En 40 ans de carrière, il a réussi à mêler l’héritage des pères fondateurs (James Brown, Sly Stone et George Clinton) à des influences aussi bien rock’n’roll qu’électro voire jazz. When Rudy and her friends lie to their parents to get into an age-restricted club, Pam, Lance and Charmaine spy on them. Karen Malina White as Charmaine. Flashbacks are shown while history is shared with Elvin. Cosby Show ou Les Huxtable au Québec (The Cosby Show) est une série télévisée américaine en 201 épisodes de 24 minutes, créée par Bill Cosby et diffusée entre le 20 septembre 1984 et le 30 avril 1992 sur le réseau NBC.. En Europe francophone, les premiers épisodes étaient diffusés sous le nom de Papa BonheurPapa Bonheur Écoutez cet album en haute-qualité dès maintenant dans nos applications, Profitez de cet album sur les apps Qobuz grâce à votre abonnement, The Essential Norman Connors - The Buddah/Arista Years. Cliff complains about the poor quality of his annual Father's Day gifts. Guest appearance by Bill Cosby's real-life daughter Ensa Cosby, upon whom the character Vanessa is loosely based. Michelle Thomas as Justine. Upon leaving that series, he was replaced by Whitfield.). Theo, however, is just happy being on the team.

Mario Van Peebles as Garvin. First appearance of Earle Hyman as Russell Huxtable, Cliff's father. Earle Hyman as Russell. To celebrate his 27th wedding anniversary with Clair, Cliff recreates the Callaloo Pot, a Caribbean restaurant where the couple dined on their honeymoon. Theo gets his ear pierced to impress a girl, but Denise thinks it might be infected. Clair plans "Women's day" where she goes out alone with Rudy and answers any questions she has, but Rudy refuses to talk. Carl Anthony Payne II as Cockroach. Denise leaves for her freshman year at Hillman College. Lena Horne as herself, Clarence Williams III as Clarence Thornehill. Attempting to win her favor, Elvin tries to bake her a cake but fails miserably; he then gets advice from Cliff on how to pass himself off as a good cook. Denise is dead-set against it at first, until Russell tells her that the males outnumber the females there. Thanks to Lynne Lipton (Cheetara) for having the foresight to film this!.

Russell apparently served in the Army, as evidenced in the portrait of him and Anna on their wedding day given to them on their anniversary. Elvin helps Theo with some wrestling moves, although he and Sondra have made plans for the weekend, and reveals that he is thinking of marrying her. Cliff, Elvin and Martin secretly compete to determine who is the most romantic husband in the Huxtable family.

Vanessa steals a sweater from Denise. Rudy plays football and becomes a star, much to the chagrin of Clair, who worries she'll get hurt. Guest appearance by Sammy Davis, Jr. Rudy wants to change some of her rules. Christopher Plummer and Roscoe Lee Browne appear.
Elvin's surname, Tibideaux, is revealed. Desperate to win her back, Theo turns to Cliff for advice. Clair secretly goes on a crash diet and exercise program to lose five pounds in a week so she can fit into a dress. The Huxtable family goes to Hillman College to attend a ceremony in honor of its president's retirement. After Vanessa gets into a minor car accident and tries to cover it up, Cliff and Clair complain about the various small disasters the children have caused them, and the children fight back by complaining about ways Cliff and Clair have embarrassed them. It's Clair to the rescue as the two battle in court. Alex Ruiz as Lou. To his surprise, Mrs. Westlake comes to dinner looking young, attractive, and even with a sense of humor; and she has a very good surprise! Daydreaming about her love, she drops an entire tray of glasses and embarrasses herself in front of the guests.

She plans on going to Paris for the summer, and hopes that her parents will support the decision.
Clair tries to prevent Cliff from buying a new appliance from his friend Jake.

Theo confronts the boy and brings him home to confess in order to remove any uncertainty from his parents about his telling the truth. The Huxtable family erupts in a battle of the sexes after Theo suggests having a stripper at Martin's post-wedding bachelor party. . Vanessa's grandparents meet her fiancé Dabnis, who bonds with Cliff over a plumbing job.

As Cliff's parents, the characters are also shown to take an authoritive role over him at times during their visits, especially his father, much to the amusement of the Huxtable children. Guest appearance by Sinbad, who would later portray Walter Oakes on the Cosby Show spinoff, A Different World.

