed in the south of the living room will increase your chances for fame. For tight spaces, pillows and ottomans can double as seating. How did the place make you feel? In feng shui, the rhythmic movement of a clock can boost good chi, keep your family in a good routine, and ward off bad spirits. People can become anxious if they cannot see the entrance to the room. Each of these elements is represented by colors, directions, and materials that can bring harmony and peace to a space. How to setup these type environments would be helpful. In feng shui, a fireplace in the northeast corner of a living room promotes calm thinking and a healthy education, while a fireplace in the south boosts romance and love. Here is a comprehensive list of colors that work well in a living room: This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. Is Your Home Surrounded by Bad Feng Shui? You can be creative here. Do not go about placing your sofa in a weird or inconvenient location just so you can tap into the auspicious energies of your Kua. One ideal mix is 8 red fish and one black one. For living rooms in the west part of the house, grey, gold, yellow, bronze and white dominate. Keep the corners of the room clear to avoid stagnant energy build up at those points. When you enter from the front door and go straight, you shouldn’t run into the sofa. The purpose of the living room is for you to relax and to entertain your guests. Yes, it can be used sparingly. It is common to see artworks like paintings hung on the wall right behind the wall of the sofa. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest More Are you ready to give your outdoor living space an upgrade? If the living room is not at an auspicious area, adjustments of the sofa can be made based on your personal Kua number. This only applies if the beam is directly above your head when you’re seated on the sofa. If you answer “no” to the questions above, the Feng Shui of your living room could be the issue here. Good feng shui relies on natural light to thrive. This promotes a positive flow of energy around the space. Keep the place bright, place plants or flowers, touch it up with colors, and of course keep the area clean! This, in turn, can strengthen both your mental well-being and your social connections. The living room is a place to relax, entertain, and enjoy friends and family. Those designs are not the best. Avoid floating the sofa in the center of the room, and never place a sofa in front of windows. There are some restrictions on the location of the fireplace, assuming that you use it frequently. Have you ever been to a place where the ceiling is so low that you’re afraid that you’ll hit your head, even though you know you won’t? Mirrors also work to reflect light and make the room feel more open. Plus, don’t just use the Bagua map: In the southwest and northeast parts of the house, tan and ochre dominate. They are wood, fire, metal, earth, and water. Is the bedroom close to the end of the house? Instead, use wire organization systems and keep wires out of sight where possible. An empty spot is not necessarily a bad thing. For example, placing a TV in the south area of the living room offers opportunities for respect and fame. That’s because kitchen Feng Shui concepts should be updated – see the last part of this article: The area where the ceiling is lower gives off the compressive energy similar to low ceilings.

Reducing clutter in your living space is a necessary component of feng shui because it allows chi to flow. Living rooms with a sliding glass door to a balcony has the same effect of a large “window”.

That’s because West is correlated with Metal and the ability to accumulate wealth, and the fireplace’s correlation with Fire destroys Metal in the Elemental Phase relationships.

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