We mainly meet them in the scene where man has come to the forest. Pretty smart!

Surprisingly, there were NO BIRDS in Zootopia…. This guy! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 13) Abnormal Birds of Wonderland- Alice In Wonderland (1951). Tibbs is very underrated if you ask me. He also gets Marlin & Dory to the dentists office to find Nemo. I believe Dinky is the little bird, & Boomer is the woodpecker. These are the only “birds” in the film. He doesn't even need to speak to get his point across because he is a badass. We humans put all sorts of meanings on the behaviour of birds when they’re busy sitting in cages, building nests, laying eggs and so on. Overall, they are sweet & help Cinderella all the time. The eagles are when Pocahontas is singing “Colors of the Wind”. We all know the song… Zip a Dee do dah! Flit is the stubborn hummingbird that watches over Pocahontas. Melody- Ariel’s daughter- meets these two after turning into a mermaid.

28) Abigail & Amelia Gabble, the Geese- The Aristocats (1970). The blue bird of happiness is found a number of times, but it cannot be caged. It’s not subtle. Thank you for reading this one! 52) Baby Bird in Nest- The Hunchback of Norte Dame (1996). No way! These birds are Cinderella’s friends. Also, she & Dodo are wearing some type of clothes while no other birds do… very curious. We’ve examined various Disney–inspired names for your future child, so it’s fitting that we’re finally giving you a list of Disney-inspired names for your pet, which, let’s be real, is essentially the equivalent of many people’s non-human child. But everyone calls him Chicken Little. 31) Lady Cluck- Robin Hood (1973). It’s no wonder that Lord Shen is a kick-ass bad guy. The eagles in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy are the only creatures capable of taking on Nazgul, leading to the popular internet question – why didn’t they just fly Frodo to Mount Doom in the first place? Stitch reads the story about The Ugly Duckling one night. It drives her crazy!

These are the evil birds in the film. Close. I have no idea what this bird is called, but Tarzan & Turk try to rope it as kids but are unsuccessful…. Understanding ourselves and the world we live in. 11) Birds- Cinderella (1950). In case you missed my other Disney animated lists, the links are right here: Here are other links I used for help as well: Animated Disney Movie List: http://www.disneymovieslist.com/animated-disney-movies.
33) Bluebird- The Rescuers (1977). Yes, there are swans when they leave London in the beginning. It seems in the end of the film that he became Bianca & Bernard’s personal pilot. Donald Duck made an appearance every now & then.
When I started to put this list together, I realized that there are tons and tons of sidekicks. I love the music, I love their dancing.

The last normal birds we see are during the game of croquet; the flamingos! Archimedes is a highly educated owl– meaning he talks! Props to you Zazu!

These are the birds that Jane tries to draw. It seems Orville isn’t available & Wilbur gets to take Bernard & Bianca to Australia. I bet you never thought there was a connection between Eisenstein and Kung Fu Panda 2, but here it is – Lord Shen is a white peacock. 41) Marahoote- The Rescuers Down Under (1990). That’s right – it’s a vain, comedic psychopath that’s wishing for freedom. Vanity.

It is a great reminder of how inventive Hollywood can be when it puts its mind to it. Complex Magazine. For instance, Disney’s Aladdin (1992) shows us Jasmine in her prison of a palace, rich and bored. why?! 5) Ostrich Ballerinas- Fantasia (1940). 29) Uncle Waldo- The Aristocats (1970). But this is the end of the LONG Disney bird list!! I love this scene. Btw, this scene is beautiful. Wilbur is an albatross & is Orville’s little brother. And the movie had a duck genie! The hawk we see twice, and he just looks so intense! Then the pirate with the parrot makes an appearance in the Pirates Of The Caribbean films, and even poor Captain Hook ends up with one in the 2003 version of Peter Pan. Ew! There are also flamingos in the palace. He’s down to explore and be adventurous, even when he’s nervous and he’s there when you get in trouble standing by your side.

The fairy named Fawn works with animals. Birds make great symbols of extreme, almost godlike, power.

They chase a caterpillar throughout the entire film too! All I’m saying is that it would be pretty sweet if a cricket wearing a top hat and carried an umbrella could give me some solid life advice. The twitterpated birds which drive the owl nuts. Disney movies are known for being a magical and safe escape for kids of all ages. We also see these taller, Shovel birds. There were other birds in the forest too, but these 3 stood out.

25) Archimedes the owl- Sword In the Stone (1963). Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. And he was also in the second movie AND he’s in the new tv show, The Lion Guard. Any cat that can help 98 puppies escape Cruella deserves a metal. Later, he sees a family of ducks & no ugly duckling. after research, the bird is most likely a Shoebill! They can’t place him but they know he’s familiar.

In the photo above is THIS dummy. So they send the message to The Colonel.

He was THE FIRST Disney animated bird on a film! The fairy named Fawn works with animals. Not to mention “Colors of The Wind” is the best Disney song ever.

This was the first bird done by Pixar!

Bill And Coo won a special Oscar in 1948 – a plaque which read, “In which artistry and patience blended in a novel and entertaining use of the medium of motion pictures”. The first time that the psychopath became the star of the film was in Hitchcock’s Psycho. And I guess we could count Mr. Dodo as normal. He’s bullied at home and at school, and the only time we see him smile is when he watches Kes fly. In honor of Channing Tatum, who recently said he’s a big fan of the Broom from Fantasia, we had to add him. Children’s films love the connection between freedom and birds.

Hei Hei is the hilarious Chicken who doesn’t have much brains. For instance, Disney ’s Aladdin (1992) shows us Jasmine in her prison of a palace, rich and bored. Subscribe.

“Colors of The Wind” is the best Disney song, recently said he’s a big fan of the Broom. He & his parents also showed up in the rest of the movie. This falcon sees everything & tells Shan-Yu. There are of course birds in all the other pixie movies. We had so much in common, but these two were pretty much the essence of Cinderella.

24) Lucy the Goose- 101 Dalmatians (1961).

There’s only 2 of them. 3) Blue Fairy’s Dove- Pinocchio (1940). Then, Tarzan takes her into the trees where they all live to see tons of them. “Nobody wants to be cooped up here forever.”. 70) Rest of birds in town & school- Chicken Little (2005).

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