EvoLve theme by Theme4Press  •  Powered by WordPress Ben's Beetle Breeding PagesAll you need to know about beetles, These pages present the breeding/rearing of. Die Tiere ernähren sich von Früchten (keine Zitrusfrüchte!) Make sure to keep replacing the beetle jelly.

4) Active dry yeast (2 teaspoons / 5 liters of mulch). They are also quick movers and aggressive. It is common to see males between 55 to 65mm long. Male’s antler-like jaws have small teeth along inner edge and a pair of big teeth toward the bottom, and are forked at end. ​Dorcus titanus stag beetles are very popular with beetle collectors and breeders since they are large and violent beetles. Even though the above technique shows the tatsutai breeding, the process is the same for all the other titanus subspecies, both Japanese and foreign. However, the different subspecies differ in body size and also mandible shape. Like other Dorcus Titanus beetles found in Indonesia, they have strong mandibles. There are 17 known subspecies of the Dorcus titanus stag beetle, 12 of which are found in Japan. Dorcus titanus palawanicus ist eine sehr große Hirschkäfer Art, die Männlichen Exemplare können bis zu 111mm lang werden. After larvae turn noticeably yellowish in colour, stop changing substrates. STEP 4: Keep it at 25 or more degrees C. This makes the substrate well fermented. [1][3], It mainly inhabits tropical rainforests and temperate forests from lowland to mountains.[2]. 2.3  Range: Ssp. Do you sell one pair of adult palawan stag beetle im from the philippines …..pls reply ………if you have pls reply and how much a pair …thanks- jaaron. 2) Wheat flour; In the past few years some breeders in Japan, both dealers and hobbyists, have reported the rearing of males of this variety from eggs to imagoes of over 100 mm. http://www.naturalworlds.org/beetlering/beetle_sites.htm, http://www.mars.dti.ne.jp/~k-sugano/bakamono_web/index2e.html, ← The Breeding/Rearing of Hexarthrius mandibularis by Kay, Osmoderma eremita, a rare European species →. The male was placed in a small tube. The mandibles on the male are curved at the end. Haltung: Die Temperatur sollte zwischen 20-25°C liegen und die Luftfeuchtigkeit zwischen 70-90%. The eggs hatch in about a month and the larvae feed on rotten wood. When the larvae are in the first or second instar, you can use 900cc kinshi bottles. A pealed apple or a peach also serves as a suitable food. Palawanicus males can grow very large. This beetle has some commercial value and export from some regions is criminalized. They are very popular because of their big bodies and large, strong mandibles. Captive reared by the author. However, as the picture to the left shows, the Dorcus titanus beetles found in south-east Asia grow to much larger sizes than the Japanese beetles. 1) A pair of imagoes (or several larvae);

However, most are imported for sport, decorative show, or to be kept as an exotic pet. They are very aggressive. Hiroshi Fujita, a Japanese coleopterologist studying stag beetles, described over the 20 subspecies separating some subspecies to 11 subspecies in Japan. If you wish to obtain more eggs, let the female into another breeding container. 2.1  Description: Male 32.0-111.3 mm including mandibles; Female 36.5-54 mm. They are very aggressive beetles so you need to be careful when handling them, as their mandibles are very strong. or missing part. Keep the temperature around the 23 degrees Celsius mark if possible. – Keep temperature at 20-26 degrees C. and moisten the substrate and log to the extent which they are slightly wet. The males can grow up to 102 mm long. The giant stag beetle of the family Lucanidae, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Dorcus_titanus&oldid=966996604, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with Korean-language sources (ko), Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Articles with Chinese-language sources (zh), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Mizunuma T. & Nagai S. (1994) The Lucanid Beetles of the World. A male is vicious and may hurt a female in a stressful environment. Preferably, Fagus sp. 4. 3.3  Larva sexing. A substrate for rearing Lucanid beetles. The head of a large male reaches nearly the length of its prothorax and abdomen combined. Leave the female in there for about a month. I ordered the palawanicus pair online. When you stuff substrate into empty bottles, the substrate should be pressed hard.

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