Cliff and Clair are initially impressed with David until he expresses some unwanted opinions about medicine and the law at dinner. Filmed at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. Geoffrey Owens as Elvin. Rudy begs Martin to let her babysit Olivia. A sneaky mechanic tries to swindle Sondra. Watched by almost 65 million viewers when it originally aired, "Say Hello to a Good Buy" was the series' highest rated episode. Denise proves herself a good driver, and the car is hers. Guest appearances by Howard "Sandman" Sims and Elaine Stritch. Winnie and Nelson drive Cliff and Clair crazy while Elvin and Sondra wait to move into their new house. After Pam breaks up with Slide, she and the class brain are attracted to each other. Later, he appears at the house with flowers and tries to apologize. Cliff admits that anger is part of problems, but tells the children that no matter what, they will be loved. In a scene prior to the opening credits, Olivia enters Cliff's bedroom wearing a Bart Simpson mask. Theo wants to impress a girl by wearing an expensive shirt by designer Gordon Gartrelle. Theo, who is majoring in pediatric psychology, begins an internship as a junior counselor at the community center; he soon suspects that one of the children there is dyslexic. Peter Costa as Peter. Theo must decide between graduate school at NYU and a corporate job in San Francisco. Absent: Sabrina Le Beauf as Sondra Huxtable and Lisa Bonet as Denise Huxtable. Theo and his classmates brag about their dates with girls in the locker room, but Theo's mood changes when one of the guys goes out with Vanessa and brags about it the next day. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

She plans to use her savings to do so, but Cliff and Clair quickly point out flaws in her plan. Denise holds a bridal shower for her pregnant and bride-to-be friend Veronica, but finds out some disturbing information. Russell and Anna's 50th wedding anniversary. Vanessa is placed in an advanced science class. Guest appearance by Essence Atkins. After much deliberation, Denise chooses the college that she will attend in the fall.

Cliff chaperones Olivia's field trip to the museum, while Theo falls victim to a scammer. Rudy goes to an older widowed lady's house each afternoon to have tea and play cards, but notices that she refuses to take her daily medication for diabetes. Troy Winbush as Denny. Meanwhile, Cliff cooks up a batch of extremely spicy chili as Russell tries to pay off a loan from an old friend. Denise causes trouble while trying to help Vanessa get a date.

She and Cliff confront him about it, and accept his explanation—another boy slipped it in. Absent: Sabrina Le Beauf as Sondra Huxtable. This episode was excluded from The Cosby Show regular syndication cycle, but is included as a bonus feature in the Season 1 DVD set. Senator (and former NBA basketball player) Bill Bradley. Theo continues his attempts to help Stanley and the other children at the community center.

Cliff and Clair see Rudy changing, while Sondra and Elvin ponder who should be the twins' legal guardian if they were to die. Rudy and her friends want to ride the subway. Sondra comes down with strep throat, prompting her mother Clair and Elvin's mother Francine to "steal" the babies. Sondra is revealed to be pregnant. Mushond Lee as Slide. Meanwhile Vanessa is worried about asking a boy to the turn-around dance. Deon Richmond as Kenny. For Russell and Anna's 49th wedding anniversary, the family commissions a portrait of the couple as newlyweds, and offers them a cruise to Europe. Olivia starts preschool. Deon Richmond as Kenny. Rudy and one of her classmates have a crush on each other, but peer pressure could ruin things. Cliff is called to the hospital for 3 deliveries, Malinda Williams appearance, Patricia Richardson appearance. Theo consults a voodoo shopkeeper for advice on winning his girlfriend back. Rudy wants to wear summer clothes in winter to a party, while Cliff tries to get rid of an old water heater. Les fichiers téléchargés vous appartiennent, sans aucune limite d’utilisation. Vanessa plays clarinet in the school's orchestra. Elvin decides to return to medical school. Rudy lies to cover for Vanessa, who secretly goes out on a date with her older boyfriend. Theo is diagnosed with dyslexia, a learning disability which contributed to the academic problems he has had over the years. While Cliff plans to add a new room to the house for Clair's private use. Heathcliff "Combustible Huxtable" trains, but soon learns that he is not the runner he was all those years ago. Elizabeth Narvaez as Kara. Norman Connors - The Essential Norman Connors - The Buddah/Arista Years. Rudy cuts some animal pictures out of Cliff's expensive books for school. Clair is burned out from work and family pressures and hurries off to the woods. These are among the best-known, and most popular, episodes of the series, especially the first one. Since Cliff and Clair will not pay for it, Denise offers to make a copy of the shirt for him. She tells Cliff, who devises a plan to try to convince her that she needs the meds to live. In a charity run, Cliff races at the Penn Relays with "Tailwind" Turner and -- as apparent payback for the race a year prior -- ends up having to run the final leg against Olympic gold medalist Valerie Brisco-Hooks. First appearances of Reno Wilson as Howard, and Elizabeth Narvaez as Kara. Phylicia Rashād (Clair), Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Theo), Tempestt Bledsoe (Vanessa), and Elizabeth Narvaez (Kara) appear on the episode of A Different World which airs later that evening. Clarice Taylor as Anna. They are initially suspicious, but learn that judging by appearances isn't always right. Martin's parents (Olivia's grandparents) come for a visit. Cliff, Rudy and Olivia perform Koko Taylor's "I'm A Woman".

Sondra and Elvin are about to purchase their first home. Appearance by Frank Foster and the Count Basie Orchestra.

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