Duas after every Salah and while reciting image the person whose anger you want Without these, a lot of areas of life can suffer. So, it’s essential for everyone to stay in peace and keep their minds free from all the worries in order sleep peacefully. Moreover, you are going to get guidance through the process of dua for happiness and success now. If he or she is not able to perform as well as he had hoped, it will not only negatively impact his future as a successful person. Offer Salah five times a day and Recite Quran-e-Pak with Tarjuma daily. Durood Shareef in the start and also at the end of Dua. blow it on the water and give it to the person for drinking it.

After you finishing reciting the above dua, don’t forget to read HaqqaniDuroodsharif at least once. Short Read: How I Use Mind Mapping to Plan My Duas for Ramadan by Taskeen Jamal in Lifestyle on 22nd May, 2020 I realized that whilst dua is a daily practice, preceded by my every salaah, I have not given it enough meaningful attention to benefit from the value I could otherwise gain from it. A good memory is equally important in this regards. For instance, there are women who don’t wear hijab. Dua for good memory and intelligence can be practiced gracefully after taking fruitful advice from our Molvi ji. This is worrisome in itself. Sometimes we do all the things on physical level. Email : [email protected], Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! Say for instance that either you have a sharp mind and memory or you don’t. Coupled with faith and dedication of your performance the dua brings in all-around comprehensive solutions to you. Dua for sharp mind and memory is pious Quranic method (Amal). Wise people understand this is bad to have a whole sense of hatred for others so that they control their feelings. Nightmares can occasionally come as part of your dreaming process. Your email address will not be published. molana dose not use these method in wrong way, if you have really genuine problem then only contact to molana. Through this Dua, you cannot force someone to do any wrong thing for your benefit, but if your desire is legal it will fulfill through this Dua. Your email address will not be published. In Quran-e-Pak there is a Powerful Dua which can help you to control someone’s mind. you should be in a state of Wadu for performing this Dua.

Below mentioned are the Duas you can read after every Salah to control and remove anyone’s anger. Dua For Removing Negative Thoughts, Keep your focus on goals, surround yourself with good and positive people, do all five times prayer in a day, visit mosque or dargah at least once in a weak. Can there be such a solution that is quick, sustainable and long-term effective? Some because of their job and career, or perhaps due to family or relationship issues.

By acquiring our powerful dua to control a person in Islam you will get complete control over that particular person whom you wanted to possess the mind, bsody, and soul that person becomes puppets of your hand follow each and every instruction as ordered by you. You can never look healthy if you are not satisfied at heart. Dua for peace of mind and heart, this is the very important and most popular dua that is practiced by many people to achieve peace of mind and spirit. To perform dua effectively, you need to the process in the first place. The above dua means that you are enslaving yourself to the almighty Allah, you are asking him to take away all your sorrows and worries. You’re going to begin leaving out the office issues outside your dwelling. It can help you deal with some of the most challenging issues in your life with much ease and flair. Avoid extreme circumstances. Answer: You need to have utmost faith in Allah Tallah & Islamic duas. molana belief humanity is a great power and this is written in quran also.
So, below you will learn how to recite Dua to make child intelligent. Effect of this dua gets enhance as much as you read this dua. It is a powerful islamic dua that will help your child memorize things in a better way.

Through this Muslim Dua, you can control your parents, siblings, friends and anyone’s mind. If your husband, family members, siblings, friends or boss are aggressive, they can create a lot of trouble for you.

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