[Kunz, 358]. It encourages trust that the Universe will provide for all of one’s needs and that there can be no lack in reality. [Simmons, 148], A strong and open heart also allows universal blessings to flow into one’s life. [Simmons, 148][Ahsian, 149]. Find more of Anson Seabra lyrics. A stone of inspiration and infinite patience, it embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love. Emeralds. We can deal with the ebbs and flows of emotional relationships, understand their cyclic nature, and accept the changes. It is thought to bring focus and activate creativity. [Kunz, 28, 242, 348][Mella, 84][Simmons, 148], In Jewish history, Emerald is listed in Exodus as the fourth stone in the Breastplate of the High Priest, though original manuscripts translate the smaragdus, Emerald, as being the Bareketh, the third stone, engraved with the tribe of Levi.

Protector and Ruler of the dates January 1-5; Capricorn. [Eason, pp. Raphael also Heals Illness and is the Ruler of The west wind. This chalice was believed to have been brought directly from the hands of God by angels, and was the actual cup from which Christ drank at the Last Supper. See our Elixir page.) This “Emerald goddess”, named Umiña, was only displayed on high feast days, when the Indians flocked to the shrine bringing gifts to the goddess. Emerald can also represent a faithful relationship and strong natural connection with a partner. Emerald utilizes Wood energy, the energy of growth, expansion, new beginnings, nourishment and health. What Is a Pave Setting And Should I Buy One? She symbolizes the divine aspect of nourishing care and is often depicted with a jeweled vessel containing food in one hand and a spoon in the other. In Revelations in the New Testament, he compares the rainbow around the Throne of God “in sight like unto an Emerald.” [Fernie, 44, 126] For Christians, these stones became typical of the resurrection, of the birth into a new and purer life. [Fernie, 127][Kunz, 381][www.jewelsforme.com], The ancient writings of Veda, the sacred text of Hinduism, declared Emeralds to be the “gem of good luck” and the “gem that improves one’s well-being.” Shah Jahan, one of the moguls of India that built the Taj Mahal, had sacred texts inscribed into his beloved Emeralds which he used as talismans. Protector and Ruler of the dates December 27-31; Capricorn. [Fernie, 87, 127][Kunz, 379-380] The Roman historian, Pliny, tells of an old Hebrew tradition that if a serpent fixes its eyes on an Emerald, it becomes blind. Emerald is known as a gemstone for those born in the spring. Cancer is also known as the "Sign of the Prophet" or "Sign of the Teacher. It is also helpful in relieving claustrophobia. Emerald also stimulates the “high heart,” or transpersonal Love center just above and to the left of the Heart Chakra. It was dedicated in the ancient world to the goddess Venus for its ability to insure security in love. Emerald honors Annapurna, the Hindu Goddess of Food, Kitchens and Cooks. If appropriate, send it to the person with a message. We recommend James Allen (read review) because you can take a 360-degree look at any emerald before having it set in a piece of jewelry.

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