The Electric Load Detector works by monitoring the amount of current that the charging system is using, so it can determine how much voltage needed to charge the battery.

Then, start the engine and turn on the headlights, check for the same code. If there is continuity, reconnect the ELD connector as well as the PCM. As an example, on the Element SUV, it’s recommended that the intake manifold be removed to gain access to the starter. Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light) P1298 HONDA Meaning The Electric Load Detector (ELD) measures the main current flow and sends that signal to the Engine Control Module to command the alternator charging system to get fuel efficiency and decrease the drag of the engine when starting. The PCM regulates the amount of voltage applied to the alternator field coil in accordance with the signal received from the ELD. If there is no continuity, repair open wires between the G201 which is ground connection and the ELD. Electronic: VIDEO: How Modules Manage Alternator Power, Electronic: VIDEO: Checking Key Fob Signal And Operation, Diagnostics: VIDEO: No-Start No-Crank On Vehicles With Transponder Keys, Products: Innova Launches Intuitive Touch Screen OBD2 Diagnostic Tablet, News: Virtual AAPEX Keynote: Aftermarket Is Resilient, News: Mass. Carefully inspect the alternator and battery as well as all wiring and connectors associated with the starting/charging system. For a great in-depth article on the ELD and Honda Alternator dual mode charging system, please take a look at this study: If the code comes back, turn the off both the headlights and the ignition. Next, disconnect the PCM connector E (31P) and then check for continuity between body ground and the PCM connector terminal E15. Contacts are readily available, but we always recommend a quality, ­rebuilt unit to ensure a quality repair we can stand behind.

As with other error codes, this code sets the Check Engine light and registers the error code. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Next, check the connections at the ELD. Again, back probe that with a pine and connect the jumper wire the pin. Swollen, leaking, or discharged battery; Unusually bright lighting; Abnormal noise from the alternator; Repeated alternator and/or battery failure; How do you troubleshoot code P1298? In some cases, replacement of the ELD will require removal of the entire fuse box. Possible Symptoms. 2 and body ground. Injector control module -internal fault (Ford), Electrical load control module - voltage high (Acura), System too lean -at prolonged wide open throttle (Chrysler), System too lean -at prolonged wide open throttle (Dodge), Electrical load detector – circuit high voltage (Honda), Electrical load sensor - circuit/voltage high (Isuzu), System too lean -at prolonged wide open throttle (Jeep), System too lean -at prolonged wide open throttle (Plymouth), Electric Load Detector Circuit High Voltage (Honda), Alternator is overcharging due to a faulty internal regulator, Repeated alternator and/or battery failure. The Honda service bulletin explains it this way: SYMPTOM: The headlights dim with the engine running and the headlights on, or DTC P1298 [electronic load detector (ELD) circuit high voltage] is stored in the ECM/PCM (but the headlights do not dim).

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