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Black History Month celebrates African-Americans’ contributions to American history and development. Kevin Smith, Greenport, Long Island, New York United States, "The real McCoy" was the inventor Elijah McCoy,born in Canada in 1844. Powdered graphite is soft and greasy, and easily withstands high temperatures. This was a responsible position, for service as a fireman was a customary prelude to promotion to the post of locomotive driver. His health deteriorated and, in 1928, he entered an infirmary. His parents arranged for him to travel to Scotland at the age of 15 for an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering.

Elijah McCoy facts for kids Kids Encyclopedia Facts Elijah J. McCoy (May 2, 1844 - October 10, 1929) was an African American inventor who is best known for … In return for his loyal service, he received 160 acres of farmland near Colchester, Ontario. Elijah McCoy died in the Eloise Infirmary in Detroit, Michigan, on October 10, 1929. Five years later, Elijah McCoy returned as a trained engineer. … There is a decided advantage in better lubrication and reduction of wear in valves and piston rings, and as a well lubricated engine is more economical in the use of fuel, there is unquestionably a saving in fuel. Elijah was born there in 1843. An alternative suggestion is that it originates from the phrase 'the real Mackay', an advertising slogan used by G. Mackay and Co, whisky distillers in Edinburgh in 1870. He is buried at Detroit Memorial Park East in Warren, Michigan.

Lacking the capital with which to build his lubricators in large numbers, he sold many of his patent rights to well-heeled investors. Hence 'The real McCoy'. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. He obtained a patent for this invention, which allowed trains to run continuously for long periods of time without pausing for maintenance. Black Pioneers of Science and Invention.
McCoy's lubricating cup proved adaptable to other types of steam engines, which were used in factories and at sea.
It relied on a piston set within an oil-filled container. Nonetheless they saved money for their son to get an education. Within his patent application, he claimed that this invention would permit the use of graphite "without danger of clogging. It was undoubtedly this phrase which RLS had in mind when he described himself as 'the real Mackay'. Addison-Wesley, 1972. While McCoy's inventions made millions of dollars, little of this money reached his pockets. The the real McCoy was the scotch whiskey smuggled into the US by Capt Willy McCoy during the era of prohibition. ", Hayden cites a letter from a railroad superintendent: "We have found the McCoy Graphite Lubricator to be of considerable assistance in lubrication of locomotives equipped with superheaters. This made it necessary to stop the engine when oiling it. It was Elijah McCoy's 1st invention, a lubricator for steam engines, which made people ask for the real McCoy (at least in America). An expression used in the USA, but formerly in Britain it was the Real MacKay. McCoy left the Michigan Central in 1882 and moved to Detroit, where he devoted a great deal of time to his inventions. Various stories about an American boxer have been suggested as the origin of the phrase, but Eric Partridge in "From Sanskrit to Brazil" [1952] , says with probable truth that it dates from the 1880s and originated in Scotland , where it was applied to whisky, men and things of the highest quality. He also worked as an industrial consultant, assisting the Detroit Lubricator Company and other firms. Share with your friends. An official website of the United States government Here's how you know. This month the U.S. Department of Transportation will feature biographies of African American inventors and pioneers whose courage, inspiration and determination helped transform the transportation industry of America. The latest general information on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is available on Towle, Wendy. They name on these pieces (the real ones , that is) is McCoy. "Elijah McCoy Picture". His parents, George McCoy and the former Mildred Goins, were fugitive slaves who had escaped to Canada from Kentucky. Other inventors were offering lubricators that competed with those of McCoy, but these agents would accept no substitutes. Other companies copied his devices, but these never worked as well as Elijah's so people would say, "I want a, Brewer's Millenium Edition As a fireman, McCoy had to shovel coal into the firebox of his locomotive, at the rate of two tons per hour. The city also named a street for him. Elijah and the Bible Elijah the prophet, a native of Tishbeh in Gilead, 1 Kings 17:1.His parentage and early history are unknown. Archived from the original on 2018-01-24. Walker, 1991.

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