These oaks are regular bearers of large crops of sweet acorns.

It gets its name from its toothed elliptically-shaped leaves, which resemble those of a chestnut tree.

Crop Abundance:Heavy for it’s size.

Having a reliable annual mast producer growing along natural wildlife  travelways is never a bad thing to have.

Thank you, Sheffield's Seed Co. Inc. ©2020 P (315) 497-1058 8-4pm EST Email: [email protected], Policies Shipping Information We Support Resource Center. Dwarf Chinkapin is a shrubby/bush to small tree form oak that produces acorns in three to five years from a seedling and it’s usually just 3 making it one of the fastest acorn producing oaks you can grow. Seedlings can’t be combined to meet quantities of 10 potted plants. Seedlings can be shipped in any quantities.

The acorns are small and both deer and turkeys seek them out. Consider  the Dwarf Chinkapin Oak on any site  as a part of a food plot program.

BAREROOT HEIGHT 12-­ 24” $2.00 24-­ 36” $4.00 CONTAINER 3 GAL $15.00 Soil Moisture: Well drained to slightly moist.

These trees are known to bear acorns in three to four years. Specialization: Bushy In other areas it lives on bony ridge tops and shale hillsides where other trees have difficulty growing. Please call the Nursery when ordering 3 years and older plants for custom quote freight prices. Dwarf Chinkapin Oak. * The dwarf chinkapin oak is a large, clonally spreading deciduous shrub or very small tree that typically only grows to 13-20 feet (4-6 m) tall and 13-20 feet (4-6 m) wide. 1 gallon trees are 2′ to 4′ tall Bigger Trees. These trees are known to bear acorns in three to four years.

* Dwarf Chinkapin oak can produce acorns at 3 - 5 years. * Plants produce a deep taproot and need to be planted out into their permanent positions as soon as possible, in fact seed sown in situ will produce the best trees. Seed is Out of Stock: Fill in the quantity you Need: Button and enter your contact information.

Cold Stream Farm supplies Chinquapin Oak trees which are grown as bare root seedlings and transplants and sold both wholesale and retail with no minimum order. The acorns are sweet and very attractive to wildlife, particularly deer and turkeys. Soil Type: Wide Range.

* The dwarf chinkapin oak is a large, clonally spreading deciduous shrub or very small tree that typically only grows to 13-20 feet (4-6 m) tall and 13-20 feet (4-6 m) wide. It can live and thrive on sandy ground and shale ground, acid soils where other trees struggle.

Please select the quantity desired, and we will advise availability and price as soon as possible.

Note: This oak is notoriously small, usually seedlings run 3-6″, Seedling Select 6-8″ one year potted 12″ or less. Three-year-old and older plants ship in much bigger boxes, to big for FedEx or UPS and must be shipped on pallets. Being a dwarf tree leaves it susceptible to being shaded out by taller trees. One and two-year potted plants must be shipped in boxes of 10 “EXACTLY” 10-20-30-40 etc.

These small oak bushes are Ideal for planting around food plots and fruit trees as they will never get big enough to shade them out.

Its low growth habit and tendency to be bushy and thick adds cover in open areas. I love that most will carry their leaves through the winter making great late season screening and non-conifer wind breaks. Characteristics & Attributes. Acorns are small but very sweet and are preferred by many animals especially turkeys and whitetails.

Chinkapin Oak (Quercus muhlenbergii) Sale Regular price $3.89 Quantity.

Seed is Out of Stock: Fill in the quantity you Need: Choose the "Check Out "Button and enter your contact information: Sheffield's will email when it arrives:  no payment at this time. With protection from competition it will grow well on good soil. Dwarf Chinkapin Oak (Quercus prinoides) $ 35.00.

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